Awesome Christmas Gifts for Writers in 2024

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Well, it’s that time of year again. Christmas. You’re looking for a Christmas gift for a writer or maybe a young aspiring writer in your life and you’re not sure what to get them. You want to get them a thoughtful gift, maybe something to help inspire them or further develop their writing skills. For this article, we’ve rounded up some great gifts ideas to consider for the writer in your life.

Here are several gift ideas for writers this holiday season:

Gift Idea: Subscription to a Writer’s Magazine

Writers Magazines - Christmas Gifts for Writers

A subscription to a writing magazine can be a great gift for a writer if they don’t already have a subscription. Magazine subscriptions are can be excellent gifts to give to writers or aspiring authors, because they’re the gift that keeps on giving, or rather arriving, month after month. Browse magazine subscriptions for writers.

Gift Ideas for Aspiring Young Writers

Many young writers aren’t quite sure where to start. Or they know where to start, but haven’t had any opportunity yet for formal instruction in creative writing (beyond what a school teacher can give them). Luckily, there are scads of resources written by professional writers to nurture the young writer and help grow their talent. Browse Christmas gift ideas for aspiring young writers.

Inspirational Christmas Gift Ideas for Writers

The Writer's Block - Inspirational Gifts for Writers

The sky is blue, grass is green, and writers get writer’s block. What else is new? Every author has experienced this at one point or another (or many points) in their career. These books help power through that writer’s block and can make a thoughtful gift for the writer in your life. Browse inspirational Christmas gift ideas for writers.

Killer Journal Gifts for Writers

Journals are sort of the standby gift for writers but these are stand-outs in their category. Almost any writer can use journals and these ones are really neat. Browse killer journal gifts for writers.

Stocking Stuffers for Writers

Go Away...I'm (not) Writing Sign Christmas Gift for Writers

On a budget or looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for the writer in your life. We rounded up 15 cute, creative, and fun gifts for writers all under $15 and the perfect size to stick in their stocking on Christmas Eve. Check out stocking stuffers for writers.

Movies About Writers

Sometimes even the most productive writers want to veg out on the couch and just watch a movie. You can help inspire them with the gift of a movie about writers. From fictional stories to biographical tales of real-life authors, there’s plenty of options. A great option for millenial writers is the movie Adult World about a recent college graduate who is struggling to find her place in the world and start her career as a writer. It’s a funny and poignant movie an aspiring author will appreciate.

Check out 10 essential movies about writers and writing.

Gifts to Destroy Writer’s Block

There’s nothing a writer fears more than writer’s block. It often feels unavoidable, but there are plenty of tools, games, and books out there to help work through the creative block. These types of gifts are great for writers because they’re a lot of fun, help inspire creativity, and will get them through writer’s block so they can finish their book or story.

Check out tools to destroy writer’s block.

Masterclass Writing Class Subscription

A lot of learning and practice goes into taking one’s writing to the next level. Often this can be achieved by working on their own, reading books, and writing new stories. But that learning process can also be sped up. One way to do that is by taking a writing class from experienced authors. Masterclass is a great option for this. Anyone can take the classes anywhere on their own schedule and–best of all–they’re taught by some of the masters of writing. Current classes feature James Patterson, RL Stine, Margaret Atwood, Malcolm Gladwell, and Judy Blume teaching fiction writing. There are also classes on journalism, screenwriting, and television writing. A subscription gets the giftee unlimited access to all of the classes in the Masterclass library. The gift of a Masterclass is a gift that keeps giving with every lesson.

Fun Gifts for Writers

If you’re still feeling stumped on the perfect Christmas gift for a writer, don’t despair. We’ve put together a megalist of 50 creative and fun gifts for writers. Check it out to find fun, inspiring, and unexpected gift ideas that any writer will love.