Newspaper Earrings - Reporter Gifts

15 Amazing Gifts for Journalists & Reporters

Journalism is a way of life for dedicated reporters. If the journalist in your life has a birthday coming up or you’re stumped on the perfect Christmas gift, we’ve got you covered. We have found the best gifts for journalists and reporters, from practical gifts that will make their job easier to funny gifts that will make them smile. Check out all the recommendations below.

1. Newspaper Earrings

Newspaper Earrings - Reporter Gifts

I bet you’ve never seen jewelry like this! Pure Creations by Nada makes these unique earrings that look like actually miniature newspapers. The lightweight earrings look like a stack of newspapers bound with twine! Features silver hooks. This is a fun stocking stuffer for reporters.

2. Vintage Leather Messenger Bags

Reporters are always on the go, so they need a bag to carry their computer, phone, notebooks, and everything else they need. This bag is a classy option for both men and women that looks professional with a unique style. This vintage-style leather messenger bag is timeless in style while being functional. With tons of pockets and plenty of space, this is a must have bag for journalists.

3. Printing Press Patent Poster

Printing Press Patent Poster - Journalism Gifts

This cool print is perfect for a journalist to display in their home or office. Using the original patent drawing from 1914, the vintage image is cleaned up and presented as a frameable poster available in a variety of colors to match any decor.

4. Zendure Power Bank

When journalists are busy and on the run, they need to keep their devices charged. The Zendure Power Bank is super portable, just the size of a credit card, and it can charge phones, tablets, and other devices. You can also charge the power bank while you’re charging the device. This essential item is one of the best practical gifts for journalists.

5. Newspaper Print Scarf

Newspaper Print Infinity Scarf - Gifts for Journalists

This stylish gift is perfect for any journalist, whether or not they report on fashion! Pixiesdance makes this cool infinity scarf featuring a black and white newspaper print. This scarf is subtle enough to wear to work or a fun way to dress up an outfit on the weekend.

6. Vintage Newspaper Bow Tie

Vintage Newspaper Bow Tie - Gifts for Reporters

Gentlemen can get in on the newspaper fashion as well. This handmade bowtie features fabric that looks like vintage newspaper pages, complete with the aged yellowing. A classy design that is perfect to dress up any special event.

7. Sony Digital Voice Recorder

This gift for reporters is the perfect way to splurge a little on your loved ones. All journalists need to record their interviews, and a digital voice recorder is one of the best ways to do it. Sony makes one of the best options available, in a compact size with crystal clear audio recording. Quick charge via USB and take advantage of the 4 GB of internal memory (expandable with MicroSD cards).

8. “Can I Quote You on That?” Mug

"Can I Quote You on That?" Journalism Mug

This hilarious mug is the perfect gift for a reporter. It says “Can I quote you on that?” a common phrase journalists use in their work. Include some of their favorite tea or coffee to great a gift bag they’ll really appreciate.

9. Talk to Me Interview Book

Strong interview skills are key for journalists to get the quotes they need for their articles. Talk to Me: How to Ask Better Questions, Get Better Answers, and Interview Anyone Like a Pro by Dean Nelson is an invaluable guide to the skills needed to be a confident and effective interviewer. This book is perfect for students and new journalists still learning the ropes while also offering tons of advice to improve the skills of more experienced reporters.

10. Sunday Newspaper Scented Candle

Sunday Newspaper Scented Candle Journalism Gift

The newspaper has a nostalgic smell for many, especially reporters. Dio Candle Company has captured this scent in a vegan soy candle. Handmade, this candle features scents like ink resin, sandalwood, paper fiber, and tonka. The perfect stocking stuffer for your newspaper-obsessed loved one.

11. Field Notes Reporter Notebooks

Every journalist needs a good quality notebook to quickly take notes, and Field Notes’ reporter notebooks are the perfect option. This two pack of notebooks is college rules spiral notebook that’s easy to hold in one hand and write on anywhere. It also features a back pocket to easily store business cards, receipts, and other scraps of paper.

12. Scriveiner Luxury Black Rollerball Pen

While reporters may use cheaper pens from the office supply store for their day-to-day work, every writer deserves a nice pen. Scriveiner makes these gorgeous luxury pens in four different colors (black, green, crimson, and blue). This rollerball pen writes smoothly in black ink and is easily refillable. Comes in a gift box ready to give to your favorite journalist.

13. Be a Writing Victorian Advertisement

Be a Writing Victorian Advertisement

This print is a unique gift for journalists. It’s a recreation of an advertisement from the 1800s, of a simpler time when there was a huge demand for journalists. It’s advertising a correspondence course from The Sprague Cor. School of Journalism. This print is ready to frame and gift to a reporter.

14. Newspaper Necklace

Newspaper Necklace Journalism Gift

Jewelry is a common gift for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and birthdays. This necklace features a newspaper charm and a customizable initial charm. It’s a great gift to commemorate a special publication or just show your love.

15. Go Away! I Have a Deadline T-shirt

This is a hilarious t-shirt that any journalist will relate to. It says “Go away! I Have a Deadline.” Available in men’s and women’s sizes in eight color options.

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Chart of Cosmic Exploration Poster for SciFi Writers

20 Out of This World Gifts for Sci-fi & Fantasy Writers

This post contains affiliate links and I may be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

If you have a science fiction or fantasy writer in your life, you know they’re different from other writers. Authors of speculative fiction spend their days thinking about dragons, aliens, and bizarre futuristic worlds. So boring bland gifts for “regular” fiction writers just won’t do. Whether they’re an old pro or an aspiring writer, these cool and creative gifts are perfect for the fantasy and sci-fi author in your life.

Gifts for Fantasy & Science Fiction Authors

1. Enchanted Library Candle

Enchanted Library Candle

Briar Wick makes cool literary-themed candles of various names and scents. The Enchanted Library is perfect for writers of the fantastical, the scent of cedarwood, parchment, and leather inspiring dreams of a beautiful home library that is more than means the eye.

Available as a 4 oz metal tin or an 8 oz glass jar. Made of vegan, all-natural soy wax.

2. Creative Block

An author’s greatest enemy is writer’s block. Creative Block is the perfect anecdote to that! This classy wooden box is filled with over a hundred brainstorming ideas to help writers work through creative blocks and finish their stories. The writer can choose a card at random and use the suggestions to work through their problem. Plus, this item looks great displayed on their desk.

Check out more tools for defeating writer’s block.

3. Now Write! Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

The Now Write! series focuses on combining writing advice with writing exercises to create the perfect toolbox for writers and aspiring authors. This volume is specifically for writers of science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres. It features advice from writers like Harlan Ellison, Vonda N. McIntyre, and other award-winning genre authors.

Check out more books on writing fiction.

4. My Characters Won’t Behave Enamel Pin

My Characters Won't Behave Enamel Pin

For those days when the characters won’t cooperate! This funny enamel pin is perfect for authors who complain about their character’s motivation and choices. It features the message “My Characters Won’t Behave” written on lined paper with crumpled up pages and a pencil. 1.25″ wide, it makes a perfect stocking stuffer.

5. Feather Quill Pen

Fantasy writers can immerse themselves in the world they’re writing about with this cool gift. This feather quill pen is a modern update on the old-school writing tool. The beautiful blue or red natural goose feather comes with five different writing nibs and a bottle of black ink. Makes a great stocking stuffer as it comes in a gift box.

6. Handmade Leather Journal

The perfect companion to the quill pen is this rustic journal. This handmade buffalo leather journal is ready for the next epic novel or short story your loved one writes. It comes ready to give in a gift set with a silver ballpoint pen and a gift box.

Check out more journal gifts for writers.

7. Chart of Cosmic Exploration Poster

Chart of Cosmic Exploration Poster for SciFi Writers

Science fiction writers who pen stories with space travel will appreciate this poster to hang in their office. This schematic details the solar system and the trajectories of every man-made craft that has explored it. This 36″ x 24″ poster is ready for framing.

8. Subscription to Their Fave SFF Magazine

This gift idea is especially good for aspiring authors who are looking to get published in the top SFF magazines. The best way to sell a story is to read the latest works published in the magazines they love best. It will give them a sense of the market and help improve their writing skills.

If you need some ideas check out these magazines:
Fantasy and Science Fiction
Asimov’s Science Fiction
Analog Science Fiction & Fact

9. Author Portrait

Author Portrait Ursula K Le Guin

Professor Foolscap is an artist who takes words from famous writers and other visionaries and turns them into a unique portrait of the person. These beautiful prints are unique, perfect for hanging in an office or even displaying in your home. Choose from classic science fiction and fantasy writers like Arthur C Clarke, Kurt Vonnegut, JRR Tolkien, Mary Shelley, Margaret Atwood, Ursula K. Le Guin, and Isaac Asimov.

10. Vintage Library Due Date Card Coasters

Writers always have a drink nearby while they’re writing and this is a fun way to protect their desk! This set of two square coasters are printed with retro library due date cards, including date stamps.

11. Book Purse

A Wrinkle In Time Book Purse Gift for Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers

Let the science fiction writer in your life rock up to the next convention and turn heads with one of these amazing book purses. Novel Creations takes vintage hardcover books and transforms them into gorgeous purses. Choose from classics like Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time, Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series, and more.

12. Masterclass Subscription

If the aspiring writer in your life is looking to improve their skills and learn from the master writers of our time, a Masterclass Subscription will give them that opportunity. The subscription gives them unlimited access to writing courses by award-winning authors like N.K. Jemisin, Neil Gaiman, Margaret Atwood, and R.L. Stine. And if they need a break from writing, they can enjoy classes on a variety of other subjects like gardening, music, and wellness.

13. Science Fiction League Enamel Pin

Science Fiction League Enamel Pin

A miniature way to display their love of science fiction! This 20mm hard enamel pin is modeled after the original Science Fiction League logo made by Frank R Paul. Great to pin on a bag or a jean jacket.

14. Bird’s Wings Shawl

Who hasn’t dreamed of flying? This shawl takes you one step closer, allowing you to have beautiful wings. Available in a variety of beautiful styles (like the phoenix shown above, peacock, or barn owl) and colors.

15. Writing Monsters

If your writer’s work borders on the terrifying, they’ll find this handing guide on crafting terrifying creatures useful. Author and teacher Philip Athans provides a deep investigation into monsters, what they symbolize, and how to portray them in fiction.

16. Books are Uniquely Magic Mug

Books are Uniquely Magic Mug Fantasy Writers Gift

Every fantasy writer knows that books contain magical worlds and characters. This mug is the perfect tribute to that, with the phrase “Books are uniquely magic.” It also features an illustration of an open book with a dragon emerging from the pages. Include some of your loved one’s favorite coffee or tea to create a gift bag.

17. Fantasy Writer T-shirt

This gift is the perfect way to let the world know what your loved one is most passionate about: they’re a fantasy writer! This minimalist shirt features a bat, moon, spider, magic wand, and unicorn.

Available in men, women, and youth sizes in ten color options.

18. Science Fiction Writer T-shirt

Science fiction writers need not feel left out–there’s a shirt for them too! This minimalist design features a vintage rocketship and a raygun!

Available in men, women, and youth sizes in ten color options.

Check out more T-shirts for Writers.

19. Writer Zipper Bag

Genre writers can be unique, and I’m sure they’ll agree that they’re more interesting than “regular” writers! This cool zipper pouch expresses that idea. It shows other authors as a plain horse and your writer as a fabulous unicorn. The pouch is perfectly sized to use as a pencil bag or even a make-up pouch.

Check out more unicorn gift ideas.

20. Fantasy Mapping: Drawing Worlds

Every epic fantasy novel needs an epic map, and this book is the perfect guide for fantasy writers to learn to drawn their imagined worlds. Wesley Jones has written a book full of step-by-step tutorials perfect for artists of every level. It’s particularly good for authors who don’t have an artistic background.

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Single - Taken - Busy Writing T-shirts for Writers

15 Funny & Cute T-shirts for Writers

Practical gifts are gifts well appreciated, and there’s nothing more practical than clothing. But rather than buying socks, you can get a fun and inspiring present. These t-shirt for writers are an interesting mix of funny shirts and cute designs, which make perfect gifts for Christmas, birthdays, or other occasions. Check them out below to find the perfect t-shirt for your author.

15 T-shirts for Writers

1. Shhh! I’m Eavesdropping for Dialogue Ideas T-shirt

The best writing inspiration comes from writers’ lives, and this funny t-shirt broadcasts that loud and clear. With a big listening ear, this shirt says “Shh! I’m Eavesdropping for Dialogue Ideas.” This hilarious t-shirt is great for novelists and screenwriters alike.

Sizes: Men, Women, & Youth

Colors: Black, Blue, White, Brown, Yellow

2. I Write Because If I Don’t My Mind Might Explode T-shirt

This is a funny t-shirt for those writers with minds that don’t stop running. If they’re constantly thinking about their stories or plotting in their head, then they can relate to that feeling of needing to get their characters down on the page. Great gift to show your support for Christmas or a birthday.

Sizes: Men, Women, & Youth

Colors: Black, Navy, Blue, Brown, Purple

3. I Heart Non-Fiction T-shirt

Fiction writers aren’t the only ones who deserve a nice t-shirt. This is the shirt for all those non-fiction writers like memoirists, bloggers, and journalists. It boldly proclaims: “I <3 non-fiction." Sizes: Men, Women, & Youth

Colors: Slate, White, Silver, Yellow, Pink

4. Future Best Selling Author T-shirt

This is the t-shirt for the aspiring young writer in your life. It proclaims exactly what they dream of achieving, becoming a best-selling author.

Sizes: Men, Women, & Youth

Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Brown, Purple

5. Go Away I’m Writing The Next Blockbuster T-shirt

This is the perfect, funny t-shirt for screenwriters who need to be left alone so they can finish their script. Perfect to wear to coffee shops or ward off nosy family members who keep you away from your brilliant movie screenplay.

Sizes: Men, Women, & Youth

Colors: Black, Navy, Blue, Olive

6. Be Careful Or You’ll End Up In My Novel Shirt

A writer’s greatest revenge is portraying their enemies poorly in their stories. This hilarious t-shirt is the perfect warning. It says “Be careful, or you’ll end up in my novel.” Perfect to wear on first dates, to class, or while writing in a cafe. Makes a nice gift for the snarky author in your life.

Sizes: Men, Women, & Youth

Colors: Black, Navy, Asphalt, Brown, Purple

7. Writing is My Superpower

This t-shirt celebrates the real truth about writing: it’s a superpower! Perfect gift for writers who love comic books, super heros, or continue to work on their novel in their free time avoiding the impossible time-sucks of Netflix and social media.

Sizes: Men, Women & Youth

Colors: Black, Navy, Kelly Green, Dark Heather, Purple

8. Single – Taken – Busy Writing T-shirt

Single - Taken - Busy Writing T-shirts for Writers

Career driven writers will appreciate this funny tee. Their relationship status is “Busy Writing.” A unique and fun way to show their priority is working on their novel.

Colors: Black, Asphalt, Forest, Royal Blue, Red

9. Plotting a Murder T-shirt

This is the perfect shirt for mystery and horror writers who are frequently plotting the most dramatic murders and deaths. It features a typewriter and the ominous phrase: “Plotting a murder.” Be the envy of all the other authors in your writer’s group.

Sizes: Men & Women

Colors: Black, Asphalt, Slate, Dark Heather, Heather Blue

10. I’m So Adjective I Verb Noun T-shirt

I'm So Adjective I Verb Noun T-shirt

If you’re looking for funny t-shirts for writers that are a little bit outside the box, this one is great. It reminds me of doing Mad Libs. “I’m So Adjective I Verb Noun.” Also a cute shirt for English teachers.

Sizes: Unisex, Ladies, & Hoodies

Colors: Black, Dark Heather Gray, Heather Gray, Pink

11. Writer Facts

This funny shirt gives Writer Facts in the style of a food nutritional label. It smartly describes what makes up a storyteller, like bravery, insanity, passion, and of course: writer’s block tolerance. This is one of the most original t-shirts for writers.

Sizes: Men, Women, & Youth

Colors: Black, Red, Heather Blue, Purple, Dark Heather

12. Nevermo’ Poe Shirt

Nevermo' Edgar Allan Poe Shirt

Literary shirts are a big hit with writers, and this one is a lot of fun for Edgar Allan Poe fans. It’s a twist on the classic line “Nevermore” from his poem “The Raven,” presenting a hip and modern poet with chains and a hat. Book lovers and writers alike will enjoy this hilarious shirt.

Sizes: Men, Women, & Youth

Colors: Gray, Blue, Pink, White

13. Premium Quality Writer T-shirt

Premium Quality Writer Shirt

This is another fun writing t-shirt with a nice professional design. It says “Genuine & Trusted Writer Premium Quality.” It’s a great gift to let a writer know you think their writing is fantastic. It’s also a good gift for copywriters and other professional writers.

Sizes: Men & Women

Colors: Asphalt, Black, Yellow, navy

14. I’m Silently Correcting Your Grammar T-shirt

This is the shirt for those writers who are also editors or really appreciate proper grammar. It says “I’m Silently Correcting Your Grammar” with lots of copyediting marks. Funny and creative t-shirt design any writer will appreciate.

15. I’m a Writer, I Dream While Awake T-shirt

If you’re looking for t-shirts for writers that are more inspirational, this one fits the bill. It says, “I’m a writer, I dream while awake,” and features a beautiful illustration of a moon and stars. This makes a nice gift to inspire a new writer.

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Custom Mini Book Necklace - Unique Gifts for Writers

10 Unique Gifts for Writers (No Journals or Mugs!)

If your loved one is an author or aspiring writer, they’ve gotten tons of writing-related gifts for birthdays or Christmas. You’ve probably bought them plenty of pens, journals, or writing books to nourish their creative passion. But this year you want to be different, you want to be creative and get them a gift that’s truly one of a kind. These unique gifts for writers are fun, inspiring, and special. They’ll show that you not only love the writer in your life but that you’ve put a lot of thought into their special gift. Check them out below.

Unique Gifts for Writers & Authors

1. Mini Leather Book Necklace

Mini Book Necklace - Unique Gifts for Writers

This is one of the most unique gifts for writers. Home of the Muse makes these cute mini-book necklaces. They are handmade from leather and feature actual pages inside when you open the book. Give as is or write a special message or story inside for your loved one.

2. The Procrastinator’s Handbook

Many writers have an issue with…putting off writing. It’s a common issue, but tricky to tackle. If the writer in your life seems to distract themselves from their project by playing video games or cleaning out the fridge, they may need to address their procrastination problem. The Procrastinator’s Handbook by Rita Emmett combines her advice with humor to teach the reader tips and techniques to master their procrastination. This is one of the few unique gifts for writers that address a major stumbling block for many creative types.

3. Crystal Creativity Bracelet

Crystal Creativity Bracelet for Writers

Crystals are frequently used to influence emotions and help pursue personal outcomes. Many crystals are perfect to stimulate creativity and this bracelet features three of them. With beads made from Carnelian, Chrysocolla, and Lapis Lazuli, this jewelry helps promote self-expression, self-trust, and remove creative blocks. This bracelet is a lovely gift for writers that not only looks beautiful but can help them pursue their creative passions. Makes a great stocking stuffer or romantic Valentine’s Day gift.

Learn more about crystal bracelet meanings.

4. Dry Erase Board

A lot of writing time isn’t spent writing. Instead, it’s spent brainstorming, working out plot hiccups, and just trying to figure out how to end the damn story. A dry-erase board is a perfect tool for a writer’s office. Great for brainstorming, arranging index cards, or just getting a little creative.

Include a nice set of dry erase markers and sticky notes, and your writer will be ready to tackle their next project.

5. A Fitness Tracker

I know what you’re thinking: what does this have to do with writing? Well, a lot actually. Writing is an incredibly sedentary activity: an author sits at a desk and writes. Sometimes they’re spending hours each day writing and reading. This can lead to a ton of health problems. A fitness tracker can help remind them to exercise and meet fitness goals. Many bands also have built-in Move Reminders that make sure they get up and move around at least once every hour. Plus, exercise boosts creativity, so you’re still helping their writing career.

If you’re on a budget, check out the best cheap fitness trackers.

6. Writer Business Cards

Writer Business Cards

Most people don’t think of business cards when they think of authors, but writing is a business like any other. It requires networking and building connections in the publishing industry. If the writer in your life is attending conventions and meeting other writers at local events, having some high-quality business cards can really help them make a good impression. These cards are unique gifts for writers and are greatly appreciated by cash-strapped newbies and students.

7. A Writing Space Away From home

If your writer doesn’t have a dedicated office or often finds themselves distracted by kids, pets, or chores, sometimes the best gift is somewhere to go and just write. This will depend on how your writer likes to work, but you can buy them a subscription to a co-working space or a dedicated writers space where they can go daily to focus on their work (the Writer’s WorkSpace in Chicago is a great example of this kind of space). If your writer prefers to work in a coffee shop, buy them a gift card to their favorite cafe. If your loved one is frugal and prefers to write at the library, make them some IOU cards (get free printables) for things like watching the kids for two hours or taking care of chores so they can go write. If you’ve got a big budget, fund a writing retreat weekend for them at a hotel, cabin, or other picturesque location.

The gift of time to create is priceless and greatly appreciated by any busy writer.

8. Typewriter Jewelry Box

Typewriters have a special place in most writer’s hears, even if they do their writing on a computer. This gift is a nice reminder of vintage typewriters but with a hidden purpose. This is actually trinket box, perfect for storing jewelry, pens, or other little knick knacks. It looks great on a shelf, a dresser, or even a writing desk.

Check out more typewriter gifts.

9. A Writer’s Website

Once a writer starts publishing stories or books, they’ll need an online presence to keep fans up to date on their latest work and advertise to new readers. One of the most important ways to do this is through a website, but some writers put this step off. A practical and unique gift for writers is to buy them a domain and web hosting. Usually, the best domain features their pen name so it will be easy for fans to search and find them.

We use Dreamhost because it is perfect for buying domains and hosting our website all in one place. They’re also incredibly easy to use with WordPress, making them a great option for beginners.

10. A Customized Writer’s Gift Basket

DIY A Customized Writer's Gift Basket
The best gifts are the ones that come from the heart. With a little time and some creative thinking, you can create one of the most unique gifts for writers: a 100% customized gift basket. Make it an emergency kit of all the comfort foods and items your author needs during writer block or an editing crisis. Or create an inspiration basket full of inspiring books, art, and trinkets. Or do a combination of both.

Check out our article on DIY Writer Gift Baskets for tons of ideas.

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Reader's Gonna Read Personalized Sign

15 Funny & Original Gifts for English Teachers

Teachers are superheroes. Every day they work to captivate young minds and expand them with new knowledge. English teachers are especially heroic, as they need to make students care about grammar and reading books many kids and teens think of as “boring.” After a year of hard work, your English teacher deserves a nice gift as a thank you for all their hard work. While there are plenty of lame gift ideas out there for teachers, our suggestions are actually fun and original. These gifts for English teachers are also great for reading & creative writing teachers, as well as other literary-focused professors. They’re perfect to give as Christmas gifts, for Teacher Appreciation Day, or as an end of term thank you gift.

Gifts for English Teachers

Cool Story Poe Mug

Cool Story Poe Mug Gifts for English Teachers

For that English teacher who can’t get enough of “The Raven” and “The Tell-Tale Heart.” This mug says “Cool Story Poe” with an illustration of Edgar Allan Poe. This 15 oz. ceramic mug is dishwasher safe and totally punny. Include some of your teacher’s favorite coffee or tea to create a gift bag they’ll really appreciate.

Check out more Edgar Allan Poe Gifts.

Clip-on Desk Cupholder

Many teachers fear the possibility of spilling their coffee or soda on a stack of papers or their favorite books. With this cup holder, they don’t have to worry anymore. This plastic cupholder clamps on the side of the desk, securely holding glasses and cups up to 24 ozs. It’s portable as well, perfect for teachers who switch classrooms all day.

Personalized English Teacher Name Sign

Personalized English Teacher Name Sign

Teachers love to decorate their classrooms and they’ll enjoy adding this personalized sign to their desk. This fully customizable name sign features their name on top of an open book. Pick the font, the color, and add your teacher’s name. This is a great gift for a new teacher.

Anguished English

The book Anguished English was compiled by Richard Lederer, an English teacher who found himself collecting various spelling and writing blunders from his own students. He put them together with other gaffs and bloopers into a variety of categories like “Mixed-up Metaphors” and “Grammar Gaffes.” Any English teacher will find these goof-ups hilarious.

Notebook Paper Necktie

Notebook Paper Necktie

This a classy gift for a classy teacher. The familiar notebook paper they see all day in the classroom has been translated to a subtle tie print. Great for wearing during the day or can be dressed up for special occasions.

These screen printed ties come on a silky microfiber fabric in your choice of 7 shades: white, cream, platinum, champagne, butter, honey, and ivory.

Much Ado About Nothings – Shakespeare Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are super useful for teachers, but plain yellow Post-it notes are boring compared to these Shakespeare themed ones. This nicely packaged gift set comes with large and small stickies notes as well as multi-colored flags perfect for marking their favorite lines in Shakespeare’s plays.

Check out more gifts for Shakespeare fans.

Punctuation Earrings

Punctuation Earrings - Gifts for English Teachers

Most English teachers are pretty nerdy about grammar and punctuation. These earrings are a fun and glamorous way to pay tribute to that love. Handmade by The Hometown Haven, these lovely silver earrings are a mismatched pair with an exclamation mark and a question mark. These earrings are great to wear in the classroom or even cut enough for a night out.

Made from sterling silver, these earrings are 11 mm tall and come with sterling silver backings.

I Judge You When You Use Poor Grammar

If you want to distract your English teacher from your grammar failings, give them this book and they’ll be amazed by the real world examples inside. Sharon Eliza Nichol’s book collects photos from signs, posters, clothing, and even newspapers and books, with atrocious spelling, grammar, and punctuation. This funny book will amaze any English teacher.

Warning English Teacher Zone Sign

This is a funny gift for English teachers who can’t stop correcting their student’s grammar. In the style of a classic warning sign, it says: “Warning English Teacher Zone. Your Grammar May Be Corrected at Any Time.” This is perfect to hang above their desk or on a classroom door.

Made in the USA. Waterproof.

Scout’s Ham Costume Pin

Scout's Ham Costume Pin

This gift is one that only literary insiders will get. If your English teacher loves To Kill a Mockingbird, they will appreciate this enamel pin. Designed by ShinyAppleStudio, it features Scout wearing her ham costume, which was made from chicken wire and paper machete in the book.

The pins are handmade and finished in silver.

Composition Notebook Tote Bag

Any English teacher would appreciate this practical gift that’s super fun. This tote bag features the classic black and white print of a composition notebook. Perfect for carrying books or essays home to grade. Made in the USA from 100% cotton.

Great Gatsby Book Locket

Great Gatsby Book Locket - Gifts for English Teachers

This is the perfect gift for English teachers who can’t get enough of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s most famous novel. This book necklace is actually a locket, featuring the cover of The Great Gatsby. The necklace comes on a cute gift card with a quote from the novel.

This charm is available as a bracelet or a necklace with a choice of metal color: gold, silver, bronze, copper, rose gold, or black.

John Steinbeck Candle

If your English teacher got the class through Of Mice and Men or The Grapes of Wrath, then they deserve a nice gift. This candle from Paddywax’s Library Collection is a scent inspired by the great American author John Steinbeck. The scent is smoked birch and amber in a non-toxic soy wax. The candle comes in a glass container with a lovely gift box, ready to give to your favorite teacher.

Grammar Pencils

Grammar Pencils - Gifts for English Teachers

This is a fun and useful gift for English teachers who feel like they’re always correcting their student’s grammar. This is a set of five pencils, each with their own grammar-related saying:

This affordable gift is a great end of year present or makes a fun stocking stuffer for grammar nerds.

English Teachers Get Lit T-shirt

English Teachers Get Lit T-shirt

This is the perfect shirt for any English teacher to wear when they let loose on the weekends or are hanging out on their summer break. It says “English Teachers Get Lit.” And boy do they get lit–especially since their idea of a good time is probably reading a book.

Available in men’s & women’s sizes in black, navy, and dark heather.

While you’re shopping for your favorite teacher, don’t forget to get a gift for your librarian, too.

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Vintage Typewriters Gifts

20 Amazing Typewriter Gifts for Writers

Amazing Typewriter Gifts for Writers

Sure, we’re all pretty much using computers to write these days. But every writer can safely admit that there’s a certain nostalgia about typewriters, especially vintage and antique-style typewriters. So if you’re searching for creative and fun gifts for writers, a typewriter-themed gift can definitely fit the bill. We’ve gathered cool & unique gifts as well as some practical gifts that fit the typewriter theme. Check them all out below:

The Coolest Typewriter Gifts for Writers

1. Typewriter Coaster Set

I cannot get over these coasters–they are so cool. This coaster set features four coasters of typewriter keys that fit perfectly in the holder, which looks like an antique typewriter. Great for a writer’s office, library, or just to use around the house. This is a classy gift for writers for Christmas or birthdays.

2. A Vintage Typewriter

Vintage Typewriters Gifts

I feel like every writer should own at least one good vintage typewriter. They look cool displayed on a shelf, plus they’re super fun to use if you have writer’s block or want to try being creative in a different way. A typewriter can really help you unplug from the internet and focus on writing. While you can search antique shops, thrift stores, and garage sales for old typewriters, you can also buy them on Etsy. Cleaned and serviced by the sellers, they’re available in a variety of colors and styles.

3. USB Typewriter Mechanical Keyboard

This is perfect for the writer who likes the feel of vintage typewriter keys, but still wants to write directly to their computer. This mechanical keyboard features round chrome plated keycaps just like vintage typewriters and they make very satisfying clicks when you type. The slick design looks great on any desk and will delight writers who love typewriters and mechanical keyboards.

4. Typewriter Planter

Typewriter Planter

If the typewriter enthusiast in your life is also obsessed with houseplants, then this is the perfect gift! This beautiful planter in the style of a vintage typewriter. Perfect for displaying succulents and other small plants.

5. Typewriter Sticky Notes

If you’re looking for a small trinket for a gift bag or a stocking stuffer, check out this useful little gift. Sticky notes are so useful for authors to make notes and attach them to their manuscripts. This set comes inside of a vintage typewriter, with the notes popping out like they’ve just been typed. At the top of the post-it, it says “Once upon a time…” Great for any writer’s desk, they’ll find these little sticky notes inspiring and fun.

6. Typewriter Cufflinks

Typewriter Cufflinks for Writers

If the writer you’re shopping for is a fashionable guy, then this is the perfect typewriter gift for him. These pewter handmade cufflinks feature vintage typewriters. This classy gift is perfect for special occasions or wearing day-to-day to the office.

7. Typewriter Teapot

Typewriter Teapot Gift Idea

If your writer enjoys a good cup of tea while they write, then they’ll really love this unique gift. Carters of Suffolk makes this gorgeous teapot that looks like a vintage typewriter. While it may be better for decoration than day-to-day use (it is fully functional for tea), it looks gorgeous display on a kitchen shelf or even on the bookcase in their office. Include some literary teas and it will be a fantastic gift set.

8. Sweeney Typewriter Patent Print

Sweeney Typewriter Patent Print

This is a classy gift for a writer’s office. This framed print is of the patent image from 1941 for the Sweeney typewriter. Since it’s printed when you order, you can choose from five different sizes in 12 different colors to match any decor. This is a great gift for any writer, including journalists and copywriters.

9. Typewriter First Aid Kit

Typewriter First Aid Kit

This is the perfect gift to include with a “new” vintage typewriter or for the collector who already has a collection. This Typewriter First Aid Kit includes everything you need for basic care and maintenance of typewriters. It has everything you need to clean a manual typewriter, including cleaning liquids, brushes, cleaning cloths, and a typewriter cleaning guide.

10. Typewriter Keyboard T-Shirt

Typewriter Keyboard T-Shirt

Now they can wear their love of typewriters loud and proud. This t-shirt features a print of a vintage typewriter keyboard. Handprinted in the USA on a 100% cotton t-shirt, you can choose from 17 different colors and sizes small through 2X-Large.

11. Typewriter Bookmark

Typewriter Bookmark Gift Idea

Writers are also readers, so a bookmark makes a fantastic gift, especially if you’re giving them some writing books as well. This bookmark features beautiful illustrations ofantique typewriters. This gift makes a great stocking stuffer or just a small motivational gift for your favorite writer.

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12. Inspirational Rough Drafts Typewriter Sign

Inspirational Rough Drafts Typewriter Sign

This cute sign is a fantastic inspirational gift for anyone who loves typewriters. Carved into birch wood, the sign features a vintage typewriter and the quote, “We’re all rough drafts of the people that we’re still becoming.” This beautiful sign is perfect for a writer’s office and comes in a variety of color options to match any decor.

13. Typewriter Enamel Pin Set

This is a cute little gift for any typewriter fanatic. This enamel pin set features two pins representing things many writers love: a vintage typewriter and a mug of coffee. Perfect for a stocking stuffer or to put in a gift bag.

14. Vintage Typewriter Pouch

Vintage Typewriter Pouch

This gift is perfect for creative writing students and writers on the go. Handmade from 100% cotton, this pouch is 6.5″ x 11″ and perfect for pencils, pens, and any other writing supplies. Great for writing in a journal or making edits on a manuscript.

15. Typewriters: Iconic Machines from the Golden Age of Mechanical Writing Book

This gift is perfect for typewriter nerds that already collect a ton of vintage typewriters and can’t get enough of these machines. This book about the history of typewriters, from the invention of the QWERTY keyboard to now. Filled with tons of facts and history, this book also has gorgeous photos of vintage typewriters. This book is a historical trip that typewriter fanatics will really enjoy.

16. Typewriter Mug

Story Teller Typewriter Mug Gifts for Writers

I love the design on this mug. Handmade by Etsy Shop Mhuglife, this ceramic mug features a cute illustration of a vintage typewriter with the words “Story Teller.” These mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe and come in your choice of size: 11 oz. or 15 oz.

Including some of their favorite tea or coffee to make a gift bag they’ll really appreciate.

17. Typewriter Scarf

This scarf is a practical and fun gift for writers who love typewriters. This gorgeous cotton/silk blend features a colorful illustrated print of vintage typewriters. This lightweight scarf is the perfect accessory for any outfit and perfect for spring weather.

18. Underwood Typewriter Tie

Underwood Typewriter Tie

This is a gorgeous gift for the guy (or gal!) in your life who can’t get enough of typewriters. This vegan, silk-like microfabric features a print of a vintage 1934 Underwood manual typewriter. Since these ties are handprinted by Cyberoptix when you order them, you can choose between 18 colors in standard, narrow, and extra-large sizes. This tie is fantastic for special occasions, like celebrating a new book deal.

19. Typewriter Keys Tote Bag

Typewriter Keys Tote Bag

If the writer you’re shopping for often goes to a cafe or a library to do their writing, they’re going to need a great bag to transport all their stuff. This is that bag. This tote bag features a close-up of the keys of a vintage Underwood typewriter.

20. Typewriter Key Bracelet

Typewriter Key Bracelet

You may wonder what happens to all those antique typewriters that can’t be repaired. Well, some of them end up recycled into gorgeous jewelry pieces like this bracelet. JustWearThis takes those keys, polishes and cleans them, then turns them into lovely vintage jewelry. This bracelet features 6 keys that spell out “Adorbz” though they offer a variety of different bracelets.

JustWearThis also sells typewriter key earrings, necklaces, and other jewelry in their shop. Click the button to check them out. Their jewelry is perfect for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and anniversaries.

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Musical Notes Shea Butter Soap - Gifts for Songwriters

20 Gifts for Songwriters

Gifts for Songwriters

If you have a songwriter or aspiring lyricist in your life, then you know how their whole world revolves around music. When it comes time to buy them a present, there’s plenty of music-themed gifts available to delight them. From gifts to inspire their creativity to practical gifts to further their career, there’s plenty of ideas on this list. These gifts for songwriters are perfect for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, and any other holiday. Many of these gifts are also great for musicians and music lovers. Check them out:

Gifts for Songwriters

Leather Music Journal

Leather Music Journal

This is a luxurious gift for anyone who writes music. Bespoke Bindery makes a variety of artisan books, including this leather music journal. This is A5 landscape journal which is bound in Spanish leather that can be personalized for the giftee. The Yapp binding is beautiful and secure.

Since these journals are handmade items you can choose the page types (all music stave, alternating blank and music stave pages, optional title page) and the color of the leather from 8 different options. If this leather journal is outside of your budget, keep reading for a low budget option.

Piano Patent Art Prints

Art makes a fantastic gift and this set of prints is perfect for anyone who writes music or plays the piano. These vintage prints feature the diagrams from various piano patents. They have a gorgeous antique appearance perfect for any home.

The prints come unframed, but at an 8×10 size, it’s easy to buy the perfect frames.

Song Sound Wave Art

Song Sound Wave Art Gifts for Songwriters

If you want thoughtful and unique gifts for songwriters, check this out. Voice and Sound makes art pieces of the soundwaves of any sound. This includes a variety of popular songs, including the song “Come What May” from Moulin Rouge. You can select from over 700 song prints or request your own custom song sound art. This is the perfect custom gift, either pick your songwriter’s favorite song or have a piece of art created based off a song they’ve written.

Musical Notes Infinity Scarf

This is a fashionable gift for any songwriter or musician. This tasteful infinity scarf features a print of musical notes. Great for casual day-to-day wear or for a concert.

Available in black, dark grey, navy blue, and white.

Musical Notes Shea Butter Soap

Musical Notes Shea Butter Soap - Gifts for Songwriters

Artisan soap makes a fantastic gift for birthdays or as a stocking stuffer and this set is perfect for musically minded people. These handmade soaps come in a set of 14 musical notes made from moisturizing shea butter. Each set is made to order so you can choose from 18 different colors and even get the set in a mix of colors.

Guitar Ball Point Pens

If you’re searching for fun gifts for songwriters, this is a blast. This pen is shaped like an electric guitar. This ballpoint pen is perfect for writing lyrics or musical notes or playing air guitar while listening to their favorite rock songs.

Check more cool and unusual pens for writers.

Essential Songwriter’s Rhyming Dictionary

If you’re looking for a practical gift that will help your favorite songwriter in their creative endeavors, this book is perfect.This pocket-sized dictionary is perfect for those moments of writer’s block where you can’t quite find the right words. With 15,000 words, this is a must have reference for all songwriters.

Vinyl Vintage Record Coasters

Songwriters and audiophiles alike have a soft spot in their hearts for records. These are fun and useful gifts for songwriters. This set of 6 vinyl coasters look like vintage records that are perfect to prevent your tables from damage. Use these coasters in the recording studio or around the house.

Writing Better Lyrics

If you’re shopping for an aspiring songwriter, this book makes a great gift. Written by Pat Pattison (professor at Berklee College of Music), this book captures the knowledge he imparts in his poetry and lyrics writing classes. Using examples from 20 chart-topping songs, this covers basic and advanced lyric writing techniques.

Piano Calculator

This is another handy gift that’s perfect for songwriters and musicians. This perfectly sized pocket calculator looks like a keyboard, with the numbers on the white keys and the functions on the black keys. Great for a Secret Santa gift and perfect as a stocking stuffer.

The Chord Wheel

This is another fantastic gift for aspiring musicians and songwriters. Whether they prefer working with piano or guitar, the Chord Wheel is a helpful visual aid to understand the relationships between chord progressions. This is a great resource for deconstructing musical pieces to learn from the masters or to write their own music.

Piano USB Flash Drive

This is an extremely practical gift that any aspiring songwriter will appreciate. This USB flash drive features a piano keys print that will inspire musical genius. This portable flash drive is perfect for backing up digital sheet music and song recordings. It’s great to attach to a keychain or toss in a purse or backpack.

Music Mug

This mug is harmonically awesome. The side says “What part of *music* don’t you understand?” It’s a white ceramic mug with a black handle and interior. This 11 oz. size mug is microwave safe, but should only be hand washed to avoid any fading of the print.

Include some of their favorite tea or coffee to create a gift bag they’ll really enjoy.

Guitar Chord Stamp

This is a useful pocket sized gift for guitarists and songwriters. This guitar chord stamp makes it easy to record chords anywhere. Add hard to remember chords to sheet music or write out songs for other musicians. Include an ink pad and they’ll be ready to go.

The compact size makes this a perfect stocking stuffer. Include some of their favorite guitar picks to create a nice gift set.

Music Journal

This music journal is a no frills way to write new songs. This 8 x 10 inch notebook features lined pages on one side and sheet music on the owner, perfect for songwriters who are penning lyrics and music. Perfect for brainstorming or recording finalized songs.

Include a pack of their favorite pens or pencils so they’re ready to start composing.

Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone

This microphone is must have for any independent songwriters and recording artists. Snowball iCE is a plug and play USB microphone that can be used to record music to any laptop or desktop computer with any recording software. It’s perfect for recording instruments or vocals, as well as any other recordings you may need. Plenty of podcasters use it, too. The built-in desktop microphone makes it ready to go out of the box or it can also fit on any standard mic stand.

This is a great gift to help any songwriter record their music.

Zoom H4N PRO Digital Multitrack Recorder

If your songwriter doesn’t want to be confined to their computer when they record their songs, this Zoom is the perfect recorder for musicians on the go. With four-channel recording and built-in stereo microphones, this compact unit has everything you need to record music or vocals. The Zoom H4N is also perfect for recording live performances.

Guitar Pick Holder Leather Key Chain

This gift is perfect for the songwriter who is always misplacing their guitar picks or needs to have them easily on hand for performances. This leather keychain handmade by Hide & Drink is handsome and practical. They can attach it to their keys or their guitar case and always have them on hand.

Treble Clef Sterling Silver Necklace

If you’re looking for romantic gifts for songwriters, check out this necklace. Hand cast in sterling silver, this classic necklace features a treble clef pendant. Perfect for casual wear or special occasions, this necklace can become a meaningful good luck charm for the songwriter in your life.

Songwriters On Songwriting

This is the fourth edition of this classic book on songwriting. Interviews with 62 of the greatest songwriters, there are thoughts on creativity, writing lyrics, working in the music business, and much more. In addition to covering much of the history of modern songwriting, this book provides great insight into the creative process of many master lyricists.

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Internet Grammar is Ruining Everything Mug Gifts for Copywriters

10 Cool & Practical Gifts for Copywriters

10 Cool Gifts for Copywriters

Copywriting is a common career for aspiring authors, grammar nerds, and anyone else who loves the written word. And like any other writing job, it kind of takes over their lives. So if you have a copywriter in your life, you know some of the best gifts are those that pay tribute to their jobs or even help them. To make your gift shopping a little bit easier, we’ve compiled this list of gifts for copywriters. These include cool and original gifts that are a lot of fun as well as practical presents they’ll appreciate. All of these gifts are great options for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, and any other gift-giving occasion. Check them out below.

Gifts for Copywriters

Copywriter T-Shirt

This cool t-shirt is a great gift to celebrate your favorite copywriter. “If you think it’s expensive to hire a good copywriter, try hiring a cheap one” is what is printed on this soft t-shirt. Great for lounging around the house on Saturday or perfect for work wear if their job is at a casual start-up.

Available in sizes Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large & 3X-Large, in 5 color options.

Internet Grammar is Ruining Everything Mug

Internet Grammar is Ruining Everything Mug Gifts for Copywriters

Copywriters spend more time online than other types of writers since they’re often writing copy for social media and websites. As a result, they often find themselves frustrated by all the memes and weird things that people write that aren’t grammatically correct. This mug celebrates that frustration by proclaiming: Internet Grammar is Ruining Everything!

This white ceramic mug is dishwasher and microwave safe. Add some of your copywriter’s favorite coffee or tea to create a gift bag they’ll really appreciate.

The Copywriter’s Handbook

If you’re looking for gifts for a newer or aspiring copywriter, this book is a great practical present. The Copywriter’s Handbook by Robert W. Ply is a classic guide to copywriting perfect for everyone involved in the copy process, not just writers themselves, but creative directors, entrepreneurs, and marketers. It covers topics like writing headlines that work, ensuring people open your marketing emails, and how to make your copy more readable.

If you’re searching for a practical gift for copywriters, this book is a great choice.

Melodic Newspaper Bracelet

Melodic Newspaper Bracelet Gifts for Copywriters

If you’re looking for a copywriter’s gift that’s a little outside the box, check this out. Papermelon makes these gorgeous bracelets, completely out of recycled material. This boho style bangle features strips from magazine and newspapers, creating a cool design in a lovely shade of blue. Each bracelet is handmade and completely unique. This is a great statement piece to wear to the office. There are also a variety of other colors available in their shop.

Vivo Height Adjustable Standing Desk

This is the kind of practical gift that can really make a positive difference in a writer’s life. Writing is a sedentary activity, with many hours each day spent sitting at a desk. One way to help alleviate the health problems from a sedentary lifestyle is to use a standing desk. Even better is an adjustable desk that can be used sitting or standing. These desks are often quite expensive, but an adjustable desk topper like this one from Vivo is an affordable compromise.

With an ergonomic design to promote a comfortable working posture, this adjustable standing desk sits on top of your existing desk. It easily adjusts up and down between sitting or standing positions. This great to add variety to a long work day and is essential for copywriters who work from home.

Grammar Pencils

Grammar Pencils - Gifts for Copywriters

This is a cute little gift, perfect for stocking stuffers or adding to a gift bag. Newton and the Apple makes geeky sets of pencils in several different themes. This is their grammar set with helpful reminders of commonly confused words like their/there/they’re and to/two/too. Available in a set of green colors, the pencils come unsharpened to display on a desk or be used by the giftee.

Moleskine Cahier Pocket Journals

Writers get ideas at any moment–in fact, creativity seems to strike at the most inconvenient times. That’s why it’s always great to have a notebook on hand. Moleskine makes these fantastic “pocket-sized” notebooks that are perfect to carry in a purse or briefcase. Whenever the perfect phrase or idea comes to mind, they can easily jot it down.

Typewriter T-shirt

Typewriter T-shirt

They probably don’t write their copy on a vintage typewriter, but I bet the copywriter in your life dreams of working on the next great American novel on an old typewriter. Nice printed shirt comes in neutral color options.

Available in men, women, and youth sizes in olive, gray, white, brown, and asphalt.

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Grammar Police Keychain

Grammar Police Keychain Gifts for Copywriters

Writers tend to be sticklers about writing and grammar, and correcting anyone who screws it up! Now you can give them a “badge” to officially recognize their membership in the Grammar Police. This cute keychain is handmade by Love Tan Co and is available in silver like a badge. This is a great stocking stuffer and a totally unique gift you can’t find in stores.

Bamboo Fountain Pen

Computers and ballpoint pens reign supreme in the office, but this fountain pen is perfect for home use, whether they’re writing a novel, a journal, or the weekly grocery list. This fountain pen is made from gorgeous, sustainable bamboo and comes in a matching case–making it perfect for gift giving.

One thing to note: the pen does not come with ink cartridges, so you have to order those separately.

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10 Essential Movies About Writers & Writing

10 Essential Movies About Writers & Writing

10 Essential Movies About Writers & WritingWriting is a tricky thing to translate to the silver screen. The act of writing itself is not exciting to watch. It’s usually just the writer with a pad of paper or a computer, typing away or just staring off into space. There isn’t much to watch. So often good movies about writers are hard to find. But they exist and they can often be an inspiration for struggling writers. These movies about writing make great gifts for writers or just a fun movie to watch at home on a Friday night. Check out our recommendations below.

Movies About Writers & Writing

The Hours

This classic film from 2002 is well known for Nicole Kidman’s Academy Award Winning protrayal of the famous British writer Virginia Woolf. But The Hours is more than just a bio-pic. Based on the Pulitzer Prize winning novel by Michael Cunningham, the movie follows three different women in different times connected by Woolfe’s book Mrs. Dalloway. It depicts a single day in the life of Virgina Woolfe in 1923 as she writes her novel, house wife Laura Brown reading the novel in 1951, and Clarissa Vaughn preparing for a party in 2001 New York. The resulting moving is an emotional and moving experience that highlights how literature can connect lives. Every performer gives a knock out performance, especially Kidman as Virginia Woolf.

For writers, there is plenty to enjoy. The peek into day-to-day life as Woolf struggles through writing and her mental illnesses are incredibly relatable to many artists. It’s a well-crafted story that blends reality (Laura Brown is based on Cunningham’s own mother) with fiction. Overall, it’s a powerful rumination on loss, personal struggles, fear, and suicide. Check out the trailer:

Orange County

If you’re looking for a movie about writing on the opposite side of the spectrum, this might be something you enjoy. Orange County is a comedy about a high schooler named
Shaun Brumder (played by Collin Hanks) lives the typical carefree SoCal lifestyle. This all changes when he discovers a novel on the beach that changes his life and makes him want to become a writer. Through a series of unfortunate events, he is rejected from his choice school of Standford, where he wanted to study under his favorite author. What follows is a hilarious adventure as Shaun and his brother (played by Black Jack) attempt to get him into his dream school.

This movie is great for aspiring writers and experienced ones alike. They’ll easily relate to Shaun’s enthusiasm and his desire to get away from home and achieve his literary dreams. John Lithgow has a brief and hilarious role as Shaun’s father who can’t understand why his son wants to be a writer. You may think this is just a goofy teen comedy, but when it was released, Roger Ebert described it saying: “It will sound like the kind of movie that, if you are over 17, you don’t usually go to see. But it isn’t. It’s one of those movies where the description can’t do justice to the experience.” Check out the trailer.


Most of Stephen King’s books end up with silver screen or television adaptations and because his characters are so frequently writers, there are plenty of Stephen King movies about authors. We’ve limited ourselves to just one for this list and we think this is the best of the bunch. Misery is the ultimate horror story for any published writer. This psychological thriller stars James Caan as famous romance novelist Paul Sheldon. While driving in a blizzard, his car wrecks knocking him unconscious. In what seems like a lucky turn he is resuced by Annie Wilkes (played by Kathy Bates), a nurse who happens to be his biggest fan. A precarious situation turns even more scary when Wilkes buys a copy of Sheldon’s latest book and discovers her favorite character has been killed.

The movie is as tense and frightening as the novel it’s based on. Kathy Bates is absolutely marvelous as the deranged, obsessed superfan–she was awarded an Academy Award and a Golde Glove for her performance. Misery is a must see for writers who are horror fans. Check out the trailer:


If you’re looking for movies about writers that are closer to biographies, then Capote is a must see. Starring the late Philip Seymour Hoffman as the well know writer Truman Capote, the movie follows the events that transpired while he wrote the book In Cold Blood. Hoffman is tremendous in the role of the writer, for which he won 17 awards, including the Oscar for Best Actor.

When it was written, In Cold Blood was one of the books that helped establish the non-fiction novel genre. As detailed in the film, Capote and his friend Harper Lee (played by Catherine Keener) traveled to Kansas to learn more about the tragic murders of the Clutter family in 1959. The movie gives great insight into the writer’s process (great for non-fiction writers and journalists) and also explores what happens when a writer becomes entangled with the story he’s following. This critical darling is an amazing movie for writers and readers alike to enjoy. Check out the trailer here.

Adult World

Chances are you’ve never heard of this movie, but if you’re a writer you have to watch it. This smart, indie dark comedy is the perfect encapsulation of the post-college millenial experience for writers. Emma Roberts plays Amy, a recent college grad who is convinced she is destined to be a famous poet. Entering the real world she realizes no only is success harder to find that she expected, but making money is a challenge as well. Her parents push her to get a job and she ends up working at a sex shop (hence the title). She also meets her favorite poet (played by John Cussack) and tries to convince him to mentor her, which teaches her more than she expected.

Throughout the movie, the somewhat naive Amy meets her fair share of adult challenges as she tries to figure out her place in the world and how to be successful in her writing career. Aspiring writers and old pros alike will enjoy this funny and even moving film. Check out the trailer below:

Stranger Than Fiction

Stranger than Fiction is a unique film that follows a writer (played by Emma Thompson) who has writer’s block as she tried to figure out how to kill the main character of her novel. At the same time, the movie is following the story of Harold Crick (played by Will Ferrell) who one day hears a woman narrating his life. It turns out that Harold is the character in the novel and he must figure out how to keep the author from killing him. At the same time, Crick is an IRS agent auditing a baker named Ana (played by Maggie Gyllenhaal). The film follows all of the ways these characters interact with each other resulting in a quirky and moving film that explores the creative process.

This movie is a departure for Ferrell, often known for comedic parts playing a subtle and nuanced character in Crick. This drama has many funny moments, but it really comes alive through the performances of the actors and the innovative story. Check out the trailer.


As we’ve said before, some of the best movies about writers are biographies or autobiographies. Adaptation is an interesting movie to describe to people who haven’t seen it as it is an autobiography, sort of. This metafilm is a great movie for writers as it actually explores the writer’s block experienced by Charlie Kaufman when he tried to adapt a non-fiction book by Susan Orleans. Nicholas Cage stars as Kaufman (and his fictitious twin brother Donald Kaufman) and Meryl Streep plays author Orlean. The story is marvelous to watch as a writer because of the creative blending of fiction and fact and the deep exploration of the creative process.

This original and outrageous comedy can be a great inspiration for writers. This is definitely a must watch for screenwriters and writers of non-fiction.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

If you’ve never seen Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, it is essential viewing–especially for writers. The movie is based on the novel of the same name by Hunter S. Thompson. The book is based heavily in autobiographical experiences blended with fictional elements (known as his trademark gonzo journalism). The film follows the story of Raoul Duke (played by Johnny Depp) and Dr. Gonzo (played by Benecio del Toro) as they go on a drug fueled trip to Las Vegas to write an article about the Mint 400 motorcycle race.

In addition to amazing performances by the whole cast, this cult film is a great rumination on the 1960s counterculture movement and the American dream. Even though it’s billed as fictional, it’s a great peek into the life and adventures of Hunter S. Thompson as he worked as a magazine journalist in the early 1970s. This is a great movie for writers, especially those interested in non-fiction, essays, and magazine writing. Watch the trailer.

American Splendor

American Splendor is a bigraphical movie based on the auto-biographical comic book series by Harvey Pekar. Paul Giamatti stars as Pekar in this inventive comedy that blends the fictional portrayals of Pekar and his wife Joyce Brabner with appearances of the actual couple. Illustrations and other comic methods make appearances in this film as well.

In addition to the splendor of the creative storytelling modes, this is an excellent presentation of a writer struggling through miserable jobs and unfulfilling everyday life while trying to create art and find meaning. This is a great movie for writers at the beginning of their careers and those interested in comics and graphic novels. Check out the trailer below:

Dead Poets Society

The Dead Poets Soctiey is a movie loved by Robin Williams fans. In it, Williams plays an English teacher at a conservative Vermont boarding school who changes the lives of his students by teaching them poetry. A group of boys restart an unsanctioned club called the Dead Poets Society where they get together to read poetry and write their own poems.

This fantastic film features one of William’s best performances in an inspiring story. It’s great for poets and young writers, plus makes a nice nostalgic trip for older writers as well.

Check out the trailer.

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Paper Roses

20 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Writers

10 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Writers

Valentine’s Day–a holiday either loved and celebrated or dreaded and hated depending on who you ask. Often the people dreading V-day aren’t just singles, but people panicking over what gift to buy their one and only to commemorate their love. You need something thoughtful, romantic, and not just the usual box of chocolate and flowers. Whether shopping for a man or a woman, you could still feel a little stumped coming up with the perfect gift. Well, if you’re beloved is a writer or an aspiring author, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with plenty of gift ideas ranging from the romantic to the unique to the perfectly personalized. Check out our list of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for writers and you’re sure to find the best gift for your significant other.

10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Writers

1. Book Locket

Book Locket

When we think of Valentine’s Day gifts for writers, one of the first things that always comes to mind is jewelry. You don’t need cliche diamond and gold jewelry to take away the breath of an author. Lockets have traditionally been given as gifts between lovers to house a picture or special note kept close to their heart. In recent years, book lockets have become extremely popular especially for book lovers and writers. There are many beautiful styles available on Etsy, but here’s one of our favorites.

These silver-plated book lockets are made to order and fully customizable for your love. You can customize it with your Valentine’s initial. Inside features two frames to insert your photos. This is a unique gift your special someone will cherish.

2. Old Book Scented Soy Candle

Old Book Scented Soy Candle

Candles create a romantic and relaxing mood anywhere. But nothing gets a writer going better than the nostalgic scent of old books. Frostbeard Studios makes a whole line of soy candles targeted at writers and book lovers in a variety of scents. If you really want to get fancy or turn up the heat for Valentine’s Day, they also sell candles called “Trashy Romance Novel” and “Sexy Librarian.” They also feature candles with scents crafted to match fictional characters and locations like Gatsby’s mansion or Hatter’s Tea Party. Browse their stores on Etsy or Amazon to pick out the perfect candle for your love.

3. Laptop Bed Tray

Men and women alike love to be spoiled with breakfast in bed. Make your writer’s day even better by serving them breakfast on their new gift: a laptop bed tray. Once they’ve enjoyed the delicious meal you’ve prepared, let them know they can spend the rest of the day in bed working on their novel or short story.

This bed tray is perfect for any type of writer: those who write by hand, on a laptop, or using a tablet. It features an adjustable top to customize the best writing angle and a storage drawer to keep pens or index cards close at hand. It also has foldable legs for easy storage when they’re done working for the day. Available in Walnut or Natural finish.

4. Chocolate Covered Book Oreo Cookies

Chocolate Covered Book Oreo Cookies

There are some Valentine’s Day traditions that I think should never be ignored–chocolates are at the top of that list! But if you want to give something special to your beloved writer, one of those pink and red cardboard hearts just won’t do. Instead, get them something unforgettable and delicious. Rosebud Chocolates makes these delicious chocolate-covered Oreos with a literary-twist! Hand dipped in regular or white chocolate, each oreo features a gold book. Yum! Comes in a set of 12.

5. Book Bath Caddy

When you’re considering Valentine’s Day gifts for writers, don’t forget that writers are readers too! This is a fantastic gift for any writer who loves to soak in a nice warm bubble bath at the end of the day and enjoy a good book (and maybe even a glass of wine!). Include some of their favorite bubble bath or bath bombs with the gift, and they will absolutely love it. Made from bamboo, this bathtub caddy is available in a natural or walnut finish.

6. Personalized Stationary

Personalized Stationary

I bet this isn’t something you’d think of when considering Valentine’s Day gifts for writers. Postal Mail feels like a thing of the past, currently cluttered with spam and bills. Rarely do people send correspondence through the mail. But writers can be a little be different. They appreciate the beauty of a handwritten letter or note and also appreciate a great pen and nice paper. A set of personalized stationery will be appreciated by any writer. These watercolor sets by OohLaLa Letters are not only beautiful but totally unique in their beautiful watercolor patterns and the customization of your love’s name.

7. DIY Writer’s Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

Make Your Own Gift Basket for Writers

If you’re willing to put some extra work into your gift, you can create something that will Win Valentine’s Day forever. A gift basket (or bag or box) is one large gift assembled by gathering smaller gifts, all specially selected to make the ultimate personal gift for your special someone. We have an entire article with the steps to make your own gift basket for writers that you can check out to give you ideas.

For a V-day specific gift basket, make sure to include some elements traditional to the holiday. A nice Valentine card with a special note adds a romantic touch, plus flowers or chocolates can also be a good tribute to tradition. Overall, you just want to focus on picking elements your partner will love and appreciate that help support their writing habit and their creative projects.

8. Paper Roses

Paper Roses

A dozen red roses is the classic gift to give on V-day, but the price is always marked up in advance of the holiday and real roses always die. Instead, when you’re looking for Valentine’s Day gifts for writers, you should consider paper roses instead. These beautiful paper flowers are handcrafted from recycled dictionary pages and they last forever. Gift them in a decorative vace and your favorite writer will love to keep them on display all year long.

This seller also offers roses made from Disneyland maps, music sheets, children’s books, and old books. Check them out in the My Cotton branch Etsy store to pick out the perfect bouquet for your Valentine.

9. Coordinates Bookmark

Coordinates Bookmark

Bookmarks are a must have for any writer since they read so many books. However, you can’t just give ANY bookmark on Valentine’s Day. It needs to be something special that commemorates your relationship and your love. This handmade leather bookmark from LoveThatLeather is perfect. You can custom order it to have the coordinates of any location embossed into the leather.

This is a great way to commemorate the place you met, the location of your first date, where you were married, or any other location that is special to you as a couple.

10. Love Poems Collection

If you are a writer yourself, there is no gift more meaningful than writing your beloved a romantic love poem. Even if you’re not a writer, your Valentine will appreciate any creative expression of your love. But if you’re not so creatively inclined, this collection of love poems would make a great gift as well. This collection has a breadth of romantic poetry, from ancient China to modern poets.

To make this gift even more meaningful, read through it and bookmark (maybe even with the coordinates bookmark above) the poem that reminds you most of your partner and your love. They will appreciate the beautiful words and the meaning of your gift.

11. Leather Journal

Valentine’s Day is a great time to splurge on your loved one and there’s nothing a writer appreciates more than a beautiful journal. While any old notebook works for writing, there’s something about a nice leather journal that makes a writer feel even more special.

This beautiful gift set comes with a 100% genuine leather journal with rustic copic binding and a quality metallic pen. Perfect for drafting a new novel or recording day to day thoughts.

12. Writer’s Block Custom Perfume

Writer's Block Custom Perfume

Sure, you could buy some fancy perfume from a department store, or you could create your own custom fragrance blend for the writer you love. The Little Book Eater will create a custom fragrance specifically for your writer or a story they’re working on. It’s called “Writer’s Block” so they can use it to inspire them while they write. Just send them a message with the type of project your author is working on or some of their favorite scents and they’ll great the custom perfume just for you!

If that feels like too much work, The Little Book Eater sells premade perfumes of various literary themes.

13. I Carry Your Heart Book Tote

Looking for a romantic but practical gift? This tote bag has a literary twist. It’s made to look like a book and features the entire text of E. E. Cumming’s famous poem “[i carry your heart with me(i carry it in].” This is a great gift for students and teachers who can use it to carry books to class.

14. Pencil Ring

Pencil Ring

This is a sweet twist on a traditional Valentine’s Day gift that’s perfect for authors and English teachers. This wrap ring is made to look like a pencil. Available in brass with black, gold, or silver plating, or in sterling silver.

15. Moleskine Pen+ and Smart Notebook

If the author in your life prefers to write longhand, this gift makes a great splurge! Moleskine’s Smart Notebooks are perfect for handwriting notes or drafting a story. You write on the notebook like normal, but the pen automatically saves your writing to your smartphone. They’ll really appreciate this thoughtful and practical gift.

16. You’re My Type Typewriter Mug

You're My Type Typewriter Mug

This is a cute and funny gift idea for writers. This mug has an illustration of a vintage typewriter on it and says “You’re My Type.” Add some of their favorite coffee, tea, or hot chocolate to create a nice gift bag.

Check out more typewriter gift ideas.

17. The Writing Manifesto Print

If you’re looking to inspire your beloved writer, this is awesome. This print is The Writing Manifesto, which includes many inspiring and motivating phrases and messages to help an author stay on track when the work gets hard. It’s perfect to frame and hang above a desk or in the writer’s office.

18. Handmade Pen

Handmade Pen

All writers appreciate a good pen, now you can wow your loved one with a beautiful handmade pen. Bog & Brass makes custom pens from Ireland. They make wood and acrylic pens in ballpoint or fountain pen styles. They will even customize the pen with a message or the writer’s name. With tons of colors and designs to choose from, you can easily find the perfect pen.

19. Quill Pen Cufflinks

Quill Pen Cufflinks

This small gift is perfect for the writing guy in your life. These classy cufflinks are actually writing quills. Subtle enough to wear to the office or on any special occasion, it’s a cute symbol of their true passion.

20. Vintage Leather Messenger Bag

While this gift is primarily marketed to men, I think many lady writers will appreciate it too. This beautiful leather bag is made to look like a vintage messenger back. Perfect for taking their laptop, notebook, and anything else they need to the library or cafe to write. Comes in a variety of color options to match their style.

Need more ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for writers? Check out these Valentine’s Day gifts for movie lovers, V-day gifts for readers and romantic gifts for gardeners. Want to see fun and creative gifts for writers and book lovers? Try our megalists of gifts for writers and gifts for readers.