15 Amazing Gifts for Journalists & Reporters

Journalism is a way of life for dedicated reporters. If the journalist in your life has a birthday coming up or you’re stumped on the perfect Christmas gift, we’ve got you covered. We have found the best gifts for journalists and reporters, from practical gifts that will make their job easier to funny gifts that will make them smile. Check out all the recommendations below.

1. Newspaper Earrings

Newspaper Earrings - Reporter Gifts

I bet you’ve never seen jewelry like this! Pure Creations by Nada makes these unique earrings that look like actually miniature newspapers. The lightweight earrings look like a stack of newspapers bound with twine! Features silver hooks. This is a fun stocking stuffer for reporters.

2. Vintage Leather Messenger Bags

Reporters are always on the go, so they need a bag to carry their computer, phone, notebooks, and everything else they need. This bag is a classy option for both men and women that looks professional with a unique style. This vintage-style leather messenger bag is timeless in style while being functional. With tons of pockets and plenty of space, this is a must have bag for journalists.

3. Printing Press Patent Poster

Printing Press Patent Poster - Journalism Gifts

This cool print is perfect for a journalist to display in their home or office. Using the original patent drawing from 1914, the vintage image is cleaned up and presented as a frameable poster available in a variety of colors to match any decor.

4. Zendure Power Bank

When journalists are busy and on the run, they need to keep their devices charged. The Zendure Power Bank is super portable, just the size of a credit card, and it can charge phones, tablets, and other devices. You can also charge the power bank while you’re charging the device. This essential item is one of the best practical gifts for journalists.

5. Newspaper Print Scarf

Newspaper Print Infinity Scarf - Gifts for Journalists

This stylish gift is perfect for any journalist, whether or not they report on fashion! Pixiesdance makes this cool infinity scarf featuring a black and white newspaper print. This scarf is subtle enough to wear to work or a fun way to dress up an outfit on the weekend.

6. Vintage Newspaper Bow Tie

Vintage Newspaper Bow Tie - Gifts for Reporters

Gentlemen can get in on the newspaper fashion as well. This handmade bowtie features fabric that looks like vintage newspaper pages, complete with the aged yellowing. A classy design that is perfect to dress up any special event.

7. Sony Digital Voice Recorder

This gift for reporters is the perfect way to splurge a little on your loved ones. All journalists need to record their interviews, and a digital voice recorder is one of the best ways to do it. Sony makes one of the best options available, in a compact size with crystal clear audio recording. Quick charge via USB and take advantage of the 4 GB of internal memory (expandable with MicroSD cards).

8. “Can I Quote You on That?” Mug

"Can I Quote You on That?" Journalism Mug

This hilarious mug is the perfect gift for a reporter. It says “Can I quote you on that?” a common phrase journalists use in their work. Include some of their favorite tea or coffee to great a gift bag they’ll really appreciate.

9. Talk to Me Interview Book

Strong interview skills are key for journalists to get the quotes they need for their articles. Talk to Me: How to Ask Better Questions, Get Better Answers, and Interview Anyone Like a Pro by Dean Nelson is an invaluable guide to the skills needed to be a confident and effective interviewer. This book is perfect for students and new journalists still learning the ropes while also offering tons of advice to improve the skills of more experienced reporters.

10. Sunday Newspaper Scented Candle

Sunday Newspaper Scented Candle Journalism Gift

The newspaper has a nostalgic smell for many, especially reporters. Dio Candle Company has captured this scent in a vegan soy candle. Handmade, this candle features scents like ink resin, sandalwood, paper fiber, and tonka. The perfect stocking stuffer for your newspaper-obsessed loved one.

11. Field Notes Reporter Notebooks

Every journalist needs a good quality notebook to quickly take notes, and Field Notes’ reporter notebooks are the perfect option. This two pack of notebooks is college rules spiral notebook that’s easy to hold in one hand and write on anywhere. It also features a back pocket to easily store business cards, receipts, and other scraps of paper.

12. Scriveiner Luxury Black Rollerball Pen

While reporters may use cheaper pens from the office supply store for their day-to-day work, every writer deserves a nice pen. Scriveiner makes these gorgeous luxury pens in four different colors (black, green, crimson, and blue). This rollerball pen writes smoothly in black ink and is easily refillable. Comes in a gift box ready to give to your favorite journalist.

13. Be a Writing Victorian Advertisement

Be a Writing Victorian Advertisement

This print is a unique gift for journalists. It’s a recreation of an advertisement from the 1800s, of a simpler time when there was a huge demand for journalists. It’s advertising a correspondence course from The Sprague Cor. School of Journalism. This print is ready to frame and gift to a reporter.

14. Newspaper Necklace

Newspaper Necklace Journalism Gift

Jewelry is a common gift for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and birthdays. This necklace features a newspaper charm and a customizable initial charm. It’s a great gift to commemorate a special publication or just show your love.

15. Go Away! I Have a Deadline T-shirt

This is a hilarious t-shirt that any journalist will relate to. It says “Go away! I Have a Deadline.” Available in men’s and women’s sizes in eight color options.

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