20 Literary Gifts for English Majors

Being an English Major isn’t just a passing college fad. It is a way of life. The love of writing, the literary world, and all things books are an important part of any English Major’s identity (they sure aren’t in it for the money!). If you have a family member or friend in college, you know how important their bookish ways are. Because of this, there are tons of literary gifts for English Majors. These gift ideas range from fun and unique gifts to practical gifts that will help them get through their college stresses. Buy these presents for birthdays, graduation gifts, or Christmas. Check them out below.

Gifts for English Majors

1. Typewriter Sticky Notes

College students have a lot to remember. They need to remember classes, tests, when papers are due. Here is a cute and fun way for your English Major to make notes of all those important things. These sticky notes come in a box that looks like a vintage typewriter. Pull them out the top like you’re pulling out a finished manuscript page. They’ll look great displayed on their desk.

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2. Handwriting Guide Pillow Cover

Handwriting Guide Pillow Cover

This is a cute gift any English Major will appreciate. This pillowcase features the classic guide we all remember from grade school that taught us how to print our letters.

The image is screen printed on a 100% cotton cover. Make sure to buy a pillow insert to go with it and make this a fantastic gift.

3. Rockstar Authors Tote Bag

All English Majors need a good bag to tote their books and notes to class, but this one just rocks! This tote bag from Out of Print reimagines classic authors as punk rockers. See the wild sides of Marcel Proust, Virginia Woolf, Langston Hughes, Jane Austen, Oscar Wilde, and Maya Angelou.

100% cotton. Made in the USA.

4. Literary Themed Candles

Literary Themed Candles - Gifts for English Majors

The Bookish Candle makes literary-themed candles that are perfect for infusing any moment with fragrances inspired by classic literary works. These beautiful gifts are handmade with soy wax and fragrance oils and come in a decorative tin. The Enchanted Forest candle pictured is inspired by The Lord of the Rings and has a classic, natural scent of wood and herbs. Other scents like Books & Coffee and Literature Lover are great for any English major to enjoy.

5. Book Covers Jigsaw Puzzle

Puzzles are a fun way to relax and a perfect break from reading all those assigned books. This 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle features the covers of classic books like Gone with the Wind, 1984, and Charlotte’s Web.

Challenging and fun, this puzzle is great to do alone or with the whole family. Made in the USA.

6. Save the Oxford Comma Pencils

Save the Oxford Comma Pencils - Gifts for English Majors

You may not have an opinion on the Oxford Comma, but I guarantee the English Major in your life does! These pencils make fun and practical gifts for English Majors. Each says “Save the Oxford Comma.”

Perfect for taking notes in class or outlining a novel, these pencils come in a set of six with choice of silver or gold font. You can order a mix of colors like pictured above or a set of the same color. These pencils are perfectly priced and sized to give as a stocking stuffer or a back to school gift.

7. Midsummer Night’s Balm

If you’re looking for a small gift or something to brighten up an English Major’s day, check this out. William Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Balm is a cherry flavored chapstick that will “put some puck in your pucker.” It’s a cute little gift with a pinch of literary fun.

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8. Quotation Mark Earrings

Quotation Mark Earrings

Perfect for punctuation purists, these hand drawn earrings from Peach Orchard Boutique are a lovely gift for English Majors. These black and white earrings are handmade, which gives them a cool and unique vibe. Sealed with resin, each earring has a stainless steel post and nickel free aluminum barrel backs. Comes with a gift box, ready to give to your loved one.

9. Scrabble Cocktail Glasses

Drinking is usually a big part of college life, but it’s more fun when you give it a wordy twist. These rocks glasses use Scrabble tiles to spell out the message: “Let’s Get Totally Out of Control Tonight.”

Include a bottle of their favorite liquor, and the giftee will really appreciate this gift.

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10. Bam! Onomatopoeia Art Print

Bam! Onomatopoeia Art Print Gifts for English Majors

This print is fantastic for any English nerds. A bright and bold piece of art in a comic book style, it says: “Bam! Onomatopoeia.” A colorful definition of the word, this print is available in a variety of sizes and perfect for framing. It looks great in any dorm room or office.

11. English Majors Get Lit T-Shirt

English Majors Get Lit T-Shirt

This shirt is the perfect gift for English Majors who like to party–or who consider a night at home reading a good book to be a good time. This shirt says “English Majors Get Lit” with a fun play on the phrase. This tee is perfect to wear to class or during late night cram sessions.

Available in men, women, and youth sizes in the colors black, navy, royal blue, dark heather, and heather blue.

12. Be Right Back Bookmark

Be Right Back Bookmark

English majors are always reading a ton of books: novels for class, textbooks for others, and then the book they’re reading on the side for fun. This cute bookmark is perfect for that book they can’t wait to finish. They can mark their page with the message “Be Right Back.”

Include this as a gift with a book from their “want to read” list to make a gift they’ll really appreciate.

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13. Grammar Mug

One thing all English Majors have in common is a bit of obsession with grammar. This mug is a fun embodiment of it, saying “Grammar: The Different Between Knowing Your Crap and Knowing You’re Crap.” They’ll enjoy drinking some late night java in this mug while finishing up papers the day before they’re due.

This 11 oz. mug is dishwasher and microwave safe. Include some of their favorite coffee, tea, or hot chocolate to create a nice care package.

14. Book Cover Composition Notebooks

College students need notebooks, whether to take a ton of notes in class or draft their next paper. But for your loved ones, plain notebooks just won’t do. Luckily, Out of Print makes these awesome composition notebooks with vintage book covers on them. Choose from Pride & Prejudice, Alice & Wonderland, Atlas Shrugged, and The Great Gatsby. The hardcover will keep their writing safe and look great it class.

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15. Book Socks

Socks are one of the most practical gifts you can gift, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun! These knee-high socks are any bookworm’s dream. They feature knitted books falling into a “to be read pile” as high as most booklover’s.

Fits women with shoe sizes 6-10.

16. Library Due Date Card Coaster Set

If you want gifts for English Majors that are cool and useful, check this out. These coasters made by Cheltenham Road are perfect for people whose happy place is the library. They feature vintage library check out cards from classic books. The coasters are handmade from wood, the images sealed with a waterproof resin. These are great in an office, living room, or home library.

17. Ernest Hemingway Engraved Quote Pen

An English Major can always use a good pen and this one is a great gift for those who love to write. This gorgeous roller ball ink pen is engraved with Ernest Hemingway’s signature and his famous quote: “In order to write about life, first you must live it.”

Perfect for taking notes or outlining a novel, this refillable pen will get use for years to come.

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18. Baking with Kafka by Tom Gauld

Tom Gauld is a cartoonist who makes funny cartoons for The Guardian and many other publications. Baking with Kafka collects his best literary cartoons. Full of pop culture refrences and hillariously honest quips about writers, every English Major will appreciate Gauld’s dry humor and brilliant takes on the literary world.

19. Go Away I’m Reading Sign

Every English Major is a bookworm at heart, so their favorite thing to do is cozy up with a good book. This box sign says what they’re thinking: “Go Away I’m Reading.” This sign is the perfect decoration for a dorm room and looks great on a bookshelf.

20. Bookshelf Infinity Scarf

Accessories make great gifts because they’re practical but can also be really fun. This infinity scarf is the epitome of that. Made of lightweight chiffon, this scarf features a gorgeous bookshelf print. Looks great with a casual outfit or dressing up for a night on the town.

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