20 Gifts for Songwriters

Gifts for Songwriters

If you have a songwriter or aspiring lyricist in your life, then you know how their whole world revolves around music. When it comes time to buy them a present, there’s plenty of music-themed gifts available to delight them. From gifts to inspire their creativity to practical gifts to further their career, there’s plenty of ideas on this list. These gifts for songwriters are perfect for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, and any other holiday. Many of these gifts are also great for musicians and music lovers. Check them out:

Gifts for Songwriters

Leather Music Journal

Leather Music Journal

This is a luxurious gift for anyone who writes music. Bespoke Bindery makes a variety of artisan books, including this leather music journal. This is A5 landscape journal which is bound in Spanish leather that can be personalized for the giftee. The Yapp binding is beautiful and secure.

Since these journals are handmade items you can choose the page types (all music stave, alternating blank and music stave pages, optional title page) and the color of the leather from 8 different options. If this leather journal is outside of your budget, keep reading for a low budget option.

Piano Patent Art Prints

Art makes a fantastic gift and this set of prints is perfect for anyone who writes music or plays the piano. These vintage prints feature the diagrams from various piano patents. They have a gorgeous antique appearance perfect for any home.

The prints come unframed, but at an 8×10 size, it’s easy to buy the perfect frames.

Song Sound Wave Art

Song Sound Wave Art Gifts for Songwriters

If you want thoughtful and unique gifts for songwriters, check this out. Voice and Sound makes art pieces of the soundwaves of any sound. This includes a variety of popular songs, including the song “Come What May” from Moulin Rouge. You can select from over 700 song prints or request your own custom song sound art. This is the perfect custom gift, either pick your songwriter’s favorite song or have a piece of art created based off a song they’ve written.

Musical Notes Infinity Scarf

This is a fashionable gift for any songwriter or musician. This tasteful infinity scarf features a print of musical notes. Great for casual day-to-day wear or for a concert.

Available in black, dark grey, navy blue, and white.

Musical Notes Shea Butter Soap

Musical Notes Shea Butter Soap - Gifts for Songwriters

Artisan soap makes a fantastic gift for birthdays or as a stocking stuffer and this set is perfect for musically minded people. These handmade soaps come in a set of 14 musical notes made from moisturizing shea butter. Each set is made to order so you can choose from 18 different colors and even get the set in a mix of colors.

Guitar Ball Point Pens

If you’re searching for fun gifts for songwriters, this is a blast. This pen is shaped like an electric guitar. This ballpoint pen is perfect for writing lyrics or musical notes or playing air guitar while listening to their favorite rock songs.

Check more cool and unusual pens for writers.

Essential Songwriter’s Rhyming Dictionary

If you’re looking for a practical gift that will help your favorite songwriter in their creative endeavors, this book is perfect.This pocket-sized dictionary is perfect for those moments of writer’s block where you can’t quite find the right words. With 15,000 words, this is a must have reference for all songwriters.

Vinyl Vintage Record Coasters

Songwriters and audiophiles alike have a soft spot in their hearts for records. These are fun and useful gifts for songwriters. This set of 6 vinyl coasters look like vintage records that are perfect to prevent your tables from damage. Use these coasters in the recording studio or around the house.

Writing Better Lyrics

If you’re shopping for an aspiring songwriter, this book makes a great gift. Written by Pat Pattison (professor at Berklee College of Music), this book captures the knowledge he imparts in his poetry and lyrics writing classes. Using examples from 20 chart-topping songs, this covers basic and advanced lyric writing techniques.

Piano Calculator

This is another handy gift that’s perfect for songwriters and musicians. This perfectly sized pocket calculator looks like a keyboard, with the numbers on the white keys and the functions on the black keys. Great for a Secret Santa gift and perfect as a stocking stuffer.

The Chord Wheel

This is another fantastic gift for aspiring musicians and songwriters. Whether they prefer working with piano or guitar, the Chord Wheel is a helpful visual aid to understand the relationships between chord progressions. This is a great resource for deconstructing musical pieces to learn from the masters or to write their own music.

Piano USB Flash Drive

This is an extremely practical gift that any aspiring songwriter will appreciate. This USB flash drive features a piano keys print that will inspire musical genius. This portable flash drive is perfect for backing up digital sheet music and song recordings. It’s great to attach to a keychain or toss in a purse or backpack.

Music Mug

This mug is harmonically awesome. The side says “What part of *music* don’t you understand?” It’s a white ceramic mug with a black handle and interior. This 11 oz. size mug is microwave safe, but should only be hand washed to avoid any fading of the print.

Include some of their favorite tea or coffee to create a gift bag they’ll really enjoy.

Guitar Chord Stamp

This is a useful pocket sized gift for guitarists and songwriters. This guitar chord stamp makes it easy to record chords anywhere. Add hard to remember chords to sheet music or write out songs for other musicians. Include an ink pad and they’ll be ready to go.

The compact size makes this a perfect stocking stuffer. Include some of their favorite guitar picks to create a nice gift set.

Music Journal

This music journal is a no frills way to write new songs. This 8 x 10 inch notebook features lined pages on one side and sheet music on the owner, perfect for songwriters who are penning lyrics and music. Perfect for brainstorming or recording finalized songs.

Include a pack of their favorite pens or pencils so they’re ready to start composing.

Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone

This microphone is must have for any independent songwriters and recording artists. Snowball iCE is a plug and play USB microphone that can be used to record music to any laptop or desktop computer with any recording software. It’s perfect for recording instruments or vocals, as well as any other recordings you may need. Plenty of podcasters use it, too. The built-in desktop microphone makes it ready to go out of the box or it can also fit on any standard mic stand.

This is a great gift to help any songwriter record their music.

Zoom H4N PRO Digital Multitrack Recorder

If your songwriter doesn’t want to be confined to their computer when they record their songs, this Zoom is the perfect recorder for musicians on the go. With four-channel recording and built-in stereo microphones, this compact unit has everything you need to record music or vocals. The Zoom H4N is also perfect for recording live performances.

Guitar Pick Holder Leather Key Chain

This gift is perfect for the songwriter who is always misplacing their guitar picks or needs to have them easily on hand for performances. This leather keychain handmade by Hide & Drink is handsome and practical. They can attach it to their keys or their guitar case and always have them on hand.

Treble Clef Sterling Silver Necklace

If you’re looking for romantic gifts for songwriters, check out this necklace. Hand cast in sterling silver, this classic necklace features a treble clef pendant. Perfect for casual wear or special occasions, this necklace can become a meaningful good luck charm for the songwriter in your life.

Songwriters On Songwriting

This is the fourth edition of this classic book on songwriting. Interviews with 62 of the greatest songwriters, there are thoughts on creativity, writing lyrics, working in the music business, and much more. In addition to covering much of the history of modern songwriting, this book provides great insight into the creative process of many master lyricists.

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