15 Stocking Stuffers for Book Lovers Under $15

15 Stocking Stuffers for Book Lovers Under $15

When the holidays roll around, shopping can get really hectic. Your gift list seems to always be growing, with family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and more needed gifts. To stay in budget, sometimes you need affordable gifts that are still clever, fun, and useful. If you’re shopping for someone you know likes to read and is never seen without a book or a Kindle in their bag, then this article is for you. We’ve rounded up 15 stocking stuffers for book lovers. They’re all compact in size to fit easily in a stocking or gift bag, and they’re all affordable too! Everything on this list is $15 or less.

Whether shopping for a Secret Santa gift for the administrative assistant you always see reading in the break room or trying to find the perfect gift for that picky aunt who reads five romance books a week, there is something on this list that will fit the bill. Check them out and delight the book lover in your life with one of these cool gifts.

15 Stocking Stuffers for Book Lovers

1. Open Book Silver Earrings

Open Book Silver Earrings
These are the earrings that any book nerd or librarian would love to wear. It’s a pair of silver antique style earrings with charms in the shape of open books. These dangling earrings are affordable and cute. They also come in a gift box making them perfectly sized to slip into your loved one’s stocking.

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2. Book Lovers Never Go to Bed Alone Sign

Book Lovers Never Go to Bed Alone Sign
This is a cute sign any reader will appreaciate. Made from high quality wood, this box sign says “Book Lovers Never Go to Bed Alone” and features a distressed vintage style. This sign will stand on its own on a book shelf or can be hung easily on any library or bedroom wall. At 5″ x 4″, this sign is still small enough to fit into most stockings, and also makes a great Secret Santa gift for a friend or co-worker.

3. i Clips Magnetic Book Marks

All voracious readers need a good bookmark. Really enthusiastic readers are often reading more than one book at a time and need more than one bookmark to keep track of what pages they’re on. These cute magnetic bookmarks come in a set of 8. This design features punctuation marks, but there are plenty of sets available to delight any reader. The best thing about these page markers is they stay in place without damaging the pages.

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4. Antiquarian Bookplates

Antiquarian Bookplates Stocking Stuffers for Book Lovers
Most readers have massive libraries in their home, with bookshelves filled with their favorite books. They also like to lend their books out to friend and family, so many people will personalize their books with bookplates so there’s no question who these books belong to. This set of 55 bookplates are all in vintage and antique styles that used to be popular in yesteryear. This is a cute and practical gift if you’re looking for stocking stuffers for book lovers.

5. Thumb Thing Reading Ring and Bookmark

Thumb Thing Reading Ring and Bookmark
This is a perfect gift for any reader who still loves paperback and hardback books, especially those who read while commuting on a train or bus. This plastic “ring” is worn on your thumb and automatically holds your book open for you, so you can easily hold a book with one hand and not worry about the pages flopping around. The set comes with three rings, which also double as a bookmark. Travelers and commuters will love this budget friendly and practical stocking stuffer!

6. Book Lover’s Reading Journal

Book Lover's Reading Journal
Back before the days of Goodreads, people kept track of the books they read in notebooks (or in their head). This Book Lover’s Journal is the perfect way for the reader in your life who refuses to switch to eBooks to track their reading offline. The pages let you fill out all the details on the latest book you’ve read, including notes and opinions. This is a thoughtful and useful gift that will fit perfectly in any reader’s stocking.

7. Greatest First Lines of Literature Mug

Greatest First Lines of Literature Mug
If the book lover you’re shopping for is also a lover of hot drinks, then this is the perfect gift for them. This coffee mug features the first lines from some of the greatest and most famous books in literatures. They will delight in identifying the books that go with each line. This mug is a jumbo 16 oz. cup that is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Include some of their favorite tea, coffee, or hot chocolate to make it a gift they’ll really love and use right away.

8. Banned Books Zipper Pouch

Banned Books Zipper Pouch
This is a great gift for any gal or guy who loves to read. This cotton canvas couch features the titles of famous banned books, with some of them “censored” with black marks. This zipper pouch is made in the USA and is a generaly 9″ x 6″ size, perfect to toss in a purse, tote bag, or back pack. It’s also great for writers or students who can use it as a pencil bag to store pens and such.

9. Cats on Books Socks

Cats on Books Socks
This is a great gift idea for any reader who also loves cats! These adorable novelty socks feature a variety of cats lying and sitting on stacks of books. Any cat owner who also loves to read knows these illustrations a very true to real life cat behavior. Socks make great stocking stuffers for book lovers, so pick up a pair of these affordable ones.

10. $15 Amazon Gift Card

$15 Amazon Gift Card Stocking Stuffer
Buying books for voracious readers can be tricky, you never know what books they’ve already read or own because there’s so many of them! And if your reader has switched to reading eBooks on a Kindle then there’s no point in buying a dead tree book. A gift card may seem really impersonal, but readers actually love them! It gives them an excuse to buy that book they really want to read but haven’t purchased yet. Plus, with an Amazon gift card, they get a physical or digital book (or both!).

Just include a thoughtful note and I guarantee they’ll appreciate this gift.

11. Book Lovers Scented Soy Candle Tea Lights

Book Lovers Scented Soy Candle Tea Lights
Book scented candles, perfumes, and essential oils have become popular gifts for book lovers. Nothing makes a reader more nostalgic than the scent of old books or a bookstore. Now you can give them those scents plus the Oxford Library and a book cellar in this lovely gift set from Frostbeard Studio. This allows them to try a lot of different scents. They also offer other sample packs if you’re looking for a different combination of scents.

12. Literary Bath Products and Soaps

Literary Bath Products and Soaps
TeaSoapBooks is an Etsy shop that makes a variety of literary themed bath products. Some products include book shaped soaps (like the Gryffindor Soap Book pictured above), bubble bath, and bath salts. They feature beloved literary books and characters like Pride and Prejudice, Harry Potter, and Alice in Wonderland. You’re sure to find something any literary lover would enjoy, incuding gift sets.

13. Bedside Book Storage Caddy

Bedside Book Storage Caddy
Sometimes a bedside table is not enough to hold all the books in progress. This bedside storage caddy is great for any reader or book lover. It has plenty of pockets to hold a book, Kindle, or iPad. There’s also a slot for a tissue box, reading glasses, or your TV remote control. Any reader will appreciate the convenience of this bed caddy.

14. Book Lover Magnet Set

Book Lover Magnet Set
These are cute and fun magnets great for any refrigerator or the inside of a book worm’s school locker Made by Etsy seller West Wild Wood, these unique magnets cannot be bought it stores. They have a modern design with phrases like “Keep Calm and Read On” or “Got Books?” Comes with 9 handmade 1″ magnets in a gift tin. This is a great gift option if you’re looking for stocking stuffers for book lovers.

15. Owl Bookends

Owl Bookends
Book lovers never have a shortage of books, so they always need ways to store them. Bookends are a practical and fun gift that any reader will appreciate. These adorable bookends come in black or red and feature a pair of cute owls. These work great on a desk or shelf anywhere at home or in the office.

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