20 Out of This World Gifts for Sci-fi & Fantasy Writers

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If you have a science fiction or fantasy writer in your life, you know they’re different from other writers. Authors of speculative fiction spend their days thinking about dragons, aliens, and bizarre futuristic worlds. So boring bland gifts for “regular” fiction writers just won’t do. Whether they’re an old pro or an aspiring writer, these cool and creative gifts are perfect for the fantasy and sci-fi author in your life.

Gifts for Fantasy & Science Fiction Authors

1. Enchanted Library Candle

Enchanted Library Candle

Briar Wick makes cool literary-themed candles of various names and scents. The Enchanted Library is perfect for writers of the fantastical, the scent of cedarwood, parchment, and leather inspiring dreams of a beautiful home library that is more than means the eye.

Available as a 4 oz metal tin or an 8 oz glass jar. Made of vegan, all-natural soy wax.

2. Creative Block

An author’s greatest enemy is writer’s block. Creative Block is the perfect anecdote to that! This classy wooden box is filled with over a hundred brainstorming ideas to help writers work through creative blocks and finish their stories. The writer can choose a card at random and use the suggestions to work through their problem. Plus, this item looks great displayed on their desk.

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3. Now Write! Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

The Now Write! series focuses on combining writing advice with writing exercises to create the perfect toolbox for writers and aspiring authors. This volume is specifically for writers of science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres. It features advice from writers like Harlan Ellison, Vonda N. McIntyre, and other award-winning genre authors.

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4. My Characters Won’t Behave Enamel Pin

My Characters Won't Behave Enamel Pin

For those days when the characters won’t cooperate! This funny enamel pin is perfect for authors who complain about their character’s motivation and choices. It features the message “My Characters Won’t Behave” written on lined paper with crumpled up pages and a pencil. 1.25″ wide, it makes a perfect stocking stuffer.

5. Feather Quill Pen

Fantasy writers can immerse themselves in the world they’re writing about with this cool gift. This feather quill pen is a modern update on the old-school writing tool. The beautiful blue or red natural goose feather comes with five different writing nibs and a bottle of black ink. Makes a great stocking stuffer as it comes in a gift box.

6. Handmade Leather Journal

The perfect companion to the quill pen is this rustic journal. This handmade buffalo leather journal is ready for the next epic novel or short story your loved one writes. It comes ready to give in a gift set with a silver ballpoint pen and a gift box.

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7. Chart of Cosmic Exploration Poster

Chart of Cosmic Exploration Poster for SciFi Writers

Science fiction writers who pen stories with space travel will appreciate this poster to hang in their office. This schematic details the solar system and the trajectories of every man-made craft that has explored it. This 36″ x 24″ poster is ready for framing.

8. Subscription to Their Fave SFF Magazine

This gift idea is especially good for aspiring authors who are looking to get published in the top SFF magazines. The best way to sell a story is to read the latest works published in the magazines they love best. It will give them a sense of the market and help improve their writing skills.

If you need some ideas check out these magazines:
Fantasy and Science Fiction
Asimov’s Science Fiction
Analog Science Fiction & Fact

9. Author Portrait

Author Portrait Ursula K Le Guin

Professor Foolscap is an artist who takes words from famous writers and other visionaries and turns them into a unique portrait of the person. These beautiful prints are unique, perfect for hanging in an office or even displaying in your home. Choose from classic science fiction and fantasy writers like Arthur C Clarke, Kurt Vonnegut, JRR Tolkien, Mary Shelley, Margaret Atwood, Ursula K. Le Guin, and Isaac Asimov.

10. Vintage Library Due Date Card Coasters

Writers always have a drink nearby while they’re writing and this is a fun way to protect their desk! This set of two square coasters are printed with retro library due date cards, including date stamps.

11. Book Purse

A Wrinkle In Time Book Purse Gift for Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers

Let the science fiction writer in your life rock up to the next convention and turn heads with one of these amazing book purses. Novel Creations takes vintage hardcover books and transforms them into gorgeous purses. Choose from classics like Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time, Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series, and more.

12. Masterclass Subscription

If the aspiring writer in your life is looking to improve their skills and learn from the master writers of our time, a Masterclass Subscription will give them that opportunity. The subscription gives them unlimited access to writing courses by award-winning authors like N.K. Jemisin, Neil Gaiman, Margaret Atwood, and R.L. Stine. And if they need a break from writing, they can enjoy classes on a variety of other subjects like gardening, music, and wellness.

13. Science Fiction League Enamel Pin

Science Fiction League Enamel Pin

A miniature way to display their love of science fiction! This 20mm hard enamel pin is modeled after the original Science Fiction League logo made by Frank R Paul. Great to pin on a bag or a jean jacket.

14. Bird’s Wings Shawl

Who hasn’t dreamed of flying? This shawl takes you one step closer, allowing you to have beautiful wings. Available in a variety of beautiful styles (like the phoenix shown above, peacock, or barn owl) and colors.

15. Writing Monsters

If your writer’s work borders on the terrifying, they’ll find this handing guide on crafting terrifying creatures useful. Author and teacher Philip Athans provides a deep investigation into monsters, what they symbolize, and how to portray them in fiction.

16. Books are Uniquely Magic Mug

Books are Uniquely Magic Mug Fantasy Writers Gift

Every fantasy writer knows that books contain magical worlds and characters. This mug is the perfect tribute to that, with the phrase “Books are uniquely magic.” It also features an illustration of an open book with a dragon emerging from the pages. Include some of your loved one’s favorite coffee or tea to create a gift bag.

17. Fantasy Writer T-shirt

This gift is the perfect way to let the world know what your loved one is most passionate about: they’re a fantasy writer! This minimalist shirt features a bat, moon, spider, magic wand, and unicorn.

Available in men, women, and youth sizes in ten color options.

18. Science Fiction Writer T-shirt

Science fiction writers need not feel left out–there’s a shirt for them too! This minimalist design features a vintage rocketship and a raygun!

Available in men, women, and youth sizes in ten color options.

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19. Writer Zipper Bag

Genre writers can be unique, and I’m sure they’ll agree that they’re more interesting than “regular” writers! This cool zipper pouch expresses that idea. It shows other authors as a plain horse and your writer as a fabulous unicorn. The pouch is perfectly sized to use as a pencil bag or even a make-up pouch.

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20. Fantasy Mapping: Drawing Worlds

Every epic fantasy novel needs an epic map, and this book is the perfect guide for fantasy writers to learn to drawn their imagined worlds. Wesley Jones has written a book full of step-by-step tutorials perfect for artists of every level. It’s particularly good for authors who don’t have an artistic background.

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