15 Funny & Cute T-shirts for Writers

Practical gifts are gifts well appreciated, and there’s nothing more practical than clothing. But rather than buying socks, you can get a fun and inspiring present. These t-shirt for writers are an interesting mix of funny shirts and cute designs, which make perfect gifts for Christmas, birthdays, or other occasions. Check them out below to find the perfect t-shirt for your author.

15 T-shirts for Writers

1. Shhh! I’m Eavesdropping for Dialogue Ideas T-shirt

The best writing inspiration comes from writers’ lives, and this funny t-shirt broadcasts that loud and clear. With a big listening ear, this shirt says “Shh! I’m Eavesdropping for Dialogue Ideas.” This hilarious t-shirt is great for novelists and screenwriters alike.

Sizes: Men, Women, & Youth

Colors: Black, Blue, White, Brown, Yellow

2. I Write Because If I Don’t My Mind Might Explode T-shirt

This is a funny t-shirt for those writers with minds that don’t stop running. If they’re constantly thinking about their stories or plotting in their head, then they can relate to that feeling of needing to get their characters down on the page. Great gift to show your support for Christmas or a birthday.

Sizes: Men, Women, & Youth

Colors: Black, Navy, Blue, Brown, Purple

3. I Heart Non-Fiction T-shirt

Fiction writers aren’t the only ones who deserve a nice t-shirt. This is the shirt for all those non-fiction writers like memoirists, bloggers, and journalists. It boldly proclaims: “I <3 non-fiction." Sizes: Men, Women, & Youth

Colors: Slate, White, Silver, Yellow, Pink

4. Future Best Selling Author T-shirt

This is the t-shirt for the aspiring young writer in your life. It proclaims exactly what they dream of achieving, becoming a best-selling author.

Sizes: Men, Women, & Youth

Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Brown, Purple

5. Go Away I’m Writing The Next Blockbuster T-shirt

This is the perfect, funny t-shirt for screenwriters who need to be left alone so they can finish their script. Perfect to wear to coffee shops or ward off nosy family members who keep you away from your brilliant movie screenplay.

Sizes: Men, Women, & Youth

Colors: Black, Navy, Blue, Olive

6. Be Careful Or You’ll End Up In My Novel Shirt

A writer’s greatest revenge is portraying their enemies poorly in their stories. This hilarious t-shirt is the perfect warning. It says “Be careful, or you’ll end up in my novel.” Perfect to wear on first dates, to class, or while writing in a cafe. Makes a nice gift for the snarky author in your life.

Sizes: Men, Women, & Youth

Colors: Black, Navy, Asphalt, Brown, Purple

7. Writing is My Superpower

This t-shirt celebrates the real truth about writing: it’s a superpower! Perfect gift for writers who love comic books, super heros, or continue to work on their novel in their free time avoiding the impossible time-sucks of Netflix and social media.

Sizes: Men, Women & Youth

Colors: Black, Navy, Kelly Green, Dark Heather, Purple

8. Single – Taken – Busy Writing T-shirt

Single - Taken - Busy Writing T-shirts for Writers

Career driven writers will appreciate this funny tee. Their relationship status is “Busy Writing.” A unique and fun way to show their priority is working on their novel.

Colors: Black, Asphalt, Forest, Royal Blue, Red

9. Plotting a Murder T-shirt

This is the perfect shirt for mystery and horror writers who are frequently plotting the most dramatic murders and deaths. It features a typewriter and the ominous phrase: “Plotting a murder.” Be the envy of all the other authors in your writer’s group.

Sizes: Men & Women

Colors: Black, Asphalt, Slate, Dark Heather, Heather Blue

10. I’m So Adjective I Verb Noun T-shirt

I'm So Adjective I Verb Noun T-shirt

If you’re looking for funny t-shirts for writers that are a little bit outside the box, this one is great. It reminds me of doing Mad Libs. “I’m So Adjective I Verb Noun.” Also a cute shirt for English teachers.

Sizes: Unisex, Ladies, & Hoodies

Colors: Black, Dark Heather Gray, Heather Gray, Pink

11. Writer Facts

This funny shirt gives Writer Facts in the style of a food nutritional label. It smartly describes what makes up a storyteller, like bravery, insanity, passion, and of course: writer’s block tolerance. This is one of the most original t-shirts for writers.

Sizes: Men, Women, & Youth

Colors: Black, Red, Heather Blue, Purple, Dark Heather

12. Nevermo’ Poe Shirt

Nevermo' Edgar Allan Poe Shirt

Literary shirts are a big hit with writers, and this one is a lot of fun for Edgar Allan Poe fans. It’s a twist on the classic line “Nevermore” from his poem “The Raven,” presenting a hip and modern poet with chains and a hat. Book lovers and writers alike will enjoy this hilarious shirt.

Sizes: Men, Women, & Youth

Colors: Gray, Blue, Pink, White

13. Premium Quality Writer T-shirt

Premium Quality Writer Shirt

This is another fun writing t-shirt with a nice professional design. It says “Genuine & Trusted Writer Premium Quality.” It’s a great gift to let a writer know you think their writing is fantastic. It’s also a good gift for copywriters and other professional writers.

Sizes: Men & Women

Colors: Asphalt, Black, Yellow, navy

14. I’m Silently Correcting Your Grammar T-shirt

This is the shirt for those writers who are also editors or really appreciate proper grammar. It says “I’m Silently Correcting Your Grammar” with lots of copyediting marks. Funny and creative t-shirt design any writer will appreciate.

15. I’m a Writer, I Dream While Awake T-shirt

If you’re looking for t-shirts for writers that are more inspirational, this one fits the bill. It says, “I’m a writer, I dream while awake,” and features a beautiful illustration of a moon and stars. This makes a nice gift to inspire a new writer.

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