10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Readers & Book Lovers

Valentine's Day Gifts for Readers & Book Lovers

Valentine’s Day is always a tricky holiday to shop for. Gifts need to be meaningful and romantic, plus there are expectations of flowers and chocolates. Luckily, when you’re shopping for a book lover, there are plenty of meaningful gifts that will delight them. We’ve rounded up some of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for readers and bookworms. These gifts are romantic, practical, and fun. They’re all sure to woo your beloved on Valentine’s day. Check them out below. (If the person you’re shopping for is also a writer, they might enough these Valentine’s Day gift ideas for writers, too.)

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Bookworms

NovelTea Tins

If your beloved is addicted to tea, this is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for them. NovelTeas makes gorgeous tea tins that look like beautiful vintage hardcover books with punny titles. Even better–these tins are filled with delicious teas. There’s plenty of flavors and covers to choose from depending on your loved one’s preferences. Choose from Matcha Do About Nothing, Oliver Lemon Twist, Pride and Peppermint, War and Peach, and Don Quixotea. Click on the button below to see all the amazing options.

Book Chocolates

Book Chocolates Valentine's Day Gifts for Readers

Chocolates are a classic Valentine’s Day gift, but these beauties will really delight a book lover. Handmade by NerdyNoms, these open book chocolates are HUGE (5″ wide for a total 7 oz. of chocolate) and delicious. Made to order, you can select an open book with plain pages or one with roses in the corner. These chocolates make great Valentine’s Day gifts for readers and writers alike.

“As You Wish” Princess Bride Inspired Soy Candle

"As You Wish" Princess Bride Inspired Soy Candle - Valentine's Day Gifts for Readers

From the Page specializes in making literary-inspired candles. Their “As You Wish” candle is the perfect romantic gift for Valentine’s Day. Inspired by the love story from A Prince Bride, the romantic scent is Love Spell, with citrus, cherry blossom, hydrangea, apple, and peach aromas. Made with soy wax, the candle is eco-friendly and the jar is reusable once the candle is spent. This is a sweet gift for any reader who loves A Princess Bride.

What I Love About You Fill In The Love Journal

Readers love books, so what could they love more than a personalized book that you fill out all about them? Before you give the book to them, sit down and fill out the book. It will prompt you to record lovely memories from your relationship and the little quirks you find so adorable in your special someone. Then you’ll present them with the perfect keepsake, sure to bring a few tears to their eyes.

Book Roses

Recycled Book Roses - Valentine's Day Gifts for Readers

Roses are another classic Valentine’s Day gift, but rather than getting expensive roses that will die, these cool roses last forever. Handmade by Chloe’s Fairytale Roses, she recycles pages from books to make these gorgeous paper flowers. Her’s is unique in that you can select the book the pages come from, including some children’s books that great lovely colorful flowers. Other options include text from the steamy 50 Shades of Grey, the classic Alice in Wonderland, or the beloved Harry Potter. There are even more books to choose from, so click the button below to see all of the options. Since the roses are handmade to order, you can even request a custom book.

“Talk Dewey to Me” Socks

This is the perfect gift for book nerds and librarians that adds a little spice to Valentine’s Day. The socks are embroidered with dewey decimal numbers and feature the phrase “Talk Dewey to me” on the side. This is a romantic, book nerdy way to start something a little naughty on Valentine’s Day.

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Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray

There’s nothing a reader loves more at the end of a day then relaxing and enjoying a good book. Now they can combine that with a warm bath to create perfect bliss. This bamboo bathtub tray is adjustable to fit any tub side. It has a metal frame to securely hold a book or e-reader while they soak. There’s also a “cup holder” to secure a glass of wine. This is a fantastic option if you’re searching for Valentine’s Day gifts for readers.

Include some of their favorite bubble bath or a nice bath bomb and a bottle of wine to make a gift basket they’ll want to use ASAP.

Personalized Library Borrowers Card Poster

Personalized Library Borrowers Card Poster - Valentine's Day Gifts for Readers

This is one of the coolest personalized gifts for readers I’ve seen. Boka Print specializes in customized prints and this vintage library inspired design is perfect for bookworms. Designed to look like an old library book borrower’s card, it can be personalized with your names and a “Title” for your relationship. The dates can be from significant days in your relationship, like first date, first kiss, engagement, marriage, birth of children, or even inside jokes. This romantic, personal gift will be sure to touch your book lover and makes a gorgeous display piece. Since they’re made to order, the print is available in a variety of sizes.

Love Poems by Pablo Neruda

Romantic poetry is a classic Valentine’s Day gift. Obviously, it’s best if you write it yourself, but if you’re not a poetic type, this book of love poems by Pablo Neruda is perfect. These poems are charged with erotic sensuality and beautiful passion, written on the island of Capri about his love Matilde Urrutia.

To make the gift more meaningful and romantic, write a sweet message in the front of the book. Also, get a new bookmark, read through the poems in the book and select one that reflects how you feel about your beloved. Then, when you give them the book you can read the poem out loud to them or have them read it. Make sure to have tissues nearby!

Great Gatsby Cufflinks

Great Gatsby Cufflinks Valentine's Day Gifts for Readers

If your special someone is a guy, then these The Great Gatsbey cufflinks are a fantastic gift idea. Made from the text of the book, one cufflink says “Gatsby” while the other says “Old Sport”–the nickname Gatsby calls Nick throughout the book. These are a subtle accessory, perfect for any book lover or fan of the novel. Glamorous Glue Designs also makes a pair that says “Gatsby” and “Daisy” here.

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Valentine's Day Gifts for Readers & Book Lovers