20 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Writers

10 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Writers

Valentine’s Day–a holiday either loved and celebrated or dreaded and hated depending on who you ask. Often the people dreading V-day aren’t just singles, but people panicking over what gift to buy their one and only to commemorate their love. You need something thoughtful, romantic, and not just the usual box of chocolate and flowers. Whether shopping for a man or a woman, you could still feel a little stumped coming up with the perfect gift. Well, if you’re beloved is a writer or an aspiring author, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with plenty of gift ideas ranging from the romantic to the unique to the perfectly personalized. Check out our list of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for writers and you’re sure to find the best gift for your significant other.

10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Writers

1. Book Locket

Book Locket

When we think of Valentine’s Day gifts for writers, one of the first things that always comes to mind is jewelry. You don’t need cliche diamond and gold jewelry to take away the breath of an author. Lockets have traditionally been given as gifts between lovers to house a picture or special note kept close to their heart. In recent years, book lockets have become extremely popular especially for book lovers and writers. There are many beautiful styles available on Etsy, but here’s one of our favorites.

These silver-plated book lockets are made to order and fully customizable for your love. You can customize it with your Valentine’s initial. Inside features two frames to insert your photos. This is a unique gift your special someone will cherish.

2. Old Book Scented Soy Candle

Old Book Scented Soy Candle

Candles create a romantic and relaxing mood anywhere. But nothing gets a writer going better than the nostalgic scent of old books. Frostbeard Studios makes a whole line of soy candles targeted at writers and book lovers in a variety of scents. If you really want to get fancy or turn up the heat for Valentine’s Day, they also sell candles called “Trashy Romance Novel” and “Sexy Librarian.” They also feature candles with scents crafted to match fictional characters and locations like Gatsby’s mansion or Hatter’s Tea Party. Browse their stores on Etsy or Amazon to pick out the perfect candle for your love.

3. Laptop Bed Tray

Men and women alike love to be spoiled with breakfast in bed. Make your writer’s day even better by serving them breakfast on their new gift: a laptop bed tray. Once they’ve enjoyed the delicious meal you’ve prepared, let them know they can spend the rest of the day in bed working on their novel or short story.

This bed tray is perfect for any type of writer: those who write by hand, on a laptop, or using a tablet. It features an adjustable top to customize the best writing angle and a storage drawer to keep pens or index cards close at hand. It also has foldable legs for easy storage when they’re done working for the day. Available in Walnut or Natural finish.

4. Chocolate Covered Book Oreo Cookies

Chocolate Covered Book Oreo Cookies

There are some Valentine’s Day traditions that I think should never be ignored–chocolates are at the top of that list! But if you want to give something special to your beloved writer, one of those pink and red cardboard hearts just won’t do. Instead, get them something unforgettable and delicious. Rosebud Chocolates makes these delicious chocolate-covered Oreos with a literary-twist! Hand dipped in regular or white chocolate, each oreo features a gold book. Yum! Comes in a set of 12.

5. Book Bath Caddy

When you’re considering Valentine’s Day gifts for writers, don’t forget that writers are readers too! This is a fantastic gift for any writer who loves to soak in a nice warm bubble bath at the end of the day and enjoy a good book (and maybe even a glass of wine!). Include some of their favorite bubble bath or bath bombs with the gift, and they will absolutely love it. Made from bamboo, this bathtub caddy is available in a natural or walnut finish.

6. Personalized Stationary

Personalized Stationary

I bet this isn’t something you’d think of when considering Valentine’s Day gifts for writers. Postal Mail feels like a thing of the past, currently cluttered with spam and bills. Rarely do people send correspondence through the mail. But writers can be a little be different. They appreciate the beauty of a handwritten letter or note and also appreciate a great pen and nice paper. A set of personalized stationery will be appreciated by any writer. These watercolor sets by OohLaLa Letters are not only beautiful but totally unique in their beautiful watercolor patterns and the customization of your love’s name.

7. DIY Writer’s Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

Make Your Own Gift Basket for Writers

If you’re willing to put some extra work into your gift, you can create something that will Win Valentine’s Day forever. A gift basket (or bag or box) is one large gift assembled by gathering smaller gifts, all specially selected to make the ultimate personal gift for your special someone. We have an entire article with the steps to make your own gift basket for writers that you can check out to give you ideas.

For a V-day specific gift basket, make sure to include some elements traditional to the holiday. A nice Valentine card with a special note adds a romantic touch, plus flowers or chocolates can also be a good tribute to tradition. Overall, you just want to focus on picking elements your partner will love and appreciate that help support their writing habit and their creative projects.

8. Paper Roses

Paper Roses

A dozen red roses is the classic gift to give on V-day, but the price is always marked up in advance of the holiday and real roses always die. Instead, when you’re looking for Valentine’s Day gifts for writers, you should consider paper roses instead. These beautiful paper flowers are handcrafted from recycled dictionary pages and they last forever. Gift them in a decorative vace and your favorite writer will love to keep them on display all year long.

This seller also offers roses made from Disneyland maps, music sheets, children’s books, and old books. Check them out in the My Cotton branch Etsy store to pick out the perfect bouquet for your Valentine.

9. Coordinates Bookmark

Coordinates Bookmark

Bookmarks are a must have for any writer since they read so many books. However, you can’t just give ANY bookmark on Valentine’s Day. It needs to be something special that commemorates your relationship and your love. This handmade leather bookmark from LoveThatLeather is perfect. You can custom order it to have the coordinates of any location embossed into the leather.

This is a great way to commemorate the place you met, the location of your first date, where you were married, or any other location that is special to you as a couple.

10. Love Poems Collection

If you are a writer yourself, there is no gift more meaningful than writing your beloved a romantic love poem. Even if you’re not a writer, your Valentine will appreciate any creative expression of your love. But if you’re not so creatively inclined, this collection of love poems would make a great gift as well. This collection has a breadth of romantic poetry, from ancient China to modern poets.

To make this gift even more meaningful, read through it and bookmark (maybe even with the coordinates bookmark above) the poem that reminds you most of your partner and your love. They will appreciate the beautiful words and the meaning of your gift.

11. Leather Journal

Valentine’s Day is a great time to splurge on your loved one and there’s nothing a writer appreciates more than a beautiful journal. While any old notebook works for writing, there’s something about a nice leather journal that makes a writer feel even more special.

This beautiful gift set comes with a 100% genuine leather journal with rustic copic binding and a quality metallic pen. Perfect for drafting a new novel or recording day to day thoughts.

12. Writer’s Block Custom Perfume

Writer's Block Custom Perfume

Sure, you could buy some fancy perfume from a department store, or you could create your own custom fragrance blend for the writer you love. The Little Book Eater will create a custom fragrance specifically for your writer or a story they’re working on. It’s called “Writer’s Block” so they can use it to inspire them while they write. Just send them a message with the type of project your author is working on or some of their favorite scents and they’ll great the custom perfume just for you!

If that feels like too much work, The Little Book Eater sells premade perfumes of various literary themes.

13. I Carry Your Heart Book Tote

Looking for a romantic but practical gift? This tote bag has a literary twist. It’s made to look like a book and features the entire text of E. E. Cumming’s famous poem “[i carry your heart with me(i carry it in].” This is a great gift for students and teachers who can use it to carry books to class.

14. Pencil Ring

Pencil Ring

This is a sweet twist on a traditional Valentine’s Day gift that’s perfect for authors and English teachers. This wrap ring is made to look like a pencil. Available in brass with black, gold, or silver plating, or in sterling silver.

15. Moleskine Pen+ and Smart Notebook

If the author in your life prefers to write longhand, this gift makes a great splurge! Moleskine’s Smart Notebooks are perfect for handwriting notes or drafting a story. You write on the notebook like normal, but the pen automatically saves your writing to your smartphone. They’ll really appreciate this thoughtful and practical gift.

16. You’re My Type Typewriter Mug

You're My Type Typewriter Mug

This is a cute and funny gift idea for writers. This mug has an illustration of a vintage typewriter on it and says “You’re My Type.” Add some of their favorite coffee, tea, or hot chocolate to create a nice gift bag.

Check out more typewriter gift ideas.

17. The Writing Manifesto Print

If you’re looking to inspire your beloved writer, this is awesome. This print is The Writing Manifesto, which includes many inspiring and motivating phrases and messages to help an author stay on track when the work gets hard. It’s perfect to frame and hang above a desk or in the writer’s office.

18. Handmade Pen

Handmade Pen

All writers appreciate a good pen, now you can wow your loved one with a beautiful handmade pen. Bog & Brass makes custom pens from Ireland. They make wood and acrylic pens in ballpoint or fountain pen styles. They will even customize the pen with a message or the writer’s name. With tons of colors and designs to choose from, you can easily find the perfect pen.

19. Quill Pen Cufflinks

Quill Pen Cufflinks

This small gift is perfect for the writing guy in your life. These classy cufflinks are actually writing quills. Subtle enough to wear to the office or on any special occasion, it’s a cute symbol of their true passion.

20. Vintage Leather Messenger Bag

While this gift is primarily marketed to men, I think many lady writers will appreciate it too. This beautiful leather bag is made to look like a vintage messenger back. Perfect for taking their laptop, notebook, and anything else they need to the library or cafe to write. Comes in a variety of color options to match their style.

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