5 of the Best Gifts for Book Lovers

Shopping for book lovers can be tricky. You think…”Oh, I bet they’d like a book!” But then you realize you have no idea what books they’ve read and what books that already own because they have so many! No worries, there’s plenty of other gifts for bookworms besides books. Whether you’re giving them gifts for Christmas, their birthday, or some other occasion, book lovers will be sure to like these thoughtful presents. Enough small talk, let’s start the list!

“I Like to Party…” T-Shirt

This t-shirt is pretty great. It reads “I like to party and by party I mean read books.” Woven out of 100% preshrunk cotton, this shirt contoured and side seamed for a feminine fit. It also comes in your choice of sizes (from Small to XXX-Large), and your choice of 14 colors (!). What book lover wouldn’t want to get this shirt as a gift? (Assuming the bookworm in your life is female, that is– the shirt won’t fit so well for guys because of its cut.)

Kindle eBook Reader

Kindle eBook readers can make an incredibly thoughtful gift for a book lover who doesn’t already have a device like this. They can hold thousands of books at a time, and download new books wirelessly on the go, plus their battery life now lasts up to weeks (not hours!).

They’re also smaller and lighter than a paperback, and environmentally-friendly too. Kindles also come with Good Reads integration which is a plus for many book lovers who use Good Reads accounts to track their (often long) “need-to-read” lists. Add a Kindle Unlimited membership and your reader will be overjoyed!

Amazon Kindle Unlimited Subscription

If your writer (or reader) has transitioned to reading digitally on a Kindle e-reader or a tablet with the free Kindle app, then they would love a Kindle Unlimited membership. With one of these monthly memberships, they will have access to unlimited reading of over 1 million books on their Kindle device, or any other tablet using the free Kindle Reading App. A bonus for audiobook lovers: it also comes with free listening for eligible books, allowing readers to switch seamlessly between the ebook and audiobook versions.

Available in 6 month, 12 month, and 24 month memberships.

Scrabble: Book Lovers Edition

Sure, you’ve played the regular Scrabble board game, and there’s a good chance the book lover in your life enjoys it. But this is the Scrabble Book Lovers Edition.

It comes with a special set of rules specifically designed for players who can make literary references, and proper nouns (when they relate to books) are allowed, unlike in the regular Scrabble board game.

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Magnetic Poetry Kit: Book Lover

This is cute! We’ve all seen those “magnetic poetry” fridge kits with words you can re-arrange, but this one is specifically meant for book lovers!

This kit includes over 200 book-lover themed words and word fragments for them to re-arrange to their heart’s content, on their fridge, magnet board, or other magnetic surfaces. The reviews for this one (at the time of this writing at least), are 100% positive!

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