12 Killer Journal Gifts for Writers

Killer Journal Gifts for Writers
Journals are an easy gift for writers and aspiring authors. Writers often keep journals of their day to day lives and inspirations. Even in the off-chance that they don’t keep a daily journal, they probably use paper journals or notebooks for making notes on stories they’re working on or even writing rough first drafts by hand.

Leather journals, spiral notebooks, and interactive journals are all fun gifts for writers. Here are several unique, stand-out journals that you can give as a gift to the writer in your life.

Classic Journals for Writers

Moleskine Notebooks

Moleskine makes some of the most famous notebooks available to writers and other creative types. What started as a simple black notebook has expanded into an entire line of notebooks perfect for writing, drawing, or just daydreaming on paper. They are a premium journal option that most writers would love to receive as a gift.

Moleskine notebooks come in a variety of sizes, colors, and line options. Click the button below to check out the selection.

Composition Notebook

Kicking it old school! Many writers have a fondness for composition notebooks. They’re commonly used in elementary school classrooms, but they also make great notebooks for writers as well. What’s nice about these composition notebooks is they’re affordable, they’re perfect for making notes or writing long-hand, and they feel “less serious.” What I mean by that, is often with writers of every experience level can get blocked by their internal editor. This self-censorship and pressure make them feel like any words they write have to be perfect when they type them. A composition notebook can create a low-pressure environment they can use to silence the internal critic.

If the traditional black doesn’t suit your writer, there’s tons of colors and cool styles of composition notebooks to choose from.

Leather Journals for Writers

Leather Bound Journal

All right, remember the hypothetical 40 something year old who writes about drinking beer and doing manly things? This journal is for him! It’s made from handsome leather, 4 inches wide by 6 inches tall, and has a strap to close it. But the coolest part about this journal– aside from its rugged styling that you could imagine Hemmingway admiring, is that this journal is actually refillable with fresh paper inserts, so your writer never has to give up their leather case.

Custom Engraved Leather Journal

Custom Engraved Leather Journal

Personalized gifts always feel more special than just a random gift picked up off the shelf. Memories Made Custom makes these gorgeous leather journals, which can be custom engraved for the giftee. You can include their initials, name, or even a special message. This is a great way to inspire any writer.

Made from top grain cowhide with 193 lined pages.

Fun Journals for Writers

Writer’s Block Journal

This is a clever journal for writers that makes a great gift item. Writer’s block is the bane of a writer’s existent. It can grind productivity to a halt and discourage even the most positive writers. This journal pokes a little fun at that concept. It’s a Writer’s Block journal, that looks like a block of wood. Paired with some writer’s block busting tools it makes a fantastic gift.

The Goonies One Eyed Willie Journal

This is a cool and unique journal for any fans of the Goonies. Officially licensed, this faux-leather hardcover journal features 232 lined pages. This is perfect for outlining a novel or working on a new screenplay.

Recycled Book Journals

Sneetches Recycled Book Journal Gift

I have to be careful when I browse the journals from Storybook Journals because I want to buy so many of them for myself! This company takes old books and recycles them into spiral-bound journals. This is a great gift to inspire a writer by harkening back to favorite stories from their childhood. These also make fun gifts for aspiring young writers.

Stroke of Genius Journal

This journal is a fun way to inspire an aspiring author. The cover features vintage-style notes and sketches, evoking greats like Leonardo DaVinci and says “Stroke of Genius” on the cover.

8.5″ x 11″, 110 page notebook with a glued paperback style binding.

Stylish Journals for Writers

Hardcover Celestial Journal

This is more than just a gorgeous hardcover journal. It’s actually a reproduction of a vintage gold-tooled bookbinding from the Henry T. Wood book bindery in London in 1933. The cover features a celestial design in gold foil treatments against a blue background. The embossing adds dimension as the sun and planets practically glow on the cover. Comes with 160 lined writing pages perfect for journaling or drafting a novel.

Lasercut Wood Journals

Lasercut Wood Journals for Writers

If you’re looking for a unique and beautiful journal to give as a gift, we’re really fond of these wood cover journals from Hereafter LA. They take gorgeous wood and use a laser cutter to create beautiful covers. Most journals come with a choice of three different wood options in two sizes. Comes with 160 or unlined pages (80 sheets).

Interactive Journals for Writers

Q&A a Day for Writers: 1-Year Journal

This journal features 365 questions, one for each day of the year, to inspire creativity in writers. They will inspire the writer in your life to contemplate their creative process and what writing means to them, as well as giving writing prompts. This gift of exploration and creativity will become a meaningful keepsake at the end of the year. Since each exercise is dated, this is great to give at Christmas so they can start it in January.

642 Stories to Write

This interactive journal is packed full of inspiration for writers. Part of the 642 series, it contains that number of writing prompts and story ideas. Perfect to inspire new ideas or help create a consistent writing habit, this journal will be a great inspiration to writers of any level.

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