15 Bookish Father’s Day Gifts for Dad Readers

Some dads are addicted to reading, and those guys want fun book-themed gifts for Father’s Day. We’ve rounded up a variety of fun, practical, and funny These literary gifts for Father’s Day are great for writers, librarians, literature teachers, English professors, and any dad who’s a big book nerd.

Father’s Day Gifts for Book Lovers

1. Vintage Book Cover Coasters

Vintage Book Cover Coasters

This is the most stylish way to protect your coffee table from glass rings. This set of stone coasters features the covers of classic vintage books. Since each set is made to order, you can pick what books are included from 20 options or request they make a custom coaster of your dad’s favorite books. Available in sets of 4, 6, or 8.

2. Library Card Socks

A throwback to the old days when Dad had to keep track of his checked-out library books with a date stamped card. The cotton blend socks feature a vintage library card print in a subtle but fun design.

3. Book Tie

Book Tie Father's Day Gift

Ties are a classic Father’s Day gift and this one is perfect for book lovers. A subtle design, the print on this tie features open books. Great for wearing to work or formal occasions.

4. Neck Reading Light

For the dad who stays up too late reading, this book light doesn’t require clipping onto the book. Instead, you wear it around your neck and the LED lights are directed at the book pages. Works great for the times when mom wants to go to sleep while dad can’t put his book down.

5. Books Tie Clip

Books Tie Clip Father's Day Reader Gift

Another subtle way for Dad to show his love of reading. This tie clip features a stack of books. It’s the perfect way for a book worm to show their literary side at work or fancy dress events. Comes in a gift box ready for giving.

6. Bookmarks are for Quitters Mug

This funny mug is a must-have for bookworm dads. It says “Bookmarks are for quitters.” This 15 oz. ceramic mug is dishwasher safe. Include some of your father’s favorite coffee or tea to create a gift bag he’ll really appreciate.

7. Personalized Leather Bookmark

Personalized Leather Bookmark Father's Day Gift

If your dad occasionally has to “quit” a book, this is the most stylish way to do it. Peace Finds Design makes these amazing leather bookmarks. Each one is fully customizable and made to order. Select from eight different color options and have it engraved with a name, favorite saying, personal message, initials, or even symbols.

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8. My Weekend is All Booked T-Shirt

This fun t-shirt is perfect for fathers who are mostly introverts. This funny t-shirt says, “My Weekend is All Booked.” It’s great to wear on a lazy weekend spent reading books.

9. Custom Book Cufflinks

Custom Book Cufflinks Father's Day Gift

This unique gift will delight your book loving dad. From New Leaf creates these literary cufflinks with the cover of your dad’s favorite book. Just send them a picture of the cover and they recreate it as an awesome cufflink handmade from polymer clay.

10. Thumb Book Page Holder

This handy little reading accessory is perfect for the reader dad who likes to have on hand free while he reads. Maybe he’s sipping coffee, wine, or a nice whiskey. Or he likes to read while he eats. This book holder has a groove for your thumb and lets you hold a book open easily with minimal effort.

11. Romeo & Julienne Cutting Board

If your dad enjoys cooking or grilling, he’ll love this book-ish cutting board. Made from solid beech wood, it’s designed to to look like a book that says “Romeo & Julienne” on the spin. Store it on the shelf with your cookbooks.

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12. When I Think About Books I Touch My Shelf Whiskey Glass

If your dad enjoys a nice drink at the end of a long day while he reads a book, then this rocks glass is the perfect gift. It’s engraved with the funny message “When I think about books I touch myself.” Include a bottle of his favorite whisky and he’ll really appreciate the gift.

13. Polymer Clay Book Keychain

Polymer Clay Book Keychain Gift for Father's Day

This simple gift is a fun way for dad to show his love of books. Handcrafted by Magy makes these cool miniate hardcover books out of polymer clay and turns them into keychains.

14. Edgar Allan Poe Bobblehead

Dad’s dashboard will be empty no more with this cool tribute to author and poet Edgar Allan Poe. This resign figure feature Poe with his quill, books, and the classic raven.

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15. Custom Home Library Book Stamp

Help dad personalize his collection of books with this unique gift. This stamp is customized with your choice of design and your father’s name so he can instantly inscribe his books with “From the Library of…”

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