50 Creative Gifts for Writers for 2017


Stumped on what to get the writer or aspiring author in your life for Christmas, their birthday, or any other gift-giving occasion? This mega-list includes creative, cool, and fun gifts any writer would love to receive.

1. The Writer’s Toolbox


An entire toolkit of creative games and exercises to inspire the right side of your brain.

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2. Typewriter Charm Necklace


Writerly jewelry: sterling silver typewriter charm on a silver chain necklace.

3. Writer’s Block Soap


This handmade soap makes a humorous and fun gift for any writer, hopefully one to inspire creativity while in the shower.

4. Aqua Notes – Waterproof Notepad

Once they’re inspired by their Writer’s Block Soap, they can write down their great ideas on this waterproof notepad.

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5. Composition Book Necktie


This stylish Composition Notebook tie includes a vintage 1940s font. The perfect accessory for any writer.

6. Writer’s Block Journal


This clever journal is made to look like a block of wood to help inspire any writer to get past their writer’s block and finish their story.

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7. Clip On Cup Holders


Let’s your favorite author safely clip their cup of coffee or tea to the side of their desk, preventing any disastrous spills on their manuscript.

8. Grass Blade Pens


These pens are made to look like blades of grass and create a unique display to brighten up any writer’s desk. Pair them with these morning glory gel pens and these lilac flower pens to create a desktop bouquet.

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9. Twiddle Fiddle Toy


The Twiddle is the perfect desk toy for a writer to fiddle with while they contemplate fixing their latest plot hole.

10. Field Notes Memo Books


The perfect pocket sized notebook for any writer to jot down their brilliant ideas.

11. Desk Foot Hammock


Let the writer in your life rest their feet as they type out the next hundred words of their novel.

12. Hourglasses for Writing Sprints

Hourglass for Writing Sprints

These sandtimers are perfect for timing writing sprints, so if the writer gets caught up in their words, they won’t notice the time is up and will keep going. This set comes with a 30 minute and a 5 minute hourglass.

13. Fisher Space Pen


Writers at any angle and in zero gravity, and underwater–pefect for the novelist that likes to write laying down.

14. Mobile Laptop Standing Desk

Laptop Portable Standing Desk for Writers

Write the next great American novel like Hemingway–by standing! This portible laptop standing desk let’s you write in any room in the house, while standing.

15. Quotation Mark Earrings


These cute quotation mark earrings will give inspiration to new, snappy dialogue every time your writer wears them.

16. Wonderbook: The Illustrative Guide to Creating Imaginative Fiction


The definitive guide to writing imaginative fiction, exploring creative visuals sure to inspire the writer in your life.

17. Scrivener


One of the most popular programs for writers, Scrivener goes beyond simple word-processing, creating an easy way to outline, brainstorm, develop characters, and more within the same program.
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18. Moleskine Writing Set Gift Box


This gift set features a classic black Moleskine journal and a pen. Perfect gift to inspire any writer to start their next story.

19. Folding Bluetooth Keyboard
Folding Bluetooth Keyboard

This full-size QWERTY keyboard folds up for easy portability in a purse, messenger bag, or backpack. Pairs with any Bluetooth enabled smartphone or tablet.

20. Olde Book Backpack


This gorgeous backpack looks like an antique book, perfect to hold a laptop for the writer on the go, while they look stylish as well. Also available as a messenger bag.

21. Winsome Wood Small Writing Desk with Drawers

Winsome Wood Small Writing Desk with Drawers

Every writer needs a dedicated space to craft their prose. This handsome wood writing desk is perfect for writers who use a computer, typewriter, or write by hand in a notebook. It also features a cubby hole and drawers for storage.

22. Pilot Fountain Pen


Enjoy writing by hand with this sleek and elegant fountain pen from Pilot. Don’t forget to include a journal for your writer.

23. Under Desk Eliptical Trainer


Help the writer in your life stay fit with this under desk eliptical trainer. They can finish their novel and stay in shape at the same time.

24. “Go Away I’m Writing” Sign

Go Away I'm Writing Sign for Writers

The perfect way for the aspiring author in your house to signal that they are busy writing the next great American novel and should not be disturbed.

25. Writer’s Block


A literal embodiment of the Writers Block that plagues most writers. Perfect for kicking or throwing out the window in moments of frustration.

26. Quirky Pen Zen Bamboo Pen Holder


Help your writer contain their desk odds and ends with this unique pen holder. The sides are madnetic to keep paperclips at bay. Works vertically or horizontally.

27. Fountain Pen Earrings


Lightweight, bronze fountain pen earrings that will look perfect dangling from the ears of any author.

28. Typewriter Keyboard T-shirt


A great t-shirt for any writer, this one features the traditional round keys of an antique typewriter keyboard.

29. Stay up Late and Write! Mug


The perfect gift for writer night owls to fuel their late night writing binges. Throw in some of their favorite coffee, tea, or hot chocolate to create a fun gift bag.

30. A Vintage or Antique Typewriter


Help your favorite writer or aspiring author get back to basics with a typewriter. Vintage and retro typewriters come in a variety of styles and colors and make a unique gift.

31. “We All Have a Story to Tell” Throw Pillow


A comfy and inspiring throw pillow for any writer.

32. Initial Typewriter Keys Cufflinks


These are handsome cufflinks made from the keys of vintage typewriters, customized to whatever initials you need.

33. Ruled Paper Scarf

Rule Paper Scarf

This scarf is a blank page they can wear to inspire them to write their next story.

34. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software

Dragon Dictate Software

Help boost your writer’s productivity with the most popular speech to text program. They can tell their story outloud while Dragon transcribes it into their favorite word processing program.

35. Literary Writing Gloves


Help an aspiring writer keep their hands worm and get a little inspiration with these literary writing gloves. They feature text from famous books, including Jane Eyre, Dracula, Little Women, and more.

36. Hollow Book with a Flask


For a little “liquid inspiration,” your favorite writer can turn to their favorite book for a hidden flask. A variety of real hollowed books are available.

37. Typewriter Tote Bag


Let your favorite writer carry their books, notes, and ever growing collection of pens in this stylish vintage typewriter tote bag.

38. Modern Bookshelf

Modern Bookshelf for Writers

Writers have tons of books. Give them a cool and original, modern bookcase to display them on.

39. Balance Ball Chair


Gift the gift of a healthier back with one of these balance ball chairs.

40. The Writer Magazine Subscription


A subscription to The Writer magazine is a gift that keeps giving with each issue they receive.

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41. Writers Write Art Print


A simple art piece that will give the writer inspiration. Perfect for hanging over their writer’s desk.

42. Noise Isolating Headphones


A nice pair of noise isolating headphones will help them focus on their writing without getting distracted.

43. Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard


This bluetooth keyboard takes mobile working to the next level, with a virtual laser keyboard. Compatibly with an bluetooth enabled smartphone or tablet. Great gift for scifi writers.

44. The Writer’s Coloring Book


Let them tap into a creative side from their childhood with this coloring book made especially for writers.

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45. Famous Authors Shotglasses


Now they can knock back a drink with some of the great literary drinkers like Oscar Wilde and Dorothy Parker. Includes memorable quotes.

46. Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse


An environmentally friendly typing alternative any writer would love.

47. Natural Light LED Desk Lamp

Natural Light LED Desk Lamp

So they have plenty of nice, natural light to write by any time of day.

48. Adjustable Laptop Bed Tray


So they can stay productive and work on their novel, even if they don’t feel like getting out of bed.

49. The Big Ideas Notepad


Help them generate new ideas with the Big Ideas Notepad.

50. Portable External Hard Drive


So they can always back up their writing, no matter where they are. Even if they’re on the go.

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