15 Edgar Allan Poe Gifts for Fans & Readers

Edgar Allan Poe is a gothic and macabre writer and poet beloved by many modern days authors and readers. If you have a loved one who is obsessed with Poe, you know how their fascination can be a fixation. So when holidays and birthdays roll around, Edgar Allan Poe gifts are perfect to wow them! We’ve gathered some of the coolest, kookiest, and most interesting gift ideas for Edgar Allan Poe fans. Check them out:

15 Edgar Allen Poe Gifts

1. Edgar Allan Poe Lifesize Standee

This is the closest you’ll come to having Mr. Poe himself live and in person in your home or classroom. Any true Poe fanatic would be over the moon to receive this gift! This cardboard standee is 68″ high and features a black and white image of the famous author himself and his raven. It comes with a stand-up easel so you can display him anywhere.

Made in the USA from recycled materials.

2. Edgar Allan Poe Nevermo’ Tote Bag

Edgar Allan Poe Nevermo' Tote Bag

Whether they need to carry books to class or a laptop to work, this tote bag is one of the best Edgar Allan Poe gifts you can give. Practical, check. Poe themed, check. Cool AF, check. This tote bag is hand printed with an illustration of Poe wearing sunglasses and the word “Nevermo'” underneath.

3. Edgar Allan Poe Saint Candle

Summon the spirit of Poe to inspire writing or add a spooky vibe to a night of reading. This 8.5″ prayer candle features a gorgeous illustration of the author along with a prayer on the back. This is a fun gift that any Poe fanatic will appreciate displaying in their home.

4. Poe Floating Quote Art

Poe Floating Quote Art

This piece is a lovely and romantic gift idea. BurntBranch makes gorgeous floating quotes, printed on transparency film and protected between two layers of glass in an elegant black frame. This piece features a quote from Poe’s poem “Annabel Lee”: “We loved with a love that was more than love.” A beautiful gift, it’s great to give a loved one for Valentine’s day, an anniversary, or even a birthday.

If you’re looking for a more platonic gift, the shop offers other Poe quotes.

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5. Edgar Allan Poe Action Figure

Readers and literary geeks can’t be denied their own action figures! This figure from Accoutrements is of the great writer Poe himself. 5.25″ tall, this vinyl action figure is an accurate representation of the author, it even comes with its own raven. Looks great displayed on a bookcase or on a writer’s desk.

6. Annabel Lee Candle

Annabel Lee Candle Edgar Allan Poe Gifts

One of Poe’s most famous poems is the sweet but sad poem told from the point of view of a man who loves a woman who died. (Read it here.) Old Soul Artisan has made this lovely candle inspired by the poem. The scent is a blend of sea mist and magnolia blossom, referencing back to the kingdom by the sea. The soy candle comes in a beautiful jar ready to give as a gift.

7. The Raven Scarf

One of Poe’s most famous writings is a poem called “The Raven” (read it here). This gorgeous scarf features the poem in full along with vintage illustrations from an early print edition. The soft beige shawl is the same color as an old book page and it will match well with many outfits. A beautiful gift for any women who love Poe’s poetry.

8. Edgar Allan Poe Ornament

Edgar Allan Poe Ornament

This ornament is gorgeous! This handmade, gothic style ornament of the writer Poe is designed and sculpted by Dellamorteco. Made from resin, it’s 4″ tall and perfect to hang on a Christmas tree or around the house for year-round display.

9. The Complete Poetry of Edgar Allan Poe

Many readers know Poe for his world-famous short stories, but he preferred poetry. For new fans of Poe’s work, this complete collection of poetry makes a wonderful gift. Readers will be entranced by his soulful and haunting words and verse. It includes classic poems like “The Raven,” “Annabel Lee,” and “The Bells.”

10. Poe Quote Tights

Poe Quote Tights - Edgar Allan Poe Gifts

This is one of the coolest Edgar Allan Poe gifts we’ve seen! MyTightsShop makes tons of interesting, specialty tights. This set features quotes from Poe’s work, along with gorgeous vintage illustrations. Available in beige, white, and silver. One size fits from small to x-large.

11. Poe Me Another Cup Mug

This funny coffee mug is perfect for literary fans and Edgar Allan Poe lovers. It features an illustration of the writer, with a raven perched on his head holding a teacup. It says: “Poe me another cup,” with a fun play on the writer’s name. Include some of the gift receiver’s favorite coffee or tea to create a nice gift bag.

This 11 oz. mug is dishwasher and microwave safe.

12. Edgar Allan Poe Quote Tie

Edgar Allan Poe Quote Tie

For the Poe loving gentleman in your life, this classic tie makes a great gift. This satin tie is available in blue or light gray and features the quote: “All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.” It also has an illustration of a raven. This tie is perfect to wear to special events or the office, it also looks great on English professors.

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13. Edgar Allan Poe Socks

Socks are often given as a practical gift, but this pair has a literary twist. Featuring an embroidery of the famous author Poe, these socks also have a raven perched on his shoulder saying “Nevermore!”

Made in the USA, these socks come in gray or crimson and feature Poe’s signature on the bottom of the sock.

14. Edgar Allan Poe Enamel Pin

Edgar Allan Poe Enamel Pin

If you’re looking for a tiny Poe gift to add to a gift bag or give as a stocking stuffer, check this out. This handmade enaml pin features the classic image of the author Edgar Allan Poe. Perfect for pinning to a jean jacket or a bag or purse. The pin is 1.5″ by 1.3″ with a double backing post.

15. The Raven Figure

The raven is one of the most well-known characters in Poe’s work and every fan deserves to have a bird of their own. And it talks! This raven figure is perfect to display on a desk or bookcase and when you press the button it says “Nevermore!” The raven comes with a copy of the classic poem, making it a fantastic gift for any Poe fanatics.

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