Fun & Unique Gifts for Writers and Authors

These unique and cool gifts for writers and aspiring authors will help bring inspiration and creativity to their writing process. These gifts are perfect to give for Christmas, birthdays, or to celebrate a writing achievement! Scroll down to the next section to see some of our favorite practical gifts for writers.

Silly and fun writing gifts are great, but sometimes a practical gift that helps a writer improve their craft or get more work done can be more meaningful and better appreciated. Here we’ve gathered our articles on some of the best gifts for writers that include tools, books on writing craft, desks, and more.

Practical Gifts for Writers

If you’re thinking about buying a practical gift for a writer there’s plenty of awesome gifts that can inspire creativity, help them improve their craft, eliminate writer’s block, or make them more productive.

Small gifts like pens, notebooks, and journals are always needed by writers and make great stocking stuffers.

Often people forget that writers are readers too, and would love gifts for readers like books and bookmarks.