25 Mother’s Day Gifts for Book Lovers & Readers

Mother’s Day is a great day to show your mom a little appreciation. You can take her out to dinner, send her a nice card, or get her a thoughtful gift. If you’re feeling stumped, there’s plenty of fun and clever gift ideas for readers and bookworms that make perfect Mother’s Day gifts. We’ve rounded up some of the best Mother’s Day gifts for book lovers and readers.

Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Book Lovers

1. Sterling Silver Book Necklace

Sterling Silver Book Necklace Mother's Day Gift

Jewelry is a classic gift for Mother’s Day, but this gives it a bit of a bookish twist. This necklace is designed to look like a vintage hardcover book. The classic design makes it perfect to wear casually or for a special occasion. Gorgeous and thoughtful, Mom will love it.

The charm and chain are sterling silver. You can choose between a variety of chain lengths.

2. Recycled Book Roses

Recycled Book Roses Mother's Day Gift

Flowers are a classic Mother’s Day gift, but real flowers die and eventually are thrown away. These recycled book page flowers last forever and make a beautiful gift for any book lover. My Cotton Branch makes gorgeous paper roses from a variety of books and comics. You can make the gift even more meaningful by selecting pages from one of Mom’s favorite books like Harry Potter and Pride and Prejudice. Make the gift even sweeter by selecting one of the children’s books, to remind mom of the times she read to you in bed when you were a child.

3. Comfy Socks for Book Lovers

Comfy Socks for Book Lovers Gifts for Mom

There’s nothing cozier than a hot drink, comfy PJs, and some soft socks. For a reader, this gift is practical and fun. What makes them fun is the message hidden on the bottom: “If you can read this, please bring me a book.” Your hardworking Mom will appreciate this gift that reminds her to take some time to kick back, relax, and read. Available in five colors.

4. Bookmarks are for Quitters T-shirt

This is the perfect gift for moms who read an entire book in a day. They don’t even need a bookmark, because “Bookmarks are for Quitters.” We recommend adding a book or a sweet treat to this gift.

This playful t-shirt is available in white, blue, gray, yellow, and pink.

5. Personalized Bookmark

Personalized Bookmark for Mom - Mother's Day Gift

If your mom is the type of reader who does need a bookmark because she enjoys longer books or marking her favorite passages, then this is the gift for her. This gorgeous bookmark is personalized for your mom. It can be engraved with the names of all her children and features a minimalist heart. If you pay a little extra, you can have a special message engraved on the back as well.

The bookmark is handmade from stainless steel, creating a lasting and meaningful gift for your mother.

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6. Kindle Oasis E-reader

If your mom reads a lot and she doesn’t already have an e-reader, this is the year to get her one. We recommend the Kindle Oasis because it’s waterproof, making it perfect to read at the beach, by the pool, or in the bath (more on that later). It also comes in a gorgeous Champagne Gold color, perfect for the stylish Mom.

With a 7″ display, it’s like reading a regular book except easier on the wrists since it’s so light. It also stores hundreds of ebooks and you can instantly buy new ones direct from the Kindle store, or take advantage of a Kindle Unlimited Subscription (which makes a great gift for Mom as well!).

7. Book Cases for E-Readers

If your mother already has an e-reader, a fantastic literary-themed Mother’s Day gift is to get a case that looks like a book. Not only will it protect the e-reader from damage, but it looks just like a vintage book! We highly recommend KleverCase, which makes cases for Kindles, iPads, and even iPhones. They make cases that look like specific books, like the Alice in Wonderland book above, or just generic leather books. The choices are endless and your mom will really appreciate the bookish case.

8. Literary Bath Salts

Literary Bath Salts - Mother's Day Gifts for Readers

It’s nice to let mom pamper herself on Mother’s Day and these literary-themed bath salts are the perfect excuse for her to take a little “me time.” The Soap Librarian makes a variety of bookish soaps and bath salts based on famous books like The Great Gatsby and Pride & Prejudice. Check out their bar soaps as well–they’re shaped like books!

9. Bamboo Bath Tray

Now that Mom has everything she needs to take some “me time,” make sure she can really enjoy her bath. This bamboo bath tray has everything she needs to relax and enjoy a good book. With extending sides that fit any bathtub, this caddy includes an adjustable reading rack to hold an e-reader or book, as well as a notch for a glass of wine. There’s even a notch to keep your cell phone or a candle safely in place.

10. Vintage Books Scented Candle

Vintage Books Scented Candle Literary Gifts for Mom

Speaking of candles, a bookish candle makes a fun Mother’s Day gift for any book lover. The Cheeky Nose makes a variety of scrumptious and fun candles based on a variety of themes–including books! Their “Vintage Books” scent is a favorite of ours, with that musty old book smell that brings back memories of stepping into used book shops or reading your grandparent’s books. Every book lover will really enjoy this candle.

11. Library Card Earrings

Library Card Earrings for Mother's Day

If your mom is a librarian or just has nostalgic memories of date stamps on library cards, she’ll love these earrings. Made by Liza and Lulus, these cute earrings are a pair of miniature library cards, complete with a history of check-out stamps. Made from recycled wood, they have sterling silver french wire hooks.

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12. Book Shelf Infinity Scarf

This scarf makes a stylish fashion statement! Featuring a print of books on a shelf, any book loving mama will appreciate this gorgeous scarf. This chiffon scarf is lightweight, perfect to wear year round.

13. Custom Book Page Throw Blanket

Custom Book Page Throw Blanket Mother's Day Gift Idea

If your mom loves cuddling up with a good book, this amazing throw blanket will keep her toasty warm. What is unique about this blanket is it is fully customizable–you choose the text that is displayed on this “book page.” That means you can pick a page from your mother’s favorite book or even write a story for her. She’ll appreciate all the thought that went into this personalized gift.

14. Heart Shape Book Page Holder

This is such a cute way to show mom you love her. Tilisma makes these beautiful wooden book page holders. You slide them onto your thumb and they help hold book pages open for a more comfortable, one-handed reading experience. The heart shaped design shows your love.

15. Custom Library Book Stamp

Custom Library Book Stamp Mom Gift

Most book lovers worry about lending out their favorite books in case they never see them again, but you can ease your mom’s concern with this gift. This custom book stamp says “From the Library Of” and can be personalized with your mother’s name. This unique gift is perfect for Mother’s Day.

16. Reading Figure Sculpture

This beautiful art piece is begging to be displayed on your mother’s bookshelf. Artist Danya B has designed this lovely figure sitting and reading a book. This statue is made from cast iron, but is surprisingly lightweight. It also works well as a bookend–you can even order two!

17. Punny Book Shaped Coasters

Punny Book Shaped Coasters Mother's Day Gift for Readers

These solid wood coasters are a unique and fun gift idea for book-loving moms. Each features a “punny” version of a classic book cover, with a drink related twist. “Gone with the Wind” becomes “Gone with the Wine” and “Pride and Prejudice” becomes “Pride and Beverages.” There are 16 options available which you can buy in customized sets (2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 coasters) or as a whole group

18. Bookshelf Mug for Readers

If your mom is a bibliophile who enjoys a warm drink while she reads, this is a must-have gift for her! This 11 oz mug features an illustration of bookshelves, featuring a variety of classic books, a sleeping cat, and even a bird that has escaped its cage. Include some of their favorite coffee or tea to make an awesome gift bag (and check out the next item for some tea ideas!)

19. Literary Themed Tea for Mom

Literary Themed Tea for Mom

If your mom enjoys drinking tea, she’ll really like these literary-themed teas. Rosie Lea Tea UK has 60 different author tins to choose from, each feature the author’s name and a famous quote. Each tin comes with their delicious Orange Crush Fruit Infusion tea, a deliciously fruity tea that’s great hot or iced. You can choose from loose-leaf, breakfast tea bags, or strawberry tea bags.

20. Pillow eBook Reader Holder

If your mother likes to read in bed and uses an e-reader or tablet, this gift will give her a hands-free reading experience. This pillow comfortably sits in your lap while providing a stand to hold a tablet or e-reader. It also features pockets to store reading accessories. When you’re done, it folds up to function as a normal pillow or you can use the handle to carry it around.

21. Literary Foil Art Prints

Literary Foil Art Prints for Mom

Annya Kai Art Foils makes beautiful art prints using real gold foils. She has an entire portfolio of prints featuring literary quotes. The prints are not only beautiful but inspiring and a great Mother’s Day gift. Each print is made to order so you can choose the background color and either gold or silver foil accents.

22. Book Lover’s Reading Journal

This reading journal is a perfect way for mom to track the books she reads. The review pages have spaces to record details like title and author of the book, as well as the dates spent reading the book, a rating, and notes on the book. There are also other worksheet pages like one to record your “biblio style” of favorite authors, books, and genres and pages to record favorite quotes from books.

23. These Are My Reading Glasses Funny Wine Glasses

These Are My Reading Glasses Funny Wine Glasses Mother's Day Gift

For the mom who has a sense of humor and loves wine! This pair of stemless wine glasses say “These are my reading glasses.” Include a bottle of mom’s favorite wine and she’ll really enjoy this gift.

24. Books to Read Tray

Books to Read Tray Mother's Day Gift

Every book lover has a “to be read” pile, but this is a unique way for mom to display her books. Gifts with a Cherry on Top makes these shabby chic wooden trays that say “Books to Read” on the side. Perfect for displaying on a shelf or coffee table. The trays are made to order and come in three different sizes with a choice of 13 different colors to match mom’s home decor.

25. Blind Date with a Book Box

Blind Date with a Book Box Mother's Day Gift Idea

If you feel really stumped on a great Mother’s Day gift idea, here is one that is sure to delight. Happily Ever Books makes these “Blind Date with a Book” gift boxes. You tell them what kind of book genre your mom likes to read and what kind of coffee/tea she likes. They will pick out a book and include a ton of other fun small gifts.

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