Best Handmade Gifts for Kids and Babies

Best Handmade Gifts for Kids and Babies

Toys stores these days are filled with cheap plastic toys made overseas in factories. These items often break easily, make a lot of noise, or don’t inspire and educate children like the toys of old. Many parents and grandparents are looking for sturdy and meaningful handmade gifts for kids and babies. These toys are often made of wood or fabric and many are educational or personalized to match the child. Some crafty parents even make toys and gifts on their own. If you’re not the DIY type, you’re still in luck. There’s plenty of options to buy handmade gifts for the children in your life.

With sites like Etsy offering toys and gifts made by artisans and crafters across the world and Amazon offering an entire section of their site dedicated to handmade items, it’s easier than ever to find unique handmade gifts and toys for babies and kids. These gifts are great for Christmas gifts, stocking stuffers, Hanukkah gifts, birthday presents, or to give for any other special occasion. We’ve listed some of our favorite handmade toys below, categorizing them by age. You’re sure to find something perfect for the child you’re shopping for.

Handmade Gifts for Kids

Gifts for Babies (up to 12 Months)

Handmade Personalized First Name Puzzle

This is one of the best handmade gifts for kids that becomes an instant keepsake, especially if you’re shopping for a baby or toddler. J&P Wood Products is an artisan shop based in Michigan and they specialize in making handmade wooden puzzles customized with your child’s name. These puzzles are made when you order them, which means they will be able to feature the exact spelling of your kid’s name (which you know can be tricky if your child has a unique name).

The puzzle features multicolored letters that are raised from the puzzle surface and easily grasped by little hands and fingers. Not only will this puzzle help your baby or toddler learn their name, but it also helps them develop motor skills and problem-solving skills. J&P Wood Products also offers a premium puzzle that features your child’s name and the numbers 0-9. When you order you have a choice of primary colors or pastel colors. All paints and coats are non-toxic and safe for children. Dimensions: 4.25″ wide and 12″ – 24″ long (depending on length of name). Meant for children 6 months of age and older.

This makes a fantastic baby shower gift or first birthday gift.

Gifts for Toddlers (1 – 3 Years)

Handmade Custom Superhero Ragdolls

Handmade Custom Superhero RagdollsWe absolutely love these dolls and have never seen anything like them in stores. La Loba Dolls is based in Hungary and makes these lovely custom handmade ragdolls. Each doll is a superhero and comes with a mask and cape. La Loba Dolls celebrates diversity, offering a variety of skin tones to help children have a sense of self-worth and view themselves as a superhero.

La Loba Dolls makes boy and girl superhero dolls and since they’re handmade they can be customized for any hair color or skin tone combination. This means you can order a doll that looks just like your child by placing a custom order. That makes this a precious gift for any child that feels forlorn because the dolls in stores don’t look like them. This is also a great gift for girls who are into comic books and superheroes. This doll will become a constant companion and best friend to your toddler or kid and makes a unique gift they will cherish.

The dolls are 19″ tall and handmade from cotton fabrics and wool felt and stuffed with hypoallergenic polyfill. Recommended for children 24 months and older.

Lacing Cheese Toy

Lacing Cheese Toy Another handmade wooden toy for toddlers, this block is crafted to look like a hunk of swiss cheese. Designed to help toddler develop hand eye coordination, fine motorskills, and lacing skills, there is a cotton rope with a wooden needle attached. Your child can lace the rope through the holes in a variety of patterns, helping to develop creativity and problem solving as well.

Recommended for children 12 months of age and older. Made by Wood Store Gifts, their shop is located in Russia (require slightly longer shipping times). They make a variety of handmade gifts for kids, with a focus on educational wooden toys. Their toys are beautifully crafted and completely unique–nothing like the plastic (or even wooden) toys you’ll find in local big box stores. All of their items are sourced from natural and eco-friendly materials so they are safe for children.

Gifts for Preschoolers (3 – 5 Years)

Handmade Wooden Toy Train

Handmade Wooden Toy TrainAero1Toys is an Etsy shop that sells a variety of wooden trains and other handmade wood toys for kids, run by a man who has been a professional toymaker for over 29 years. These trains are designed for play without traditional tracks and do not work with other train toys. The lack of track is actually a bonus–it means the train is easier to store and takes up less space, plus it doesn’t limit your child’s play. The cars are connected with a hook and loop system and you can buy additional train cars to make even longer trains. All of the shop’s toys are made from pine, birch, and maple woods in the USA.

The train pictured above is their paint-free train that has no stains, varnishes, or paints and is 19.5″ long. It features a locomotive, flat car, tank car, gondola car, and caboose. The shop also sells trains in a variety of colors and designs, including a circus train set, Army trains, and multi-colored sets. The painted trains feature lead-free finishes that are safe for children.

This train set is meant for children three years of age or older. It does contain small parts that could be a choking hazard for younger kids.

Modular Castle Tower Playset

When most people shop for handmade gifts for kids, they often don’t think of shopping for dollhouses or similar types of playsets. This handmade, wooden playset is a great choice for preschool age and older children. Made by Manzanita Kids in their Seattle workshop, the set is made from sturdy birch plywood, which is eco-friendly. All of their playsets are meant to be modular, meaning they can be assembled and arranged in many different combinations so your child can create a unique playset each day. When they’re done playing, all of the pieces come apart for easy shelf storage.

Because the walls and floors are moveable, this playset is compatible with many sizes of dolls and toys. Your child will have no limit to their creativity or imagination with the castle set. Manzanita Kids makes a variety of wooden playsets like this, including smaller sets that can be used in combination. They also make a variety of other handmade wooden toys for babies and kids. This set is meant for children 3 years of age or older.

Waldorf Hand Kites

This is a surprisingly simple gift that will inspire a lot of fun playtime running around the yard. Just hand your son or daughter these hand kites and they will immediately run and jump as they watch the ribbons dance through the air. These hand kites are a great way to get kids to expend extra energy and creatively move their body and dance. It’s such a magical experience, you may want to dance with them yourself.

Comes in a set of two hand kites. The rings are 2.75″ ride and finished with homemade beeswax wood polish. Each hand kite has six ribbons. The shop sells a variety of color options and also sell them in bulk at a discount perfect for classrooms or birthday parties. Made in the USA by Bright Life Toys. Intended for children 3 years of age or older and should be used under adult supervision.

Gifts for 6 – 10 Year Olds

Handmade Wooden Mancala Board

Mancala is a game that’s played around the world (often called “sowing” or “count and capture games”) that’s perfect for children and adults and it makes a great family game. (You can learn more about the history of mancala at Wikipedia.) The game is played with two players who take turns distributing beads around the board, with the objective of capturing the most stones. Playing the game helps develop counting and strategy skills. This is a great board game to add to your family game night that will become a cherished family heirloom.

This mancala board is made of solid rubberwood and comes with quartz pebble game pieces. Instructions are included if you’re new to the game. Recommended for children 5 years of age or older (not for children under 3 years, because the glass gems are a choking hazard).

Classic Wood Yo-Yo

YoYos are one of those classic toys that most kids become fascinated with in their childhood. And it’s another type of toy that’s been overrun with cheap Chinese plastic versions. Instead, you can buy your child this beautiful wooden yo-yo that will become a precious family heirloom. These handmade wooden yo-yos were created by CNN Designs, an artisan based in Alabama who makes wooden toys and home decor items.. Designed to work like a classic yo-yo, this toy is made from unfinished wood with a star pattern burned on the sides. It’s also a great yo-yo for newbies to learn on.

Intended for children ages 6 years and older. The yo-yo size is 2.25″ diameter and 1″ wide.

Yard Yahtzee! AKA Yardzee!

This is a great game for the summer months that the whole family will love. Made by Creative Bitz, a shop based in New York, they’ve adapted the classic tabletop game Yahtzee to a super-sized yard version. It’s played by the same rules as regular Yahtzee. You’ll roll the oversized yard dice to score combinations and get the highest total score to win the game.

This Yardzee set comes with a bucket for shaking the dice, five large wooden dice, 2 laminated score sheets, and a dry erase marker. The entire set is made to order and can be customized with your choice of color for the dots on the dice and the decals on the bucket. You can also personalize the bucket with a name for an additional fee. This makes a great gift for any Yahtzee fan or for family and kids who love to be outdoors.

Check out more lawn games for family fun.

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Thumb Thing Reading Ring and Bookmark

15 Stocking Stuffers for Book Lovers Under $15

15 Stocking Stuffers for Book Lovers Under $15

When the holidays roll around, shopping can get really hectic. Your gift list seems to always be growing, with family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and more needed gifts. To stay in budget, sometimes you need affordable gifts that are still clever, fun, and useful. If you’re shopping for someone you know likes to read and is never seen without a book or a Kindle in their bag, then this article is for you. We’ve rounded up 15 stocking stuffers for book lovers. They’re all compact in size to fit easily in a stocking or gift bag, and they’re all affordable too! Everything on this list is $15 or less.

Whether shopping for a Secret Santa gift for the administrative assistant you always see reading in the break room or trying to find the perfect gift for that picky aunt who reads five romance books a week, there is something on this list that will fit the bill. Check them out and delight the book lover in your life with one of these cool gifts.

15 Stocking Stuffers for Book Lovers

1. Open Book Silver Earrings

Open Book Silver Earrings

These are the earrings that any book nerd or librarian would love to wear. It’s a pair of silver antique style earrings with charms in the shape of open books. These dangling earrings are affordable and cute. They also come in a gift box making them perfectly sized to slip into your loved one’s stocking.

2. Book Lovers Never Go to Bed Alone Sign

This is a cute sign any reader will appreciate. Made from high-quality PVC with a rustic look, it says “Book Lovers Never Go to Bed Alone.” Perfect to hang on any library or bedroom wall. At 10″ x 5″, this sign is still small enough to fit into most stockings, and also makes a great Secret Santa gift for a friend or co-worker.

3. i Clips Magnetic Book Marks

All voracious readers need a good bookmark. Really enthusiastic readers are often reading more than one book at a time and need more than one bookmark to keep track of what pages they’re on. These cute magnetic bookmarks come in a set of 8. This design features punctuation marks, but there are plenty of sets available to delight any reader. The best thing about these page markers is they stay in place without damaging the pages.

Check out more fun and quirky bookmarks for readers.

4. Antiquarian Bookplates

Most readers have massive libraries in their home, with bookshelves filled with their favorite books. They also like to lend their books out to friend and family, so many people will personalize their books with bookplates so there’s no question who these books belong to. This set of 55 bookplates are all in vintage and antique styles that used to be popular in yesteryear. This is a cute and practical gift if you’re looking for stocking stuffers for book lovers.

5. Thumb Thing Reading Ring and Bookmark

This is a perfect gift for any reader who still loves paperback and hardback books, especially those who read while commuting on a train or bus. This plastic “ring” is worn on your thumb and automatically holds your book open for you, so you can easily hold a book with one hand and not worry about the pages flopping around. The set comes with three rings, which also double as a bookmark. Travelers and commuters will love this budget-friendly and practical stocking stuffer!

6. Book Lover’s Reading Journal

Back before the days of Goodreads, people kept track of the books they read in notebooks (or in their head). This Book Lover’s Journal is the perfect way for the reader in your life who refuses to switch to eBooks to track their reading offline. The pages let you fill out all the details on the latest book you’ve read, including notes and opinions. This is a thoughtful and useful gift that will fit perfectly in any reader’s stocking.

7. Greatest First Lines of Literature Mug

If the book lover you’re shopping for is also a lover of hot drinks, then this is the perfect gift for them. This coffee mug features the first lines from some of the greatest and most famous books in literatures. They will delight in identifying the books that go with each line. This mug is a jumbo 16 oz. cup that is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Include some of their favorite tea, coffee, or hot chocolate to make it a gift they’ll really love and use right away.

8. Banned Books Zipper Pouch

This is a great gift for any gal or guy who loves to read. This cotton canvas couch features the titles of famous banned books, with some of them “censored” with black marks. This zipper pouch is made in the USA and is a generaly 9″ x 6″ size, perfect to toss in a purse, tote bag, or back pack. It’s also great for writers or students who can use it as a pencil bag to store pens and such.

9. Cats on Books Socks

This is a great gift idea for any reader who also loves cats! These adorable novelty socks feature a variety of cats lying and sitting on stacks of books. Any cat owner who also loves to read knows these illustrations a very true to real life cat behavior. Socks make great stocking stuffers for book lovers, so pick up a pair of these affordable ones.

10. Clip-on Book Light

Every reader is guilty of staying up way past their bedtime reading. These cute book lights are perfect to keep them company as they’re reading their books in the dark. These lights are great for book worms who share a bedroom with someone who likes to go to sleep early. They help illuminate the book so you can read without lighting up the whole room. They’re also perfectly sized as a stocking stuffer.

Available in three colors: black, blue, or pink.

11. Book Lovers Scented Soy Candles

Book Lovers Scented Soy Candles Stocking Stuffers for Book Lovers

Book scented candles, perfumes, and essential oils have become popular gifts for book lovers. Nothing makes a reader more nostalgic than the scent of old books or a bookstore. Now you can give them those scents with these fantastic candles from Frostbeard Studio. Choose nostalgic scents like Book Store and Rainy Day Reads or literary scents like Harry Potter inspired Wizardy Buttery Drink and Narnia’s Through the Wardrobe. The 4 oz. candles are perfectly sized for tucking in a Christmas stocking.

12. Book Soaps

Book Soaps Stocking Stuffers for Readers

Decorative soaps are more than just seashells! New Leaf Candle Co. makes these cool soaps shaped like hardcover books. These soaps are made to order so you can customize your set of two by selecting the color and the scent. They even have two literary themed scents: Book Nook and Old Library.

13. Bedside Book Storage Caddy

Sometimes a bedside table is not enough to hold all the books in progress. This bedside storage caddy is great for any reader or book lover. It has plenty of pockets to hold a book, Kindle, or iPad. There’s also a slot for a tissue box, reading glasses, or your TV remote control. Any reader will appreciate the convenience of this bed caddy.

14. Book Lover Magnet Set

Book Lover Magnet Set

These are cute and fun magnets great for any refrigerator or the inside of a book worm’s school locker Made by Etsy seller West Wild Wood, these unique magnets cannot be bought it stores. They have a modern design with phrases like “Keep Calm and Read On” or “Got Books?” Comes with 9 handmade 1″ magnets–or order them as pinback buttons. This is a great gift option if you’re looking for stocking stuffers for book lovers.

15. Vintage Library Checkout Card Bookmarks

Vintage Library Checkout Card Bookmarks Stocking Stuffer for Readers

This perfectly sized stocking stuffer for book lovers is absolutely unique. Each bookmark is made from an actual vintage library checkout card, complete with signatures and due dates. It brings back the nostalgia from elementary school libraries. Each card is laminated and can come with or without a tassel.

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15 Stocking Stuffers for Writers under $15

15 Stocking Stuffers for Writers Under $15

15 Stocking Stuffers for Writers Under $15

When shopping for gifts, sometimes it’s hard to come up with creative ideas or to find a memorable gift that stays under budget. We’re here to help you with this article. We’ve got 15 fun and creative gifts for writers that will help anyone stumped to come up with a fabulous gift idea. These stocking stuffers for writers feature practical gifts like pens and journals, plus fun gift ideas and knick-knacks that any author will appreciate and love. These gifts are super affordable, all priced under $15 so they’re great for stocking stuffers, white elephant gifts, birthday gifts, or just an everyday gift for the writer or aspiring author in your life.

15 Stocking Stuffers for Writers

1. Library Card Zipper Pouch

This nostalgic throwback to retro library days is the perfect stocking stuffer for writers. Designed to look like an old library card, this zipper pouch is perfectly sized to hold pens, pencils, and any other accessories your writer wants to carry around.

Available in white or yellow.

2. 1,000 Awesome Writing Prompts Book

Help battle writer’s block with this amazing gift! Inspire creativity and foster new ideas with this book that has 1000 writing prompts. These prompts are great for any writer and any type of writing. Slip it in a stocking or wrap it up and put it under the tree, this is a practical and thoughtful gift for writers.

Check out more gifts to destroy writer’s block.

3. Portable Typewriter Patent Poster

Portable Typewriter Patent Poster

This is a cool decoration that is affordable and completely original. Featuring the skematics from a vintage typewriter patent in 1896, the artist cleaned up the image and offers it printed in 4 different sizes and available in 9 different colors, so you’re sure to find your writer’s favorite color. This print is delivered in a rolled tube–perfect to stick in a Christmas stocking. Or you can buy an affordable frame and wrap it up as a present.

Check out more typewriter gifts.

4. HIPPOMARK Hippo Bookmark

Writers are naturally readers and they always need bookmarks. This bookmark is so cute, featuring a hippo that looks like it’s just swimming at the surface of the pages of your book. If you’re looking for super cheap stocking stuffers for writers, bookmarks are perfect. This one is adorable and practical.

Check out more bookmark gifts for writers.

5. Lost Art of Penmanship Mug

If the writer you’re shopping for also loves drinking coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, then this gift is a slam dunk. This mug features the Zaner-Bloser cursive alphabet and numerals along with the teaching arrows that we all used in elementary school when we learned to write. This gift set also comes with a tiny pad of paper and pencil, so the author can practice their cursive handwriting.

This is a super cute stocking stuffer any writer will enjoy. Make this gift even better by including some of their favorite coffee or tea.

6. Rustic Tree Pencils

This is a fun and unique gift for writers who are in touch with nature. These rustic pencils are made from real tree branches to create a natural look. Comes as a pack of 12 5″ long pencils ready to tuck in your stocking.

7. Storyteller Keychain

Storyteller Keychain - Stocking Stuffers for Writers

Writers are storytellers and this classy keychain is a great way to celebrate their craft. This minimalist keychain is a 3″ bar of aluminum with the word “storyteller” stamped into it.

8. Red Co. Journal with Embossed Quill

All writers need a journal, whether they like to write their stories by hand, to take notes, or just to record their daily life. This textured PU leather cover features an embossed quill feather on the cover. It’s the perfect size to tuck in a purse or backpack and take anywhere so it’s available when inspiration strikes.

9. Classic Fountain Pen

The perfect gift to go with a new journal is a new pen! Anyone can buy a plain ol’ ballpoint pen, but a fountain pen makes a great gift for a writer. This gorgeous fountain pen is in a mid-range price (meaning it’s under $15!) that is still great quality. It comes with a medium nib and is refillable, so your favorite writer can use it to write a short story or a novel.

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10. Notebook Paper Socks

These socks are cute, plus the blank page will be inspirational. This is a great gift for girls and guys. The socks hit mid-calf and go great with pants or skirts.

11. Go Away…I’m Writing Sign

Go Away...I'm (not) Writing Sign

Signs are great stocking stuffers for writers. This is the perfect gift for the procrastinating writer. The sign says “Go away…I’m writing very busy doing things I don’t need to do so that I can avoid doing the thing I’m actually supposed to be doing.”

This is great to display on an office wall or hang from a doorknob.

12. Punctuation Earrings

Punctuation Earrings - Stocking Stuffers for Writers

These earrings are super cute and not found in store. These dangling earnings feature punctuation marks. These handmade earrings feature a question mark and an explanation point. There’s no question that any writer would love these earrings.

13. Typewriter Pop-up Note Paper

This is a cute and handy gift for any writer, and the perfect size for a stocking stuffer. This tiny red typewriter holds notepaper that pulls out of the top of it like a freshly written manuscript page. These are great for the office or to display proudly on a writer’s desk.

14. A Writer’s Workbook: Daily Exercises for the Writing Life

Looking for a gift that will inspire the aspiring author in your life? This Writer’s Workbook from Caroline Sharp is a great gift idea. It features daily exercises to help build a writing habit and develop creative skills. This book is great to combat writer’s block.

Check out more gift ideas from the best books on writing fiction.

15. Scrabble Crosswords

Most writers love Scrabble and they’re good at it, too. That can make it tricky to find a Scrabble partner to play with. This book of crosswords is a great alternative. All of the words in these puzzles follow the same Scrabble rules, so this is a great way to improve their vocabulary and challenge their mind. It’s also perfectly priced to be a stocking stuffer for writers.

Check out more gifts for Scrabble lovers.

We hope these stocking stuffers for writers have inspired you to find the perfect gift for the aspiring author in your life. These gifts are geared for Christmas stockings, but also work great for birthday gifts as well or putting together a gift basket. If you’re still stumped, check out these stocking stuffers for book lovers and cozy stocking stuffers.

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Whoever You Are

10 Thoughtful & Original Baby Shower Book Gifts

Baby showers are fun events. They give you a chance to hang out with friends and celebrate the new child that will be coming soon. They also give you a chance to buy a gift. While baby shower registries are very common these days, you may want to make your gift a little more meaningful. One of the easiest ways to do this is to include a book as a part of your baby shower gifts. However, you don’t want to buy a baby shower book that is common or cliche because you risk someone else giving the same gift! Instead, you need to think a little outside the box to select an original book that mother and baby will love.

One of the great perks of giving a book as a baby shower gift is you don’t need to give a card. Instead, you can write a memorable message inside the book which turns it into a precious keepsake. Combining your thoughtful message with an original and meaningful book creates a slam dunk baby shower gift to be treasured for years to come.

Check out some of our suggestions for baby shower book gifts below.

10 Baby Book Gifts

1. Whoever You Are

This beautiful picture book by Mem Fox celebrates diversity and cultures from across the world. Young readers and babies will enjoy folk art, oil painted illustrations by Leslie Straub. The beautiful poem text helps teach the baby to accept and love the diversity they will encounter as they grow.

This is a great baby shower gift to consider for families who are adopting children from other countries, multi-cultural families, or just a unique gift option for your expecting friend.

2. Happy Birthday to You! by Dr. Seuss

This is meant to be a birthday gift, but I would argue the day you’re born is the most important birthday of them all! This classic book from Dr. Seuss is filled with his signature bright and playful illustrations. The Great Birthday Bird takes the reader on a special birthday trip. The celebration includes a trip throughout the world to eat whatever you want, visit wherever you want, and make your day special.

With a memorable baby book inscription in the front, this book will become a precious keepsake to be revisited each year on the baby’s birthday.

3. Beatrix Potter the Complete Tales of Peter Rabbit

Beatrix Potter’s classic stories of the young Peter Rabbit and his animal friends have been beloved by children for over a century. This gorgeous hardcover collection features all 23 tales fully unabridged, plus four previously unpublished stories.

Many people wouldn’t consider buying a book like this for a baby shower, but this is an investment in the baby’s reading future so they will grow up on these classic animal tales. Adding a meaningful inscription will make this a keepsake that the child will want to keep and pass on to their own children someday.

4. Little Hoot

If you’re looking for a bedtime story book to give as a baby shower gift, this is an original option instead of the cliche Goodnight Moon. This cutely illustrated children’s book flips the dilema of a kid who won’t go to sleep. Instead, Little Hoot wants nothing more than to go to bed while his parents want him to stay up and play.

This book works well as a little bit of reverse psychology to help encourage any little one to go to bed. Toddlers and babies will want to hear this story again and again at bedtime and love the full-color illustrations. This is a great choice for a baby shower book gift.

5. The Geek Baby Book: A Memory Journal

This book gift is a little different. It’s not a story book but instead a baby memory book. And it’s targeted for geeky parents. While many millenial parents aren’t interested in the traditional memory books of their childhood, they will love this one. It helps track all the special memories of first tooth, first steps, and first words. But it also takes advantage of the geeky love of video games and fantasy scifi movies.

The interactive pages and projects also track first viewing of Star Wars or rolling a natural 20. This helps them track what really matters for a little geek in training and will create a unique and meaningful keepsake for the whole family. This is a must-have baby shower gift for geeky parents.

6. Pat the Bunny

This classic interactive story is one of the best baby book gifts to give for baby showers or even first birthdays. Pat the Bunny by Dorothy Kunhardt prompts the reader to pat soft bunny fur, lift fabric to play peak-a-boo, and more fun pages. This allows the book to easily capture the attention of babies and young toddlers.

This book originally was released in the 1940s and was the first touch and feel book of its kind. This special edition re-release includes two additional touch and feel pages previously removed from the book.

7. ABCs of Space

If you want a book gift that goes beyond a traditional bedtime story, this one is all about knowledge. Taking the traditional ABC book format and adding some extra science, ABCs of Space is an introductory look at astronomy perfect for little minds.

What makes this book and the others in the Baby University Series so cool, is it features three levels of learning, so as the child grows, their learning and understanding grow. Each letter has three sentences, starting with the very basic and then adding more and more information. This book and the others in the series are perfect for introducing young children to STEM concepts.

8. Color Me: Who’s in the Ocean?

If you’re searching for unique baby book gifts that will really stand out at the shower, check this out. Surya Sajnani has a series of Baby’s First Bath Books, including this one Color Me: Who’s in the Ocean?. This gorgeously illustrated book appears to be black and white until it’s dipped in water to reveal the vivid colors.

This book is perfect to distract fussy babies during bathtime. It also makes a great addition to a gift basket featuring towels, soap, tub toys, and other bathtime items.

9. You Are New

Illustrator and author Lucy Knisley has created this vivid book that’s perfect for babies and newborns. In her unique illustration style, Lucy features a diverse range of babies on each page. The book’s text rhymes through all the fun parts of being a new baby.

A cute story for bedtime or any time of day, it makes a lovely baby shower gift for expecting parents.

10. The Wonderful Things You Will Be

Some of the sweetest books for new parents and infants are those that celebrate dreams and the future to come. Emily Windield Martin’s The Wonderful Things You Will Be captures all the thoughts parents have when they see their child. It’s a sweet gift for the parents who can use it to share their love with their little one.

While this is a contemporary children’s book, Emily’s classic illustration style has a retro mid-century feel that makes it seem like an instant classic. This is a book that will never go out of style and will be cherished as the child grows older.

Now that you’ve found the perfect baby shower book gift, learn how to write a meaningful book inscription to turn it into an unforgettable keepsake.

Art Sets and Supplies for Young Artists

7 Art Gifts for Kids & Aspiring Young Artists

Art Gifts for Kids & Aspiring Young Artists

If you have a kid or young person in your life who is interested in drawing or painting, you probably want to encourage their artistic inclination. However, it can be tricky to come up with creative and artsy gifts for these aspiring young artists. Luckily there are plenty of art gifts for kids that are fun, inspiring, and perfect for a younger age set that is still learning and exploring their artistic skills.

We’ve rounded up a bunch of these gift ideas for artists in this article. We cover the basics like art supplies and sketchbooks, along with instructional books, and gifts to inspire creativity. While these gifts are targeted at children, many of them work for teens and preteens that love art or are learning to draw and paint for the first time. Check out the gift ideas for young artists below.

Art Gifts for Kids and Young Artists

Art Sets and Supplies

Art Sets and Supplies for Young ArtistsThe first thing a young artist or kid needs to work on their art is art supplies. What you will buy for your aspiring artist depends on their age and interests. For a child who is interested in drawing, you may buy a set of drawing pencils and colored pencils. An older drawer may enjoy pastels, gel pens, or markers. If your young artist wants to paint, there are many sets of watercolors or acrylic paints available.

Find out what mediums your little artist is interested in exploring and buy them the art supplies to help them express themselves. If your child is super new to art or likes doing everything, we have your solution for the perfect art set gift after the jump.

Art 101 Kids 179-Piece Art Set with Easel

If the aspiring artist you need a present for likes all kinds of art, then this is the perfect art set to get. It’s made especially for kids so it’s affordable, has a portable carrying case to keep everything organized, and features enough variety in the 179 pieces to let your young artist try everything.

The supplies in this set include crayons, colored pencils, oil pastels, watercolors, markers, and even paper. It also has a sketching pencil, paintbrush, palette, and sponge. The set also comes with a built-in easel, so your child can work like a “real” artist. This is a great starter set and a good choice if you’re looking for art gifts for kids.


Sketchbook for Young ArtistsOnce your kid has the art supplies they need, they’ll need something to make the art on. Once of the best gifts you can get an aspiring artist who is interested in drawing and painting is a sketch book. This allows them to practice and hone their skills, as well as inspire creativity.

While you may be looking for a certain price point or looking for sketchbooks that have a certain color cover, there’s something more important you should have in mind. You need to make sure the paper in the sketchbook will work with the medium your young artist will use. If they’re just going to sketch and draw with colored pencils you can buy almost any sketchbook. But if they’re going to use charcoal, watercolor, or markers, you must make sure the paper is appropriate for that. There’s a lot of options available, so you’re sure to find something your kid will love.

Dover How to Draw Books for Young Artists

Written specifically for kids and young artists, these drawing books by Barbara Soloff Levy are extremely popular for children learning to draw. They break down complex drawings into simple shapes, helping a kid go from a blank page to a beautiful piece of art, while teaching basic drawing skills that will be the foundation of future art and drawing.

Popular titles in this series include instruction on drawing people, pets, flowers, insects, and more. These books are so affordable, it’s easy to pick up a few of them so your artistic child can learn to draw all of their favorite kinds of things. Pairing these books with a sketch pad and some new pencils makes a great gift for any aspiring young artist.

You Can Draw in 30 Days

This instructional drawing book is targeted at older artists, so it makes a great gift for preteen and teenagers that are too old for the Dover books. Written by Emmy award winning PBS host Mark Kistler, this book gives easy step-by-step instructions to draw over 500 images. The tips and tricks in this book help an artist learn how to create the illusions of depth and three dimensions in any drawing.

While this book can be used at any pace, it’s designed to be done in 20 minutes a day for thirty days. Even busy teens can improve their drawing skills by following these lessons. Anyone can go from no skill at drawing to creating realistic objects, buildings, and even people. This is a great gift for any new artist.

642 Things to Draw: Young Artist’s Edition

Sometimes artists need a little inspiration to fuel their drawings. This book is perfect for that, filled with 642 imaginative and unexpected prompts to sketch and draw meant specifically for young artists. Prompts include creative ideas like “purple lightning,” “baking Olympics,” and “a porcupine with a blue Mohawk.”

Each page is a blank canvas with a simple prompt written in plain text. It’s up to the artist to let their imagination fill the page. All they need are pencils, crayons, or markers and a little creativity. In the end, this book will become a precious keepsake of their drawings and art.

There’s also a version of this book for young writers.

Pocketdoodles for Young Artists

This pocket sized books is great for inspiring young artists on the go. This prompt book focuses less on developing artistic skills and more on developing creativity and having fun. The prompt pages feature half finished pictures, story prompts, or simple drawing prompts.

The Pocketdoodle books make unique art gifts for kids because it works for a lot of different types of creativity, and it’s good for young writers as well. Pocketdoodles is great for road trips and long plane rides, keeping your kid busy and creative. Plus, if they love this one, there’s a whole series of Pocketdoodle books to keep inspiring their imagination.

Is the young person you’re shopping for also interested in writing? We have a bunch of unique and fun gifts for young writers.

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History Has Its Eyes on You Coffee Mug

15 Must Have Gifts for Hamilton Fans

15 Must Have Gifts for Hamilton Fans

If you have a Hamilton fan in your life (or are one yourself), you know how much they love the hit Broadway musical written by superstar Lin-Manuel Miranda. They probably can’t stop listening to the soundtrack or complaining about how hard it is to get tickets. If you’re not sure what kind of gift to give your favorite Hamilton fan, this article covers the must-have gifts for every fan who can’t stop obsessing over the music and story of this revolutionary show. (You may even find something you want for yourself!)

Obviously, the absolute best gift you can get for any Hamilton fan is tickets to the show, but unless you have some amazing connections (or good luck with the ticket lottery), that’s not going to happen. Instead, this list covers the basics for new Hamilton fans and also includes cool and creative gifts for the fanatics that have been obsessed with the show since the beginning. Check out all of the Hamilton gifts below.

Must Have Gifts for Hamilton Fans

1. Hamilton Characters Plushy Dolls

Hamilton Characters Plushy Dolls

If you’re looking for original gifts for Hamilton fans, check this out. These cute little plushies are handmade stuffed dolls of characters from the musical Hamilton. Made by a private creator and artist, these dolls are unique and it’s guaranteed that even the most fanatic Hamilton fan won’t have them.

As of the time of writing, there are nine characters available: Thomas Jefferson, Eliza Schuyler (2 versions), King George, Alexander Hamilton (2 versions), Lafayette, Aaron Burr, and Angelica Schuyler.

2. Hamilton Original Broadway Cast Recording CD

The first thing every Hamilton fan needs is the Original Broadway Cast recording of this amazing show. This music has won a Grammy and a Tony, in addition to the hearts of millions of fans. The 2 CD set comes with an insert featuring photos and lyrics from the show. This soundtrack features all 46 songs from the Broadway production and was produced by Questlove and Black Thought from The Roots.

This is also a great gift for anyone you want to turn into a Hamilton fan because they’ll be hooked from their first listen to this soundtrack.

3. Schuyler Sisters Button Pin

Schuyler Sisters Work Hamilton Button Pin

For fans who are ready to get to work, is this amazing Schuyler Sisters pin. Featuring the lyric from the song The Schuyler Sisters, it will remind any fan of the iconic music of this show. Perfect for pinning to a bag or jacket.

4. Hamilton 2023 Wall Calendar

What better way to pay tribute to the Tony winning musical every day by looking at this gorgeous Hamilton wall calendar. It features gorgeous black and white images of the Original Broadway Cast, along with memorable lyrics and quotes from the show. It’s a great way to show your fandom at home or even at the office.

5. History Has Its Eyes on You Coffee Mug

History Has Its Eyes on You Coffee Mug

One of the lasting messages from the show is how the impact of our lives will be seen in the future and how history will remember us. This coffee mug includes the lyric History has its eyes on you. This is the perfect gift to remind the giftee to live every day working toward their goals.

Make it a fantastic gift set by including their favorite coffee or tea in the present.

6. Hamilton: The Revolution Book About the Musical

Known as the “Hamiltome” by fans, this book is the perfect gift for fans of this revolutionary musical. This book not only uncovers the history behind the story that inspired the musical, but also the evolution of the project that turned into the hottest modern musical. Lin-Manuel Miranda himself worked on this book to trace the development of the musical from his first performance at the White House in 2009 to opening on Broadway. It also includes footnotes for all of the lyrics, revealing inspirations behind the rhymes. This book is also chock full of behind the scenes and on stage photos. This is a must have for all true Hamilton fans.

7. Hamilton Lyrics Stemless Wine Glass

Raise a Glass to Freedom Hamilton Wine Glass

We can’t resist all of these Hamilton quote gifts. This stemless wine glass is perfect with the quote “Raise a Glass to Freedom.” This custom, made to order gift is a 20 oz stemless wine glass featuring permanent vinyl lettering. These glasses are perfect for enjoying a glass of wine, cocktail, or even soda (for underage Hamilton fans).

8. Alexander Hamilton Biography by Ron Chernow

This is the book that started it all. While on vacation, Lin-Manuel Miranda read this biography of the founding father Alexander Hamilton which sparked the idea for this unique hip-hop musical. Now you can learn the real life history behind the Tony Award winning musical.

9. “I Want a Revelation” Schuyler Sisters Print

"I Want a Revelation" Schuyler Sisters Print Hamilton Gift

Another wonderful piece celebrating the characters of The Schuyler Sisters (Eliza, Angelica, …and Peggy), this print features a beautiful drawing of the sisters during their song “The Schuyler Sisters.” This print looks great framed and on the wall of any Hamilton fan’s home.

Keep scrolling to see a gift that Peggy fans will absolutely love (hint it’s #12).

10. The Hamilton Mixtape

The Hamilton Mixtape was the original title of the musical that has now taken Broadway and the world by storm. Now it’s the name of a brand new album. Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda conceived this as a companion to the show’s soundtrack, featuring a combination of remixes of songs from the show by famous musicians, demos and unreleased songs from the show, and songs inspired by the musical.

The album features 23 tracks and includes artists such as The Roots, Busta Rhymes, Usher, Sia, Queen Latifah, Regina Spektor, Kelly Clarkson, Alicia Keys, Ashanti, Ja Rule, John Legend, Chance the Rapper, and more. This CD is a must have for all Hamilton fans, and since it’s not out until December, it makes a great Hamilton gift this Holiday season.

11. “Awesome. Wow.” Hamilton Quote Keychain

"Awesome. Wow." Hamilton Quote Keychain

One of the most beloved side characters in the musical Hamilton is King George. Played by Jonathan Groff in the Original Broadway Cast, this keychain captures one of his perfect lines of sarcasm. This line is sung in response to America fighting for and winning its independence from England. Better than the Hamilton merchandise you can buy at the theater, King George fans will absolutely love this keychain.

12. “And Peggy” T-Shirt

Many fans love the youngest Schuyler sister, Peggy. This shirt is in honor of her most famous line from the song “The Schuyler Sisters” where she bursts in saying “And Peggy!” The shirt is available in 5 colors and men, women and youth sizes, so you can buy it for any fan who can’t get enough Peggy in their life.

13. Hamilton Funko Pop Vinyl Figure

If the Hamilton fan in your life also loves collecting Funko Pop! Vinyl figures, then this is the absolute must-have gift you should buy them! Funko has released their own set of vinyl figures based on the characters from Hamilton. The full set includes 6 figures: Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, Angelica, Eliza, Washington and Peggy.

14. Hamilton: An Adult Coloring Book

Hamilton Gifts for coloring book fans just got a lot more interesting. This brand new release is an adult coloring book covering the life of Alexander Hamilton. It includes many scenes made famous by the musical Hamilton, like the Battle of Yorktown, Hamilton moving to New York, and the wedding of Alexander and Eliza. Any Hamilton fan will enjoy de-stressing by listening to the Hamilton Official Broadway Recording and coloring in this awesome, historical coloring book. They can even add their own hip-hop flourishes, or write in the lyrics of their favorite Hamiltunes.

Don’t forget to include colored pencils, pens, or markers to create an unforgettable gift.

15. Young, Scrappy, and Hungry Hamilton Cuff Bracelet

Young, Scrappy, and Hungry Hamilton Cuff Bracelet

Jewelry is a great option for Hamilton musical gifts, especially when they feature lyrics from the show! This cuff bracelet features the beloved line “Young, scrappy, and hungry” from Alexandr’s song “My Shot.” This not only an awesome Hamilton gift, but it’s a great way to give a little motivation to young artists and writers at the beginnings of their career. Just like Hamilton, they can use their energy and desire to make big things happen in their life and for the world.

Want to see fun and creative gifts for writers and book lovers? Try our megalists of gifts for writers and gifts for readers.

Amazing Gifts for Scrabble Lovers

20 Amazing Gifts for Scrabble Lovers

Amazing Gifts for Scrabble Lovers

Most writers and readers love Scrabble. It’s a game that can combine their nerdy knowledge of words with a fun competition with their friends. But, it’s one of those games that anyone can enjoy so it’s perfect for family game night or even just a 1 on 1 game. Because Scrabble is such a popular game, there are lots of really cool Scrabble gifts and merchandise available.

If you’re stumped on what to get your book-loving, Scrabble playing friend or family member, check out this list of amazing and unique gifts. Some make great stocking stuffers and others are unforgettable gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, or Christmas.

Cool Gifts for Scrabble Lovers

1. Scrabble 2-in-1 Message Board

Add some fun to your home or apartment with this message board. It combines a dry erase message board with a magnetic tin Scrabble board. Hang it on your wall to keep track of To Dos or grocery lists, and get a fun game of Scrabble going at the same time.

2. The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary

Every game of Scrabble needs a dictionary on hand in case someone challenges another player’s words. While most people can just look up words on their phone, it’s more fun to use the Official Scrabble Dictionary with 100,000 two to eight-letter words. This is the most up-to-date version with new words like “hashtag” and “selfie.”

3. Scrabble Refrigerator Magnets

Take your love of Scrabble to the kitchen with these fun magnets. This is a full set of Scrabble letters in magnet form so you can write messages on the fridge or even play a game of Scrabble. This makes a great stocking stuffer.

4. Scrabble Deluxe Wooden Edition

The standard cardboard version of Scrabble is like kiddie stuff compares to this amazing deluxe edition. The board is a solid wood cabinet with a lazy susan that allows you to easily rotate the board for each player’s turn. It comes with mahogany finish tile racks and letter tiles with gold print. This is a gorgeous set that will make and receiver feel glamorous when they play it. Makes a gorgeous display piece as well.

5. Scrabble Socks

Any Scrabble lovers should be able to wear their favorite game. These comfy socks feature a print of Scrabble letter tiles. Fits shoe sizes 7-12.

6. Large Scrabble Tile Signs

Large Scrabble Tile Signs

If you’re looking for a really unique gift for Scrabble lovers, check out these amazing handmade wooden Scrabble tile signs. These 5.5″ inch wooden tiles are carved and available in nine different stains. Order as many as you need to spell out a special message or your family’s names and make a creative and fun decoration for any home. They can be hung on the wall like a game of Scrabble in progress. These are great for kids’ rooms or game rooms.

7. Scrabble T-Shirt

The Scrabble lover in your life will feel so proud wearing this shirt. It says “Scrabble Master” spelled out in Scrabble tiles.

8. Bene Casa Folding Game Table

Bene Casa Folding Game Table Gifts for Scrabble Lovers

Originally designed for playing dominoes, this table is perfect for serious Scrabble players. It features built-in cup holders to keep your drinks from tipping over and tile holders so you can organize your letter tiles. The table folds up for easy storage. This is a great gift for anyone who is in a Scrabble club or just like to have game night at their house.

9. Scrabble Coasters

Scrabble Coasters Gifts

Made from authentic Scrabble tiles, these coasters feature words themed to coffee, beer, and wine. They come in sets or a mixed bunch so you can pick the perfect tiles to go with your current beverage. These are fun to display and use.

10. Scrabble Letter Tile Mug

This is the perfect gift for a Scrabble lover who also enjoys tea or coffee. The entire alphabet is available as a mug, so you can get one for every member of the family’s initials, or just get a set of random letters.

11. Scrabble Letter Tile Pendant Necklace

Scrabble Letter Tile Pendant Necklace

This cute necklace features a pendant made to look like a Scrabble tile. The silver square charm is beautiful and affordable. You can pick any letter you want to easily match the initial of the giftee.

12. Scrabble Tile String Lights

Take your home decoration to the next level with these utterly unique string lights. Made to look like Scrabble tiles, you can actually customize your message with 60 reusable letter stickers. Comes with 10 lights and is 70″ long.

13. Personalized Scrabble Letter Tile Rack

Personalized Scrabble Letter Tile Rack

Any Scrabble player looks like a professional with their own custom letter rack. Each rack is made to order, personalized with a name or nickname with black vinyl letters. Get one for the whole family.

14. Scrabble Game Patent Poster Prints

This unique art print will delight any Scrabble fan. Stars by Nature designed this Scrabble-sinpired Patent Print-style art piece. This 11″ x 14″ print is ready to frame.

15. Scrabble Letter Tile Keyring

Scrabble Keychain Letter Tile Gift Idea

Here’s another great Scrabble gift idea that you can really personalize for the receiver. It’s a simple keychain featuring one letter tile from the Scrabble game, complete with point amount. All 26 letters are available, so you can get one (or 3) to match your loved one’s initials. This is a very affordable gift, great for a Secret Santa gift exchange, a stocking stuffer, or to include in a gift bag with other Scrabble gifts.

16. Scrabble Message Board

Scrabble Message Board

Forget traditional message boards. Now you can display fun and festive messages with Scrabble tiles. This homemade message board is constructed of rustic looking wood and comes with a peg in the back so it can free stand on a table or shelf. Board is 7″ x 7″ and comes with 100 letters.

17. Scrabble Board Socks

This Scrabble gift is fun and practical! This pair of socks is printed with the Scrabble board. A cozy and fun gift, it makes a great stocking stuffer (ha ha!).

18. Scrabble to Go Travel Boardgame

Let your loved one play Scrabble wherever they go! The folding gameboard is easy to pack up at a moment’s notice and the gridded spaces firmly hold your tiles so you can finish your game later. Everything zips up in the case for easy storage in your backpack or luggage. Plus all the tiny pieces are really adorable.

19. Personalized Scrabble Board Pillow

Personalized Scrabble Board Pillow

This gift is completely unique for the giftee because you decide the names and words that appear on the Scrabble board. Just send Tim Windfield Art a list and he will create a custom Scrabble board print on a cozy throw pillow.

20. Scrabble Slam Card Game

If the Scrabble fanatic in your life needs a little variety, this card game is a fun twist on the original. This fast passed card game involves changing a four-letter word in a race to get rid of your cards. It’s kind of like Uno and Scrabble had a baby. Super fun!

Scrabble was originally created in 1938 by Alfred Mosher Butts under the name “Criss-Crosswords.” Eventually, the name was changed, and the game reached wider distribution when it was discovered by Macy’s president Jack Straus in 1952. He ordered it to stock in his store and it became a “must have” game. It’s still a beloved game today across the world, with over 150 million sets sold. It’s currently available in 121 countries in 29 different languages.

Learn more about the history of Scrabble on Wikipedia.

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Book Inscription Ideas

What to Write in a Book for a Gift – Book Inscription Ideas

What to Write in a Book for a Gift - Book Inscription Ideas

Books make wonderful gifts, not only for avid readers and writers but also other people in your life. The right book for the right occasion can create a lasting and memorable gift that will be cherished for years to come. Events like graduation, milestone birthdays, or the “birth of a baby are a great time to give a book as a gift. To make the gift even more personal, you should consider adding an inscription to the book.

Inscribing a book for a gift adds a special touch that creates an emotional connection to a book and turns it into a keepsake rather than just another book on the shelf. But often people wonder what to write in a book? What can you inscribe in a book to make the gift meaningful and treasured? We’ll take you through all the steps including how to inscribe a book and where to write your message in the book, along with some book inscription ideas.

Why write an inscription in a book gift?

What to Inscribe in a Book?A personalized inscription in a book takes what could be a generic and easily forgotten gift and turns it into a meaningful keepsake. That book then has a memory attached to it that the receiver will recall every time they look at the book and reread the inscription. Think of it as a way to turn any book into a time capsule of a special moment or event in their life. That’s why giving a book with a handwritten inscription inside is a perfect gift for milestone events like graduation or marriage.

Book inscriptions are also a way to connect personally with the book receiver. You can use it to share why you gave them the book, especially if it’s a book you love or have a personal attachment to.

While you can write a note or inscription in any book, there may be certain types of books and gifts you shouldn’t inscribe. These may include:

  • College textbooks or reference books
  • Gifts for readers who like to keep their books in mint condition
  • Rare or valuable collectors books that are worth a lot of money
  • Books the receiver may want to return or exchange (eg. you’re not sure if they already own it)
  • Blank journals

Ultimately the decision is up to you. Adding a book inscription can really make a gift extra special.

How to Write a Book Inscription

Deciding what to write in a book for a gift

You’ve decided to add a personal note to your book gift but now you wonder how to inscribe a book?

What do you want your inscription to be about?

The first step is to decide what you want to say with your inscription. You should start by thinking about what kind of message you’d like to convey. Do you want it to be thoughtful? Funny? Do you want to make it a memory about a specific event? Do you want to impart some wisdom or advice?

Do a little brainstorming, you can even come up with a few different ideas.

Practice crafting your message

Inscribing a Book for a GiftGet a scrap piece of paper and grab a pen. Try writing down a few different messages until you get the exact wording that you want. Make sure it conveys the memories, ideas, and feelings you brainstormed in the first step.

To really create a special gift, make sure the note is meaningful and personal. If it’s appropriate, try including inside jokes or using a nickname.

If you’re giving the book for a special event like a milestone birthday or a graduation, include advice for them as they embark on their next stage of life. Make sure to wish them luck.

If the book you’re gifting is one you’ve read before, make sure to include in the note why it’s so special to you or why you’re recommending it.

Make sure to craft your message to the book. If it’s a book about penguins, mention how the person or child is like your “little penguin.”

Feel free to use a dictionary to check your spelling.

Deciding Where to Inscribe a Book

Generally, you want to inscribe the book somewhere near the front. Depending on how the book is laid out may determine the best place to write. Look for a page where there is very little writing or a black page.

You can write your note on:

  • the inside front cover
  • the blank page before the title page
  • the title page

If you’d like to write an inscription in a book, but you don’t want to write on the book itself there is a “cheat.” Find a nice piece of stationary the same size or smaller than the book and write your note on it. Tuck it inside the front cover of the book when you’re done writing it.

Writing the inscription

Book Inscription IdeasOnce you’ve decided what to inscribe in a book gift and where to write it, it’s time to put pen to paper!

Find a nice pen that writes in a crisp ink of any color. Don’t use a marker that may bleed through the pages or a pencil that could smear or fade over time. Test the pen on your scrap paper to make sure it’s working.

Address the inscription to the person who will receive the book. Use a nickname or pet name if it’s appropriate.

Write your special note.

Then sign your name or nickname.

Don’t forget to add the date! This can be done at the top of the inscription or next to your signature. If the book is meant to mark a special date (wedding, birthday, graduation, etc.) include the full date. For other situations, you could simply write the year or something like “Christmas 2016.”

Sample Book Inscriptions

Still feeling stuck on what to write in your book gift? Check out these examples to help give you some book inscription ideas:

Inscriptions for Baby Book Gifts

For future adventures,
future laughs, future tears,
and a future full of dreams come true.

To my little bunny,
welcome to the world.

Little One,
There are big things in your future.

Check out these original baby shower book gifts.

Graduation Book Gift Inscriptions

This is the first big success
in a lifetime sure to be filled
with hundreds more!

Be proud today as we celebrate
your accomplishments from the last 4 years.
Know there are more challenges ahead,
but that means there will be more celebrations too!

I’ve watched you grow and learn,
from ABCs to a + b = c.
I’m so proud of you.
Congratulations on your graduation!

Check out these ideas for unforgettable books for high school graduates and essential books for college graduates.

Cookbook Inscription Ideas

I’ve already marked all of the delicious cakes
you should bake me for my future birthdays.

So you can finally learn how
to cook something that doesn’t go
in the microwave.

Here are some ideas for tasty
treats you can make.
Don’t forget to share!

Milestone 21st Birthday Book Inscription Idea

Remember these wild and youthful years.
They go by so fast! (And the best way to remember
them is to never get blackout drunk)
Love, Mom

I wish I’d read this book when
I was your age. Make mistakes,
but nothing like what happens in chapter 12!

This book at cocktail recipes
will ensure you’re never the one
at the party drinking Bud Light.

Give your book gift

Once you’ve written your inscription, the gift is ready to go. Wrap it or put it in a gift bag and give it to the recipient when the time is right. The inscription will add meaning and personalize the book you’re giving. The recipient will always remember that special time when they read your thoughtful message inside.

Want to buy the perfect gift, but don’t know what books to get? Check out our recommendations for unforgettable books for high school graduates and thoughtful baby shower book gifts. We even have a few book recommendations for fans of the Broadway musical Hamilton.

If you’re shopping for a writer, check out these inspirational book gifts for writers, essential reference books for writers, and the best books on writing fiction.

Don’t forget to get a unique bookmark to go with your book gift.

50 Amazing Gifts for Book Lovers for 2023

It can be tricky to find an original gift idea for an avid reader or bookworm. They already own a lot of books, so sometimes you need to think outside the bookcase for a gift they’ll never forget. If you’re struggling for a gift to get your favorite bookworm, don’t worry. Here are 50 creative and original gifts to give the book lover in your life.

1. Card Catalog: 30 Notecards for the Library of Congress

30 beautiful reproductions of notecards from the Library of Congress. Comes in a replica card catalog drawer.

2. Leg Bookmarks

Leg Bookmarks Reader Gifts

Handmade bookmarks featuring the legs of beloved characters such as the Wicked Witch of the East, Harry Potter, the Hobbit, and more. Close your book and it looks like their legs are sticking out! Super cute.

Check out more unique bookmarks for readers.

3. Novel Teas – Tea Bags with Literary Quotes

Includes 25 individual teabags with literary quotes. Would go perfectly with the next item on our list…

Continue reading 50 Amazing Gifts for Book Lovers for 2023

20 Cool & Unique Bookmarks for Readers

A tried and true gift for any book lover is a bookmark. Readers can never have enough, and they’ll be pleased to receive anything that’s not a piece of cardboard with a tassel tied to it.

These bookmarks are cute, funny, and unique. They make a great gift when combined with a book or a clever stocking stuffer. Pick out one (or two, or three!) for your favorite bookworm. They’re sure to please.

1. Zipmark Zipper Bookmarks

Colorful zipper bookmark keeps your place and makes a fun and quirky gift for any bookworm. The plastic zipper makes it look like you’ve zipped your book shut.

2. Clip On LED Booklight Bookmark

Get two gifts in one: a cool bookmark to hold their place and a convenient LED booklight to light up their page at night. Makes a fun stocking stuffer for readers.

3. Help Me! Hand Bookmarks

Another colorful set of bookmarks featuring hands. It’s the perfect way to cry for help when you’re trapped in a good book you can’t stop reading.

4. Clip it Quote Bookmarks

This is a fun set of bookmarks that makes a fantastic stocking stuffer for book lovers. With four bookmarks included, they each have humorous quotes like “I read past my bedtime” and “Just one more chapter.”

5. Leg Bookmarks

Leg Bookmarks Reader Gifts

Handmade bookmarks featuring the legs of beloved characters such as the Wicked Witch of the East, Harry Potter, the Hobbit, and more.

6. Astronaut Bookmark

This unique bookmark is a must-have for science fiction fans. It features an astronaut staking his flag on a discovered planet. When it’s in the book, it looks like the astronaut is standing on the pages.

Check out more gifts for science fiction and fantasy writers.

7. “Be Right Back” Bookmark

Be Right Back Bookmark

This bookmark is perfect for any reader to mark their place in a book they can’t wait to get back to.

8. Finger Point Handy Bookmark

This bookmark points to the exact spot a reader leaves off in their book. Comes with 6 in different vibrant colors. Perfect for pleasure reading or marking textbooks.

9. Hippo Bookmark

Adorable bookmark of a hippo swimming beneath the pages. Perfect for animal lovers.

10. Sprout Leaf Bookmarks

These cute little green leaves make an adorable bookmark for any bookworm.

11. Dino & Shark Bookmarks

This is a 2-for-1! This pack comes with two bookmarks: one is a great shark and the other is a t-rex. The body goes between the pages of the book, leaving the heads peeking above like the shark and dinosaur are ready to leap out at you.

12. Metal Feather Bookmark

This is an elegant and classy bookmark. Makes a perfect gift for book lovers who read historical romance or fantasy.

13. Vintage Library Checkout Card Bookmarks

Vintage Library Checkout Card Bookmarks Stocking Stuffer for Readers

This bookmark is absolutely unique. Each is made from an actual vintage library checkout card, complete with signatures and due dates. It brings back the nostalgia from elementary school libraries. Each card is laminated and can come with or without a tassel.

14. Personalized Metal Bookmark

Personalized Metal Bookmark

This is a gift that goes beyond the flimsy cardboard bookmarks found in most bookstores. This personalized bookmark is made from stainless steel and engraved with any special message or the name of your reader. This is the kind of bookmark that becomes a precious keepsake.

15. Animal Butt Bookmarks

Animal Butt Bookmarks

A variety of handmade animal bookmarks as well as mythical creatures like mermaids and unicorns. You’re sure to find one of your reader’s favorite animal.

16. Abducted UFO Bookmark

This bookmark is the perfect gift for sci-fi writers. It looks like a UFO beaming up a cow. A fun way to mark your place in any science fiction book.

17. Killer Whale Bookmark

Any reader who loves the ocean will love this bookmark. This cool killer whale bookmark works so it looks like the creature is leaping out of the pages of a book like it jumps from the water.

18. Fruitmarks Fruit Bookmark

Turn any book into a cocktail! These Fruitmarks are super cute bookmarks that let you put a “wedge of fruit” on the corner of a book. Available as grapefruit, lime, orange, or lemon.

19. Bookworm Bookmark

If your loved one is a bookworm, they’ll appreciate this literal bookworm to mark their novel. This plastic bookmark curls around the pages on the corner of the book to make sure he holds your place. Super cute bookmark.

Available in blue, green, and red.

20. Metal Mermaid Bookmark

A beautiful bookmark for any reader who has dreamed of living under the sea. The tail hooks over the spine of the book as if the mermaid is diving into the story. This metal bookmark is brass colored, making it look antique.

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