16 Must Have Gifts for Hamilton Fans

15 Must Have Gifts for Hamilton Fans

If you have a Hamilton fan in your life (or are one yourself), you know how much they love the hit Broadway musical written by superstar Lin-Manuel Miranda. They probably can’t stop listening to the soundtrack or complaining about how hard it is to get tickets. If you’re not sure what kind of gift to give your favorite Hamilton fan, this article covers the must-have gifts for every fan who can’t stop obsessing over the music and story of this revolutionary show. (You may even find something you want for yourself!)

Obviously, the absolute best gift you can get for any Hamilton fan is tickets to the show, but unless you have some amazing connections (or good luck with the ticket lottery), that’s not going to happen. Instead, this list covers the basics for new Hamilton fans and also includes cool and creative gifts for the fanatics that have been obsessed with the show since the beginning. Check out all of the Hamilton gifts below.

Must Have Gifts for Hamilton Fans

1. Hamilton Characters Plushy Dolls

Hamilton Characters Plushy Dolls
If you’re looking for original gifts for Hamilton fans, check this out. These cute little plushies are handmade stuffed dolls of characters from the musical Hamilton. Made by a private creator and artist, these dolls are unique and it’s guaranteed that even the most fanatic Hamilton fan won’t have them.

As of the time of writing, there are nine characters available: Thomas Jefferson, Eliza Schuyler (2 versions), King George, Alexander Hamilton (2 versions), Lafayette, Aaron Burr, and Angelica Schuyler.

2. Hamilton Original Broadway Cast Recording CD

Hamilton Original Broadway Cast Recording CD
The first thing every Hamilton fan needs is the Original Broadway Cast recording of this amazing show. This music has won a Grammy and a Tony, in addition to the hearts of millions of fans. The 2 CD set comes with an insert featuring photos and lyrics from the show. This soundtrack features all 46 songs from the Broadway production and was produced by Questlove and Black Thought from The Roots.

This is also a great gift for anyone you want to turn into a Hamilton fan because they’ll be hooked from their first listen to this soundtrack.

3. Schuyler Sisters Enamel Pins

Schuyler Sisters Enamel Pins
For fans who are ready to get to work, are these amazing Schuyler Sisters pins. Featuring costumes and choreography from the song The Schuyler Sisters, it will remind any fan of the iconic music of this show. These pins are hand painted and more unique than most Hamilton pins and buttons.

These pins are available individually or as a sister set of 3.

4. Hamilton 2018 Wall Calendar

What better way to pay tribute to the Tony winning musical every day that by looking at this gorgeous 2018 Hamilton wall calendar. It features gorgeous black and white images of the Original Broadway Cast, along with memorable lyrics and quotes from the show. It’s a great way to show your fandom at home or even at the office.

If you’re looking for a calendar for this year, the 2017 calendar is still available for purchase.

5. #yayhamlet Coffee Mug

#yayhamlet Coffee Mug Gift
This the perfect gift for “insider” fans and Lin-Manuel fans who have been around from the beginning of the show. #yayhamlet is a reference to a well known tweet from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Twitter account. This is a gift that will impress any hardcore Hamilton fan.

6. Hamilton: The Revolution Book About the Musical

Hamilton: The Revolution Book About the Musical
Known as the “Hamiltome” by fans, this book is the perfect gift for fans of this revolutionary musical. This book not only uncovers the history behind the story that inspired the musical, but also the evolution of the project that turned into the hottest modern musical. Lin-Manuel Miranda himself worked on this book to trace the development of the musical from his first performance at the White House in 2009 to opening on Broadway. It also includes footnotes for all of the lyrics, revealing inspirations behind the rhymes. This book is also chock full of behind the scenes and on stage photos. This is a must have for all true Hamilton fans.

7. Hamilton Quotes Broadway Musical T-shirt

Hamilton Quotes Broadway Musical T-shirt
This shirt is cooler than the ones you can buy at the theater. Featuring lyrics from the hit show and the evocative image of a hand grasping a quill, this t-shirt evokes the theme of writing from the show. This is a great gift for writers and other artists. Available in women and men’s sizing.

8. Alexander Hamilton Biography by Ron Chernow

Alexander Hamilton Biography by Ron Chernow
This is the book that started it all. While on vacation, Lin-Manuel Miranda read this biography of the founding father Alexander Hamilton which sparked the idea for this unique hip-hop musical. Now you can learn the real life history behind the Tony Award winning musical.

9. “I Want a Revelation” Schuyler Sisters Print

"I Want a Revelation" Schuyler Sisters Print Hamilton Gift
Another wonderful piece celebrating the characters of The Schuyler Sisters (Eliza, Angelica, …and Peggy), this print features a beautiful drawing of the sisters during their song “The Schuyler Sisters.” This print looks great framed and on the wall of any Hamilton fan’s home.

Keep scrolling to see a gift that Peggy fans will absolutely love (hint it’s #12).

10. The Hamilton Mixtape

The Hamilton Mixtape CD
The Hamilton Mixtape was the original title of the musical that has now taken Broadway and the world by storm. Now it’s the name of a brand new album. Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda conceived this as a companion to the show’s soundtrack, featuring a combination of remixes of songs from the show by famous musicians, demos and unreleased songs from the show, and songs inspired by the musical.

The album features 23 tracks and includes artists such as The Roots, Busta Rhymes, Usher, Sia, Queen Latifah, Regina Spektor, Kelly Clarkson, Alicia Keys, Ashanti, Ja Rule, John Legend, Chance the Rapper, and more. This CD is a must have for all Hamilton fans, and since it’s not out until December, it makes a great Hamilton gift this Holiday season.

11. “Awesome. Wow.” Hamilton Quote Keychain

"Awesome. Wow." Hamilton Quote Keychain
One of the most beloved side characters in the musical Hamilton is King George. Played by Jonathan Groff in the Original Broadway Cast, this keychain captures one of his perfect lines of sarcasm. This line is sung in response to America fighting for and winning their independence from England. Better than the Hamilton merchandise you can buy at the theater, King George fans will absolutely love this keychain.

12. “And Peggy” T-Shirt

And Peggy T-Shirt Hamilton Gift
Many fans love the youngest Schuyler sister, Peggy. This shirt is in honor of her most famous line from the song “The Schuyler Sisters” where she bursts in saying “And Peggy!” The shirt is available in 5 colors and men, women and youth sizes, so you can buy it for any fan who can’t get enough Peggy in their life.

13. Custom Alexander Hamilton Funko Pop Vinyl Figure

Custom Alexander Hamilton Funko Pop Vinyl Figure
If the Hamilton fan in your life also loves collecting Funko Pop! Vinyl figures, then this is the absolute must-have gift you should buy them! While Funko does not currently have any Hamilton characters available, you can buy custom made ones on Etsy. These figures are hand painted and one of a kind. Talk about collectible! This is a fantastic and original gift that any fan of the Hamilton musical will absolutely love.

Other Hamilton characters are also available.

14. Hamilton: An Adult Coloring Book

Hamilton: An Adult Coloring Book
Hamilton Gifts for coloring book fans just got a lot more interesting. This brand new release is an adult coloring book covering the life of Alexander Hamilton. It includes many scenes made famous by the musical Hamilton, like the Battle of Yorktown, Hamilton moving to New York, and the wedding of Alexander and Eliza. Any Hamilton fan will enjoy de-stressing by listening to the Hamilton Official Broadway Recording and coloring in this awesome, historical coloring book. They can even add their own hip-hop flourishes, or write in the lyrics of their favorite Hamiltunes.

Don’t forget to include colored pencils, pens, or markers to create an unforgettable gift.

15. Young, Scrappy, and Hungry Hamilton Cuff Bracelet

Young, Scrappy, and Hungry Hamilton Cuff Bracelet
Jewelry is a great option for Hamilton musical gifts, especially when they feature lyrics from the show! This cuff bracelet features the beloved line “Young, scrappy, and hungry” from Alexandr’s song “My Shot.” This not only an awesome Hamilton gift, but it’s a great way to give a little motivation to young artists and writers at the beginnings of their career. Just like Hamilton, they can use their energy and desire to make big things happen in their life and for the world.

16. Hamilton Musical Nail Polish Gift Set

Hamilton Musical Nail Polish Gift Set
This is an amazing gift idea that you cannot find in stores. Gem City Tiffany has created 10 original nail polishes inspired by the Broadway musical Hamilton. This set includes all of them in mini-sizes at an affordable price. They have beautiful Hamilton labels and even sealing wax on the caps. It’s not only a great gift for Hamilton fans, but a gorgeous gift set in it’s own right.

The included polishes are called “Write Like You’re Running Out of Time,” “Guns and Ships,” “The Room Where it Happened,” “Helpless,” “Burn,” “What Did I Miss?” “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story?” “The Park Long After Dark,” “Eye of the Hurricane,” and “You’re My Favorite Subject.” Each shade is also available to purchase seperately in full size.

Want to see fun and creative gifts for writers and book lovers? Try our megalists of gifts for writers and gifts for readers.

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