25 Stranger Things Gifts – The Ultimate Guide for Super Fans

Stranger Things Gifts - The Ultimate Guide for Super Fans

Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things is a cultural phenomenon. If you have a friend or family member who enjoys the show, you know they’re obsessed with it. They binge watch the show over and over, obsess over their favorite characters, and discuss theories about what will happen in the next season. A lot of writers, especially those of sci-fi and horror, have fallen in love with this nostalgic TV show. If you have that kind of Stranger Things superfan in your life, then you know they would love a gift inspired by their favorite show. This article covers the best Stranger Things gifts available, from cute collectibles to hilarious apparel. These are must-have gifts for Stranger Things fans, perfect for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, or any other gift-giving occasion. Check out our recommendations below.

Ultimate Stranger Things Gifts

1. Dart Nesting Dolls Plushie

This is one of the coolest Stranger Things gifts I’ve seen–and it’s definitely on my wishlist this year! Season 2 introduces us to Dart, a cute little lizard-like creature that Dustin discovers in his trash can. He feeds it chocolate and raises him in his terrarium until he suddenly grows into a demadog. This plushie from Funko represents each stage of his growth, and they nest inside each other! This is a great gift for any fan of the show who can’t get enough of the Upside Down creatures.

2. Hawkins Middle School AV Club Hoodie

Hawkins Middle School AV Club Hoodie Stranger Things Gifts

This is one of the only times that being in the AV Club has felt so cool. This sweatshirt features a cassette tape with the words “Hawkins Middle School AV Club,” the very same club the friends are members of in the show.

This super cozy hoodie is printed in the USA. Available in seven different colors, so you can make it the perfect customized gift.

3. Stranger Things Gang T-Shirt

If you’re looking for a fun gift for Stranger Things fans that only other fans will understand, this t-shirt is perfect. Based on the season one gang of friends, it features the name of each of them, with Will’s upside down, representing the fact that he was trapped in the Upside Down.

100% cotton, screen printed in the USA.

4. Stranger Things VHS Tape Nightlight

Stranger Things VHS Tape Nightlight - Gift Ideas

This is one of the coolest Stranger Things gifts we’ve seen. RetroHyena takes old VHS tapes and upcycles them into LED nightlights. This one features a labeled for the show, making the perfect nightlight. VHS tapes were the most common form of home entertainment in the 1980s, which makes it the perfect form for a Stranger Things nightlight. Custom made to order, you can’t find a gift like this in stores.

5. Steve Harrington’s Baby Sitter’s Club Tote Bag

Steve Harrington's Baby Sitter's Club Tote Bag - Stranger Things Gifts

During the 2nd season, Steve reaches his full destiny as the awesome babysitter of the gang. With his trusty bat, he protects them from demadogs and the evils of the Upside Down. This handprinted tote bag combines his awesome skills with the classic book series The Babysitter’s Club. It features Steve and his bat with the classic ABC block logo. This is an essential gift for any fans of Steve.

6. Funko Pop Vinyl Eleven with Eggos Figure

Funko Pop figures are so fun and so collectible, so their Stranger Things collection is an obvious must-have for mega-fans. My personal favorite is this Eleven figure, which features her in her pink dress and jacket, enjoying some frozen Eggo Waffles. There are tons of figures from the series to choose from, so make sure to buy their favorite characters.

7. Will’s Drawing of the Shadow Monster

Will's Drawing of the Shadow Monster Stranger Things Gifts

One of the most memorable moments of Season 2 is when Will starts drawing the Shadow Monster from the Upside Down. It ends with Will drawing an entire map of the Upside Down infecting Hawkins, but I think his drawing of the Shadow Monster looming above is the most evocative. A reproduction of this art is available as print. This drawing is one of the Stranger Things gifts that with really wow the giftee.

Available as a print, framed, or a gift set.

8. Stranger Things Charm Bracelet

This is a fantastic gift for gals who love Stranger Things. This charm bracelet is full of 10 amazing charms that represent the show, like Joyce’s Christmas lights, Hopper’s gun, Jonathan’s camera, Steve’s bat, and the guy’s bicycles. This is a super cute gift for younger fans of the show.

9. Stranger Things Pinback Buttons

Stranger Things Pinback Buttons Set Stocking Stuffers

The perfect way to display their love of Stranger Things is with buttons on their bag or jacket. From the Shed makes a variety of buttons based on the hit show.

There are two sets of four available. Makes a great stocking stuffer.

10. Stranger Things Ouija Board Game

Often when TV shows and movies become super popular, board game manufacturers go out of their way to create all kinds of tie ins. But this one is absolutely perfect! They’ve taken the traditional Ouija board game, but made the board look like Joyce’s wall with the letters and Christmas lights. Just like Joyce contacted Will in the upside down, you can use this to contact whatever spirits lurk from the otherside.

11. Girl Gang Stranger Things Stickers

Girl Gang Stranger Things Stickers

While a lot of the focus in Stranger Things is on the guys, the ladies of the show are amazing characters that deserve some love, too! This pack of stickers features those amazing women, including Eleven, Max, Joyce, Nancy, Erica, and Barb. This is perfect for the Stranger Things fan who can’t stop harping on whether or not the show passed the Bechdel Test.

12. Stranger Things Eggo Card Game

This is a great game for any Stranger Things watch parties. This game looks like a box of Egg Waffles and features a fun card game based on the TV series. The cards themselves are little waffles on the back and they go in a holder that looks like a toaster. You play as your favorite character, trying to escape the Upside Down. Game play is similar to Uno, with some show themed rules thrown in. This game is tons of fun and a perfect gift for Stranger Things fans.

13. Stranger Things Coloring Book

Stranger Things Coloring Book

Now the hit Netflix TV show has been adapted into a relaxing adult coloring book. Featuring 20 pages of original illustrations inspired by the show, this is a fantastic gift for any fan who enjoys unwinding with a coloring book. The paper is perfect for colored pencils and this is the best activity for their next Stranger Things binge watch.

14. Dustin’s Two-Toned Trucker Hat

This is an essential gift for fans of Dustin. This red, white, and blue trucker hat is identical to the one Dustin wears in Stranger Things. It’s super affordable too, so it’s perfect to include in a gift box or give as a stocking stuffer.

15. Bob Newby Superhero Enamel Pin

Bob Newby Superhero Enamel Pin Stranger Thing Gifts

He’s not the hero we deserve, but he’s the hero we need. Bob was a pleasant addition to season 2 and an instant fan favorite. Now you can honor his amazing role with the gift of this enamel pin. It features him with a superhero cape, flying through the air. 1.75″ this pin is perfect for bags or jackets.

16. The Goonies

One of the reasons Stranger Things is so popular is because of the nostalgic call back to 80s adventure movies. One of the most obvious inspirations is the 1985 movie The Goonies–which even stars a young Sean Astin who plays Bob in Season 2. The story follows a ragtag group of friends trying to save their neighborhood from being turned into a golf course. Full of action and adventure, this movie is loved by all children of the 80s and makes a perfect companion to Stranger Things.

This is a great gift for younger fans of Stranger Things who hasn’t seen the classic 80s movies that inspire the show.

17. Lucas Candle

Lucas Stranger Things Candle Fan Gift

If Lucas is your giftee’s favorite character, then this is the candle for them. Inspired by one of the cool kids fromt he show, this soy candle smells like almonds, fresh picked apples, and bike rides. This is perfect to display on a shelf with their rest of their Stranger Things collectibles.

18. The Book of Barb

Barb is a beloved character from the first season of Stranger Things who quickly became a fan favorite after her (spoiler!) unfortunate demise. This book is everything Barb, providing a guidebook for uncool teens and young adults. The advice includes things like makeup tips, fashion, social do’s and don’ts, plus insights into Barb’s life and style. This book is fun and perfect for anyone who demands Justice for Barb!

19. Mornings are for Coffee & Contemplation Mug

Mornings are for Coffee & Contemplation Stranger Things Coffee Mug

This Stranger Things coffee mug is the perfect gift for the hot drink loving superfan in your life. Based on the Jim Hopper quote: “Mornings are not for questions. Mornings are for Coffee and Contemplation.” This mug is the perfect reminder that some people aren’t morning people and they need a little quiet until they’ve had their java fix. Consider including our next gift recommendation to make the ultimate gift bag.

20. Stranger Brew Coffee

If your loved one is also a coffee-addict, this is the perfect gift for them. Coffee Shop of Horrors specializes in fair trade, organic coffees inspired by horror film and TV. This is their Stranger Things blend that tastes like waffles and syrup. The label even features an illustration of Eleven enjoying some tasty Eggo waffles. Combine it with the mug recommended above for an unforgettable gift box.

21. Eleven Bitchin’ Pin

While the 7th episode of season two, “The Lost Sister” has greatly divided fans of the show, all Eleven fans can agree that it has at least one amazing moment. After Eleven receives a makeover from her new “gang,” she utters the classic line: “Bitchin’.” This cool pen from Telestic Design perfectly encapsulates that moment, complete with Eleven’s new edgy look. This is a great gift or stocking stuffer for Eleven fans.

The pin is made from sustainable birch, hand-painted with high-quality Molotow acrylic paint. Size: 1.5″ x 1.5″.

22. Stranger Things Volume 1 Vinyl Soundtrack

This is an amazing gift for serious collectors. Stranger Things is well known for its moody and dramatic music. The soundtrack is perfectly features in this gorgeous record collection. The deluxe edition includes two multi-colored vinyl records, a full sized poster, and five character cards. This is a like a gorgeous art piece combined with a fantastic soundtrack.

23. Paper Girls

This is the perfect gift for Stranger Things fans who want to experience more 80s adventures like those in the TV series. Paper Girls is a comic series that follows a group of girls who deliver papers in the 1980s. Their lives are turned upside down when some strange individuals show up on their quiet suburban street. This coming of age story combines the same mysteries, speculative elements, and biking action as the show. This comic is great for teenagers and adults who can’t get enough Stranger Things.

24. Justice For Mews T-Shirt

Justice For Mews T-Shirt

Season 2 is filled with tragedy and loss, and one of the biggest losses is Dustin’s cat, Mews. This kitty made an unfortunate snack for Dart. But, this is the perfect t-shirt to remember one of the cuddliest and cutest characters from Stranger Things.

Available in men’s, women’s, and youth sizes. Colors: red, green, silver, slate, and white.

25. Upside Down Keychain

I Survived the Upside Down Stranger Things Keychain

This keychain is so cool, and perfect if you’re searching for small Stranger Things gifts for stocking stuffers or gift bags. This keychain is in the style of a vintage motel key tag and it says “I Survived the Upside Down”–written upside down! This simple gift is perfect for any fan of the show.

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