15 Stocking Stuffers for Writers Under $15

15 Stocking Stuffers for Writers Under $15

When shopping for gifts, sometimes it’s hard to come up with creative ideas or to find a memorable gift that stays under budget. We’re here to help you with this article. We’ve got 15 fun and creative gifts for writers that will help anyone stumped to come up with a fabulous gift idea. These stocking stuffers for writers feature practical gifts like pens and journals, plus fun gift ideas and knick knacks that any author will appreciate and love. These gifts are super affordable, all priced under $15 so they’re great for stocking stuffers, white elephant gifts, birthday gifts, or just an everyday gift for the writer or aspiring author in your life.

15 Stocking Stuffers for Writers

1. Library Card Phone Case

Library Card Phone Case
Make their phone feel a little vintage with this fun phone case design. The back of the case features a retro library card with book due date stamps on it. It will help remind your writer to spend a little less time playing Candy Crush and more time working on their novel.

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2. 1,000 Awesome Writing Prompts Book

1,000 Awesome Writing Prompts Book
Help battle writer’s block with this amazing gift! Inspire creativity and foster new ideas with this book that has 1000 writing prompts. These prompts are great for any writer and any type of writing.

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3. Portable Typewriter Patent Poster

Portable Typewriter Patent Poster
This is a cool decoration that is affordable and completely original. Featuring the skematics from a vintage typewriter patent in 1896, the artist cleaned up the image and offers it printed in 4 different sizes and available in 9 different colors, so you’re sure to find your writer’s favorite color. This print is delivered in a rolled tube–perfect to stick in a Christmas stocking. Or you can buy an affordable frame and wrap it up as a present.

4. CROCOMARK Crocodile Bookmark

CROCOMARK Crocodile Bookmark
Writers are naturally readers and they always need bookmarks. This bookmark is so cute, featuring a crocodile that looks like it’s just swimming at the surface of the pages of your book. If you’re looking for super cheap stocking stuffers for writers, bookmarks are perfect.

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5. Lost Art of Penmanship Mug

Lost Art of Penmanship Mug
If the writer you’re shopping for also loves drinking coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, then this gift is a slam dunk. This mug features the Zaner-Bloser cursive alphabet and numerals along with the teaching arrows that we all used in elementary school when we learned to write. This gift set also comes with a tiny pad of paper and pencil, so the author can practice their cursive handwriting.

This is a super cute stocking stuffer any writer will enjoy. Make this gift even better by including some of their favorite coffee or tea.

6. Dream Essentials Nite Note Nighttime Notepad

Dream Essentials Nite Note Nighttime Notepad
There’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night from a dream with a fantastic story idea and swearing that you will remember it the next morning. And then, it never fails, you’ll wake up the next morning and cannot remember that brilliant idea. You will be a hero if you give this to the aspiring writer in your life.

The Nite Note is a notepad for your bedside table that includes a little light so you can see what you’re writing. It automatically lights up when you remove the pen and then turns off again when you replace it.

7. Word Warrior Keychain

Word Warrior Keychain
These keychain is a fun play on wordsthat any writer will love. The stamped keychain is handmade by Michelle Mach and not something you’ll find in stores. Since it’s made out of metal, it will last better than plastic keychains and just feels a little more special.

This keychain comes in three different styles, all under $15: aluminum rectangle, copper circle, silver plated circle.

8. Red Co. Journal with Embossed Quill

Red Co. Journal with Embossed Quill
All writers need a journal, whether they like to write their stories by hand, to take notes, or just to record their daily life. This textured PU leather cover features an embossed quill feather on the cover. It’s the perfect size to tuck in a purse or backpack and take anywhere so it’s available when inspiration strikes.

9. Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen

Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen
The perfect gift to go with a new journal is a new pen! Anyone can buy a plain ol’ ballpoint pen, but a fountain pen makes a great gift for a writer. Pilot makes a gorgeous fountain pen in a mid-range price (meaning it’s under $15!) that is still great quality. It comes with a medium nib and is refillable, so your favorite writer can use it to write a short story or a novel.

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10. Notebook Paper Socks

Notebook Paper Socks
These socks are cute, plus the blank page will be inspirational. This is a great gift for girls and guys. The socks hit mid-calf and go great with pants or skirts.

11. Go Away…I’m Writing Sign

Go Away...I'm (not) Writing Sign
Signs are great stocking stuffers for writers. This is the perfect gift for the procrastinating writer. The sign says “Go away…I’m writing very busy doing things I don’t need to do so that I can avoid doing the thing I’m actually supposed to be doing.”

This is great to display on an office wall or hang from a door knob.

12. Question Mark Hoop Earrings

Question Mark Hoop Earrings
These earrings are super cute and not found in store. Made of sterling silver wire, they’re shaped like a question mark that easily hooks through ears. There’s no question that any writer would love these earrings.

13. Typewriter Pop-up Note Paper

Typewriter Pop-up Note Paper
This is a cute and handy gift for any writer, and the perfect size for a stocking stuffer. This tiny red typewriter holds notepaper that pulls out of the top of it like a freshly written manuscript page. These are great for the office or to display proudly on a writer’s desk.

14. A Writer’s Workbook: Daily Exercises for the Writing Life

A Writer's Workbook: Daily Exercises for the Writing Life
Looking for a gift that will inspire the aspiring author in your life? This Writer’s Workbook from Caroline Sharp is a great gift idea. It features daily exercises to help build a writing habit and develop creative skills. This book is great to combat writer’s block.

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15. Scrabble Letters Pencil Case

Scrabble Letters Pencil Case
Sometimes you need to think outside the box (or case) when looking for stocking stuffers for writers. Great for writers on the go, this pencil case features a print Scrabble tiles. It will not only remind them of their favorite word game, but also inspire them to remember that all writing takes is putting down one letter at a time.

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We hope these stocking stuffers for writers have inspired you to find the perfect gift for the aspiring author in your life. These gifts are geared for Christmas stockings, but also work great for birthday gifts as well or putting together a gift basket. If you’re still stumped, check out these stocking stuffers for book lovers.

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