Killer Journal Gifts for Writers

Journals are an easy gift for writers and aspiring authors. Writers often keep journals of their day to day lives and inspirations. Even in the off-chance that they don’t keep a daily journal, they probably use paper journals or notebooks for making notes on stories they’re working on or even writing rough first drafts by hand.

Leather journals, spiral notebooks, and interactive journals are all fun gifts for writers. Here are several unique, stand-out journals that you can give as a gift to the writer in your life.

Journal Gift Ideas for Writers

Wreck This Journal

Wreck This JournalThe Wreck This Journal series are more than just journals or diaries: they contain writing exercises meant for creative writers.

These little writing exercise books are sized just right so they can be carried with an aspiring writer and whipped out at a moment’s notice to record an interesting thought. This version is the travel version, but there are plenty of other journals in the Wreck This Journal series.

Hardcover Paris Journal with Gold Foiled Edges

Paris JournalOkay, we’ll be honest. This one’s probably not going to go over so well if the writer you’re trying to give it to is a gruff 40-something-year-old bearded dude who writes mostly about his adventures with alcohol a la Tucker Max. But if the writer in your life happens to be a teenage girl with a fixation on Paris… well, then here’s a great journal for her! This journal measures 8.5 in. x 6.25 in. and features fancy gilded edges. Also be sure to check out the alternatively styled journals from the same manufacturer.

Leather Bound Journal

Leather Bound JournalAll right, remember the hypothetical 40 something year old who writes about drinking beer and doing manly things? This journal is for him! It’s made from handsome leather, 4 inches wide by 6 inches tall, and has a strap to close it. But the coolest part about this journal– aside from its rugged styling that you could imagine Hemmingway admiring, is that this journal is actually refillable with fresh paper inserts, so your writer never has to give up their leather case.

Pop-Art 3D Spiral-Bound Journal

Here’s a very cute journal, meant for aspiring female writers. It’s wire-bound, has 140 lined pages, and measure approximately 8.5 inches high by 6.3 inches wide.

Again though, this one probably wouldn’t go well for that gruff bearded writer, if that’s who you’re shopping for. It is perfect for aspiring authors who love Roy Lichtenstein or pop culture.

Pair it with a set of gel pens for an unforgettable gift.

Cat in the Hat Journal

Cat in the Hat JournalThe Cat in the Hat Journal is a stiff cover spiral bound journal with lined pages that measures six and a half inches wide by eight and a half inches tall. It also features a elastic closure band so it stays shut.

Made by a French journal manufacturer that promises it will “inspire a sense of wonder, and remind us that we are never too old to feel like a kid at heart.” Or, hey, just somebody who likes Dr Seuss…

Add these Dr. Seuss pens to really inspire their writing.

War of the Worlds Tripod at Sea Journal

If the writer or aspiring on your list is a fan at all of science fiction or vintage themes, they’ll definitely get a kick out of the old school illustration that adorns this journal.

The War of the Worlds Tripod at Sea diary has 100 lined pages and features a cover image from the H.G. Wells classic The War Of The Worlds. Very cool.

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