50 Amazing Gifts for Book Lovers for 2017

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It can be tricky to find an original gift idea for an avid reader or bookworm. They already own a lot of books, so sometimes you need to think outside the bookcase for a gift they’ll never forget. If you’re struggling for a gift to get your favorite bookworm, don’t worry. Here are 50 creative and original gifts to give the book lover in your life.

1. Card Catalog: 30 Notecards for the Library of Congress

30 beautiful reproductions of notecards from the Library of Congress. Comes in a replica card catalog drawer.

2. Leg Bookmarks

Handmade bookmarks featuring the legs of beloved characters such as the Wicked Witch of the East, Harry Potter, the Hobbit, and more.

3. Novel Teas – Tea Bags with Literary Quotes

Includes 25 individual teabags with literary quotes. Would go perfectly with a banned book mug.

4. Banned Books Matchbox Set

These adorable miniature sized book covers are actually matchbooks, featuring some of the most famous banned books.

These are a great gift to give along with a literary candle.

5. Jane Austen Books Coaster Set

This 6-piece set features covers from 6 beloved Jane Austen classics.

Click here for more gift ideas for Jane Austen Fans

6. Old Books Perfume Oil


Old books perfume oil is a scent reminicent of libraries and used book shops. The perfect gift for any book lover.

7. Personalized Hand Held Book Embosser

Custom made with the name of any booklover, this embosser allows you to claim and personalize your books in a unique way.

8. Personal Library Kit

Perfect for any bibliophile to keep track of their books when they loan them out to friends. Let them turn their collection into a personal library with checkout cards and date stamps.

9. Stack of Books Lockets


Gorgeous handmade books in a stack. Each book is an individual locket. Books are in bronze, silver, and gold. Lovely literary gift.

10. Book Handbag or Purse


Handmade from hardcover books, these are unique and fun gifts for any booklover.

11. Clear Acrylic Book Weight

This clear book weight holds your book open for you, for a hands free reading experience. It’s perfect for combating the wind when reading outside.

12. Floating Bookshelf


These concealed floating bookshelves create a fun and unique way for any reader to display their favorite books.

13. The End Dramatic Bookend

A statement piece and a fun way to display books with this stand-alone bookend.

14. Bookopoly Board Game

A twist on the classic monopoly game made specifically for booklovers and readers.

15. Book Rest Lamp

This lamp goes perfectly on any book lover’s bedside table. It doubles as a reading lap and also a book rest, to hold your page for you.

16. Book Journal

Your reader can keep track of their favorite books and stories in this handy book journal.

17. Alice and Wonderland Book Case for Kindle

This Alice and Wonderland book-style case for Kindle Paperwhite will give any bookworm the feeling of reading a hardcover book with the convenience of a Kindle. Also available as Sherlock Holmes, Pride and Prejudice, and The Secret Garden.

18. Reader’s Night Stand


This night stand is perfect for any bookworm, with four shelves to keep all of their favorite books close at hand when they’re looking for something to read before bed.

19. The Book Seat – Book Holder and Travel Pillow

Any reader who is also a traveler will always take books with them on the plane, train, or bus. This gift is perfect, it doubles as a book holder and a travel pillow.

20. The Shire Soy Candle

This candle captures the smell of The Shire from The Hobbit. The same company makes other delightful candles for book lovers, including Wizardy Buttery Drink, Gatsby’s Mansion, Through the Wardrobe, and Trashy Romance Novel.

21. “The Raven” Infinity Book Scarf


This stylish infinity scarf features a quote from Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven”

22. Antique Book Tissue Dispenser

Perfect in a booklover’s personal library, this wooden tissue box holder features three beautiful antique books.

23. “Once Upon a Time…” Necklace


Cute necklace pairs perfectly with a “The End” necklace for best friend book lovers.

24. Library Books Pencil Cup and Storage

Give your favorite bookworm a practical gift with this desk top organizer. Made from wood to look like gorgeous vintage hardcover books, this organizer features pencil cups on the top and a discreete drawer for storing other office suppies.

25. Rechargable Clip-On LED Book Light

A compact, rechargable book light so your favorite booklover can stay up late finishing a book without disturbing their partner.

26. Book Lover’s Knitting Needles


If the book worm in your life also loves to knit, they will LOVE these book topped knitting needles.

27. “Go Away I’m Reading” Pillow

This throw pillow makes an adorable addition to any couch, bed, reading nook, or cozy library chair. If you’re not interested in this design, click through to Amazon to check out the other fun book-ish pillows they offer.

28. Stack of Books Jewelry Box

stack of books jewelry box

This cute four-drawer jewelry box looks like a stack of books on top of your dressers or vanity.

29. Book Bath Caddy

Let your favorite bookworm enjoy a relaxing bubble bath, a glass of wine, and a good book with this stylish bamboo book caddy.

30. Modern Maze Bookshelf

A cool and creative way to display your favorite books in your home on this modern labyrinth style bookcase.

31. Olde Book Messenger Bag

olde book messenger bag

Stylish and functional messenger bag that looks like a classic leather book, but also fits a 15″ Macbook (a perfect gift for the budding writer in your life too!). Also available as a backpack.

32. Lazy Reading Prism Glasses

lazy reader prism glasses

Comfortably lie back while reading your favorite book with these handy prism glasses. Great for bookworms who often stay up late reading “just one more chaspter.” Makes a great Secret Santa gift!

33. Hammock with Steel Stand

A comfy and colorful way for your favorite bookworm to relax and enjoy their favorite book in the great outdoors. The included stand means this hammock can be set up in the shade of a tree or on a sunny porch.

34. Mint Book Cover Throw

book cover throw blanket

Cuddle up with your favorite book and keep warm with this gorgeous throw blanket featuring vintage book spines like Anne of Green Gables, Peter Pan, and Jack Kerouac’s On The Road.

35. Literary Lacquer


Gorgeous nail polishes created in honor of great books and characters readers love. You’re sure to find the perfect one for the reader in your life, like The Wrinkle in Time Collection, Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury, or Mr. Darcy (pictured above).

36. Book Safe with Key

Book safes are perfect for avid readers since they can easily hide their valuables among all of the books they own. Great for hiding cash, passports, jewelry, and other valuables from roommates or intruders.

37. I Like Big Books (and I Cannot Lie) Totebag


A super fun totebag with a play on that famous Sir-Mix-A-Lot song.

38. Book Lovers Chocolate Gift Pack

Give a gift that’s a little sweet and very clever. This gorgeous gift set features three book style chocolates, including milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and dark espresso chocolate.

39. Once Upon a Time Art Print

Once Upon a Time Art Print

This is a lovely art print for any reader. The illustration is printed on a book page to create a unique poster.

40. My Weekend is All Booked T-shirt

This fun t-shirt for bookworms is available in youth, men, and women’s sizes in a variety of colors. This shirt celebrates what all avid readers want to spend their weekend doing: diving in a good book (or several!).

41. Magnetic Poetry Book Lover’s Kit

The classic Magnetic Poetry Kit is available in a special version especially for readers with 200 theme magnetic word tiles.

42. Custom Fingerprint Book Lover Art

Custom Fingerprint Book Lover Art

Get a truly unique and personal gift for your favorite book lover. This thumbprint is custom made to match your reader’s fingerprint out of covers of their 50 favorite books. It’s available in small and large sizes.

43. Luxury Library Bookcase Chair

Luxury Library Bookcase Chair

Get them a chair that doubles as a bookcase. This is a booklover’s dream chair! It creates an instant library in any room of the house.

44. Book Decals for Stairs and Steps

Book Decals for Stairs and Steps

These easy to apply vinyl decals can be customized to any booklover’s favorite books for a creative home decor option.

45. Literary Lip Balms

Tinker Bell lip balm

Delicious hand-made, all-natural lip balms inspired by classic literature and characters. Tinker Bell is pictured aboved.

46. Book Lover Gourmet Gift Basket

This is a swanky gift for the bookworm, in your life. It comes in a chest shaped like books and includes all kinds of goodies like coffee caramels, brownies, and a Barnes and Noble gift card.

47. Fully Booked 2 Person Tent

This stylish two person tent features the book cover of The Natural World. Use it to convince the book lover in your life to go out and enjoy the great outdoors.

48. Tiny Book Charm Necklaces

Tiny Book Charm Necklaces

A great and personal gift for the book lover in your life. Get a miniature charm necklace of their favorite book.

49. Fictitious Dishes Book

For the foodie booklover, this book includes pictures of food from famous books. Pair it with this Tequila Mockingbird book for a complete meal.

50. Literary Paper Dolls

This is a cute and fun gift features paperdolls of famous authors like Ernest Hemingway, Virginia Woolf, and William Shakespeare.

If you’ve gotten to the end of this list and you’re still not sure what to get the reader you’re shopping for, Amazon makes a gift card that doubles as a bookmark. It’s a cute gift that lets them buy whatever books they want.

You can also check out our other gift recommendations. These stocking stuffers for book lovers are affordable gift ideas for readers. We also have ideas for Scrabble gifts and fun bookmarks.

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